17 Garden Tool Organizer Solutions for the inside or outside of your shed

Love being organized? These are some great suggestions to organize your garden.

Has your GARDEN SHED been a look-see?

Are you a scattered person who has tools and other accessories?

Are you tempted to purchase new tools because you do not have the appropriate tools?

There is nothing more frustrating than having an entire garden shed full of tools you’re unable to locate. It’s not just difficult, but it can cause tools to be damaged or lost.

It is best to buy or construct gardening tool storage. It’s up to you to determine if it’s worth the effort to build or purchase an already-built storage system.

We’ll look at a variety of alternatives, and then inform you which of you prefer the DIY or Paid version is superior.

Large Yard Tools – Inside the Shed

1. DIY Yard Tool Rack

This tool rack for your yard is as simple as it can. The yard tool rack is constructed from two sets of 2x6s that have been cut to hold the handles of various long-handled tool.

To cut the notches you could use a jigsaw or circular saw. You can also alter the dimensions to accommodate the handles of the tools. The racks are then attached by bolts or nails to the wall. The entire rack in a couple of hours, and you will only pay just a couple of dollars.

2. PAID – Holeyrail Garage Organizer

Holeyrail’s garage organizer is constructed of a thick, long piece made of steel. It is able to support up to 600 pounds if properly installed. Steel that is pre-plated can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes predrilled to work with regular pegboard pegs.

They are not included in the organizer. However, you’ll receive 10 PegStrappers ™ which are able to secure the pegs. The organizer comes with the mounting hardware. More detail available here


DIY is the best way to take. Although the paid option might be more costly making a rack to put up on the wall is simple and affordable. It is possible to build it using scrap wood at home. The racks can be put together within a matter of minutes. You can also modify the design to suit your requirements.

Large Yard Tools – Outside of the Shed

3. DIY-Horse Tool Rack

The model shown was designed specifically to be used for kayaking. It will demonstrate how easy it is to build one to use with your gardening tools.

The yard tool rack is constructed from two or four pieces of 2x4s, pegboard, plywood, and some hangers for tools. Hangers can be constructed by cutting the 2×4 in order to accommodate tools such as rakes, garden forks, and shovels.

It’s not necessary to build one of these sizes. Make it according to your requirements.

4. PAID – Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Cart

Simple and elegant roll solution for huge garden tools. There are many storage options

The rolling tool rack from Rubbermaid has an extremely durable plastic base and a slotted rack that has steel cores. This rack is ideal for power trimmers as well as long-handled tools.

The rack can hold 20 large tools and is transportable because of its wheels. The top is equipped with 17 slots for smaller tools, and clips are mounted on sides.

The tool rack is extremely sturdy due to its large base.


We believe that our DIY version is better than the model we’ve presented to you. It can be built from scrap lumber you have , and then alter it to meet your requirements. The pre-built units lack the capability of being modified to accommodate your tools. You can make your own tool rack as big or as compact as you like.

Small Garden Tools – Inside the Shed

5. PAID – Suncast 2-Foot Hand Tool Garden Organizer

The extra-deep tool hanger lets you hang multiple tools on one hook. To stop tools from falling off, hooks are tilted to the back.

The holes are predrilled to allow you to install multiple organizers on each stud. The organizers can be mounted to 16″ or 24″ on the center studs. Made of durable resin and fixed hooks.

6. DIY Old Rake Tool Hanger

The simple tool hanger is made using a garden rake and a bit of time. To mount it on the wall you’ll need a big screw or nail.

This hanger is ideal for garden tools that have holes in the handles. It is possible to drill holes into any tool that doesn’t have holes already drilled.

The tools that can fit on the rack are not allowed to be used.


The small organizers can be used in any direction. While the old rake is the most affordable, it has little storage space due to the limitations of the rack’s tines. Although the organizer that you pay for costs more but it will provide greater space to store your tools. The final choice on this issue will depend on the number of tools available , and if you own an old rake.

Small Garden Tools – outside of the Shed

7. DIY – Garden Mailbox Tool Storage

It’s difficult to find tools aren’t needed. This storage box for DIY is simple to construct using scrap wood.

It can be made more memorable by creating a message board in your room using chalkboard paint. Your partner and you can exchange messages or remind yourself of a future day.

8. PAID – Garden Mailbox Tool Storage

While most people utilize mailboxes to serve the reason they were designed for however, there is no rule against making use of them to store small tools.

It is possible to store your tiny shovel and gloves, garden twine, gloves as well as pruners, garden twine and other tools within the large space. It can be attached to the side of a raised garden , or on a stake in the garden.


This DIY piece is the one we recommend. It is beautiful and can be a garden art piece from scrap lumber. Mailboxes are great to decorate your garden when you’re in hurry and require an effective tool storage system.

All Garden Tools are located inside The Shed

9. DIY: Pallet on Wall With Nails/Screws

Repurposing an pallet from the past is a fantastic method to build rustic storage you can put together quickly and inexpensively. It’s as simple as gluing the pallet to the wall of your shed then begin to nail or screw your garden tools to the wall.

There is no limit to your imagination, and this design can be modified. It is possible that you are not equipped to hang heavier tools, and nails may be bent over time.

10. Paid – Flow Wall Lawn and Garden Organization System

This wall organizer lets you have up to 24 feet of Flow Wall panels. It is constructed of PVC that is strong and durable. It is possible to move the buckets as well as hooks and pegs using the slotted design to meet your requirements.

The wall organizer comes with 10 hooks made of plastic and six hooks made of metal. Additionally, there are two plastic bins to store small objects like fertilizer bags or seeds. The most appealing feature of the wall organizer is that, unlike nails on pallet boards, you can move hooks and buckets to meet your needs as they change.


We selected the Flow Wall Lawn and Garden Organization System. The system is expensive however it can be adaptable to the changing requirements of your garden. The panels can be utilized as a single strip or they can be put in a distinct location within your shed.

Hook Storage

11. DIY – Wooden Wall Hooks

The simple wooden hooks were initially intended to hang bags away from the closet. It is possible to modify the design to hang garden tools up on your wall.

There’s no need to worry about the way they look. Simply put a piece of wood into the dowel or screw it to.

12. Steel Screw-In Hooks

The hooks made of plastic are able to hold 15.43 pounds when fixed to the stud. They are more long than wooden hooks and can accommodate more objects like bicycles, ladders, lawn furniture, garden hoses, and garden hoses.

Six hooks are included in each set for just $10. This is a reasonable price for your garden or garage shed.


The wooden hooks are ideal for bags, however they will not be of useful for your garden. They’re not strong enough to handle large loads if they’re not sufficient in size to hold the majority of tools. Screw-in hooks are the most suitable choice since they hold a significant amount of weight and are used to hold a variety of kinds of tools.

Pegboard Storage

13. DIY: Pegboard Shelf

Tools that hang can be stored on a pegboard using some hooks. If you have objects that can be hung, you can make use of scrap pieces of wood to create shelves for storage.

This shelf isn’t ideal to store things on because they could slide off. While this shelf isn’t expensive to build, it might not be the ideal choice to build your shed.

14. WallPeg Pro 100 Hooks and Buckets – PAY

WallPeg Pro is a new method of storing pegboards. The system comes with 24 peghooks in L-style, 6 box-style peg hooks, peg hooks, and four red bins.

Your tools won’t be able to fall onto the floor or on your workstation when they are secured with the pegs and bins. Bins can be used to store small objects like screws, nails or other small components.


Pegboards are an excellent storage solution for small tools. But, shelves made from scratch could cause more issues than they solve. WallPeg Pro is a better choice. WallPeg Pro is a better alternative because it offers greater storage options and security. It also comes with a set of screwdrivers, pliers and other tools that people don’t have enough of.

Garden Hose Storage

15. DIY-Bucket Hose Reel

This is a fantastic method to hang your extension cords or garden hoses. You’ll need a 5 gallon bucket, and some wood scraps.

Put the wood in the bottom of the bucket and then screw or nail it into the stud. It’s easy and simple. If you don’t have an existing stud, you could purchase just a few dollars.

16. PAID RENT Suncast Wicker Hose Resel

The hose will be concealed in the sturdy vinyl container for wicker. The convenient handle makes it simple to spin up to 175 feet (5/8″) garden hose.

Slide Track(tm hose guide) is able to move between the two sides to aid you in winding your hose in a uniform manner on the reel.

17. Crawford Medium Duty Hose Hanger

The hose hanger is simple and can be hung directly on the wall of your shed or to studs. It is able to store extension cords, garden hoses cables, ropes, or ropes.

The hanger is constructed of carbon steel, and comes with an weatherproof, black-colored finish. The hanger is able to hold 35 pounds. It’s the perfect method to keep your hoses neat and tidy for just 15 dollars.


While the bucket is an affordable and effective option to hang your hoses, it isn’t our first option. The bucket is too far from the wall and could eventually crack because of the pressure of the pipes. Paid versions are more discreet and will keep your hoses in storage for many years.

In the Summary

You can accomplish things by keeping your surroundings neat and neat

It’s supposed to be enjoyable working in the garden. It’s not easy work, but the payoff is a stunning landscape and garden. If you’re having trouble finding your tools, or don’t arrange your garden properly, it could quickly turn into an absolute nightmare.