5 Top UK Glitter Paints and Additives Review and Comparison

Do you want to make your home sparkle with a stunning look? Glitter is an excellent method to add sparkle to your interior. They are available as ready-to-use emulsions or as additives to your preferred wall paint. What’s the difference between them and which one is superior?

Even the most experienced DIYer may be overwhelmed by the myriad of products available. Our team of experts has evaluated and rated the best glitter paints and accessories that are available across the UK.

We also enjoyed some ready to use Emulsions that are ready to use. Check out our reviews to discover the ideal solution to complete your home improvement.

Our Top Choice Glitter Paints

Our Top Pick

V1rtus Glitter Paint Additive

Our top pick is an additive that adds sparkle to any water-based wall and ceiling Emulsions.

Low cost alternative

Glitter Glazes made of Polyvine

Ready-to-use Glitter Glaze that can be used by Budget-Shar Homeowners It comes in four attractive colors.

The Best of the Rest

Hemway Silver Holographic Aditive

The same manufacturer also makes an inexpensive V1rtus substitute.

Hemway Hemway Glitter Glaze

Apply pre-mixed glitter glaze to painted surfaces. Apply it to walls and ceilings.

My Glitter Wall Indoors and Outdoors

Glitter additive for matts and paints with emulsions.

The glitter additive is manufactured in the UK and is compatible in conjunction with wall and ceiling Emulsions. Sprinkle sparkles on any color you like.

Virtus Glitter Paint Additive

Virtus, an excellent additive to glitter paints transforms any wall or ceiling emulsion into glittery paint. It is possible to achieve the appearance you want by using a 100g container which contains thousands of glitter crystals.

The pouch can be used to enhance as much as 1.5L of paint. We suggest mixing the contents with 2.5L paint to achieve the sparkle effect.

The product is available in a variety of colors and is simple to apply. Simply put the contents in the container then mix it thoroughly and then spread the emulsion to the wall with an even roller. The instructions were followed and we were able to achieve satisfying results. Some users recommend mixing small amounts of glitter and paint inside a tray for rolling to improve the final result.

While we haven’t tested this method, we think that this method isn’t able to get consistently good results. This method appears to be effective and it’s worth giving it a try if you are feeling adventurous.

We are impressed by the quality of the pigments, no matter the method of application. The glitter is water-resistant and won’t leak into the paint, regardless of the color. Fine crystals are also a great way to create sparkles, provided you choose the right amount.


  • V1rtus was developed in the UK and is acquirable with the safety requirements of all countries. It’s safe for children, non-toxic and easy to use.
  • Glitter offers a broad coverage. One coat of glitter will provide lots of sparkles.
  • The manufacturer provides an unconditional satisfaction assurance on the product’s quality. If the results aren’t satisfactory, you may request an exchange or refund.
  • The glitter additive is mixed with clear glaze before being painted on walls. This increases the sparkle effect.


  • While glitter can be used with all wall and ceiling Emulsions, it will not look great when mixed with paints that are durable.
  • It is vital to continuously stir the paint in order for it to stick. It can be time-consuming and difficult. This is the case for all glitters.
  • It’s expensive and it can be difficult to estimate the number of pouches required to fill the wall.

Apply water-based glitter on painted walls or various types of surfaces.

Polyvine Glitter Glaze

Polyvine Glitter Glaze can be an excellent DIY project. It comes in 500ml tins that can be applied to wallpaper fabrics, wallpaper, and furniture.

The glaze is water-based and non-toxic. It is suitable for use in areas with low ventilation , or in bedrooms for children. It is easy and simple. You can make use of a broad bristles brush or an even roller to apply the glaze, based on the type of surface.

The product covers up to 8m2/litre of wall and dry to an opaque, long-lasting appearance. The product’s absorbency is what makes it less effective for other surfaces, particularly fabrics. Other than walls, the surface can also be modified.

It’s not a problem in the product itself, but rather an result that is caused by the characteristics of the material. The only thing that we could alter is the shape and size of the Tin. Half a litre might suffice for small decorating projects, but it’s not enough to achieve satisfying results for a wall.


  • Clear glaze is able to be used to cover any color of background. It is possible to mix the glitter with any of the four colours.
  • A warm soapy water bath is all you require to wash the glaze off of the rollers or brushes. The glaze is not high in volatile organic compounds.
  • The product can be dried within an hour. If needed the product could be coated again within four hours. After the product is completely dry and is clean, it can be cleaned.
  • The price is lower than the other glitter paints and add-ons.


  • It can be difficult to spread the glitter evenly, and it can be uneven.
  • To cover walls to cover a wall, you will require several tins of glitter glaze. Unfortunately there is only one size of the product is available.

Sparkling glitter ingredient that can be used in 1 litre of wall paint or ceiling paint

Hemway Silver Holographic Additive

Hemway Silver Holographic Additive Hemway Silver Holographic Additive, which is a less expensive alternative for V1rtus (a glitter additive by the same manufacturer) is the less expensive alternative. The price difference isn’t the only difference between the two brands, but rather the coverage strength. The Hemway brand of additives is an average mix ratio of 100g-1 litre paint.

The product isn’t much more expensive than V1rtus , based on the mix ratio that is recommended. The majority of users agree that the product gives good results even when combined with 1.5L paint. Hemway is less expensive when you rub the product to create the desired sparkle.

This additive can be utilized in conjunction with wall and ceiling emulsions made of water. It’s compatible with all paints for interior use. It is compatible in conjunction with metal, wall and wood paints for various DIY projects.

It is a versatile product however, it has its disadvantages. The subtle effects on walls this product can provide over other additives is just one of them. While buffing is possible however, it is time-consuming. According to the company, if you’re not satisfied with the product you are able to return the product within 14 days. It’s almost impossible to exchange an additive once it’s been mixed with paint.

We have had some unpleasant experiences with this ingredient. However we enjoyed our positive experience.


  • Hemway Glitter Aditive is safe to children and is non-toxic. It can be used in conjunction with any other water-based ceiling or wall Emulsions.
  • Colors that are brilliant, fade-resistant and vibrant do not leak once they’ve been applied and don’t leak into the emulsion of paint. There are 33 colours available.
  • To apply the product on painted walls mix it in with a clear glaze. Mix 50g of the product in 1 litre of clear glaze.


  • It’s difficult to get an even coverage as is the case with many glitter paints or additives. Make use of a soft roller to achieve the most effective results.
  • The surface of paint can be affected by the glitter crystals.
  • Certain colors may not reflect their true hues. Silver Holographic is a good option for the majority of Emulsions.

The clear glitter glaze is available in 35 colors and offers outstanding coverage.

Hemway Clear Glaze Glitter

Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze is the perfect solution for those who want sparkling walls, but doesn’t want to play around with glitter additives or emulsions. The clear glaze can be applied on any surface and you can select from 35 different shades of glitter.

The glaze, as with the rest of Hemway products, is manufactured in the UK. The glaze is water-based and is non-toxic. It is safe to use in a children’s bedroom because it’s water-based. It is easy with the use of a roller or brush.

However, we discovered the directions to be extremely helpful. It can be used using an arc to eliminate the appearance of spots. Additionally glitter that is been accumulating in specific regions can be easily removed by using a brush or roller to push it.

The coverage is similar to wall and ceiling emulsions. Your expectations will determine the amount of coats needed to get satisfying results. Two coats are usually enough to create a refined shine if the product has been thoroughly stirred prior to and after the application.

Summary: The product is expensive, but the results aren’t worth the cost.


  • The product can safely use in areas that have inadequate ventilation because of its low smell.
  • It is possible to finish your project in a hurry with the speedy drying time. The finish is dry in about two hours, and then re-coated in four hours.
  • The product is available in 1L tins which can be used to cover up to 12 square meters.


  • The glitter is simple to clean off walls, but isn’t recommended for areas with high traffic areas. A protective topcoat must be added on the glaze.
  • It could require several coats to create an attractive look due to the subtle effects. This could result in costly redesigns.
  • The online feedback suggests that returning the item if you’re not satisfied or requesting an exchange can be a lengthy and tedious procedure.

These crystals with a thick, glistening appearance are perfect for adding powerful glitter to your walls.

My Glitter Walk Indoors

Another feature we enjoyed was Another one we liked is My Glitter Wall. It is distinctive due to the large glitter crystals that appear better on the walls than smaller crystals that are offered by a variety of manufacturers. The 150g bags contain enough pigment to make up 1.5 to 1.5L of paint.

The sparkle effect can be increased when mixing the product into a smaller amount of paint. It is possible to reduce the effect of shimmer by adding more paint to the mix.

Glitter particles can be mixed with silk or matt emulsions however, they will not work with special paints even though they’re water-based. This product is not suitable for use in kitchens or in the bathroom. The glitter is not compatible with gloss and eggshell paints.

It is possible to smooth the walls after the paint has dried to get an ethereal effect. This can enhance the effect of the glitter however, it can take longer.

The ingredient is not just extraordinary, but it can make your space sparkle.


  • The product is simple to use due to its easy instructions. Instead of using a brush, we suggest using an easy-to-apply roller for applying the product.
  • Glitter crystals come in seven attractive colors which can be combined with silk emulsions and matt Emulsions.


  • The wall won’t look extraordinary unless it’s polished. This is a must for the majority of glitter paints or additives, but it can be difficult to do.
  • Mixing paint with glitter can result in it becoming uneven. Alternately, you could add tiny amounts of glitter to smaller amounts of paint inside a tray, and then apply immediately.

How to paint with Glitter Additives/Glaze


  • Glazes and glitters as well as other add-ons
  • Emulsion paint
  • Buffing pads
  • Drop the cloth
  • Tape for Painters


Guide to Decorating with Glitter Paint

Step 1: Select the product.

Glitter glazes and glitter add-ons have the same function in that they add sparkle to surfaces inside. The way in which they are employed that sets them apart.

Glitter additives are crystals that mix with any emulsion. Certain additives work with all types of paint and some can only be used with water-based paint emulsions. Some are not compatible with special paints, even though they are water-based.

Glitter glaze, which is a clear paint that is made up of glitter crystals, is offered. It is intended to be painted on walls. The glaze typically provides a more sparkling appearance than the glitter additions.

It can be difficult to decide between different the various products. We like glitter additives because they are able to be mixed with the paints you prefer and are less expensive than glaze.

Step 2. – Make sure the surface is prepared

We suggest that you paint the surface using glitter or glaze. It is possible to complete the task by applying one or two coats of glitter paint. The work required to prepare the surface is not too difficult.

Clean the floor and cover any surfaces that are not intended to be painted using painter’s tape. Make sure the floor is protected by using a dropcloth.

Step 3. Apply the glitter

A thorough stirring of the substance prior to application is essential to a successful glitter glaze or additives application. Spread a thin layer of of glitter glaze or paint to the surface with an even roller. Make a crisscrossing motion.

To stop patches from developing to prevent patches from forming, move the product around. Let the first coat dry completely prior to applying another coat, if needed.

The wall can be buffed with buffing pads may help reveal more sparkles, even If the sparkle is lower than you would like. Let the product dry before sanding the wall using a buffing pads. Apply a second coat of glitter, and then buff the surface again if you feel the result isn’t what you expected. Repeat these steps until you get the desired effect.


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