6 Best Methods of Installing Shed Lighting in the Garden

You’ve been working in your shed all day on an important project. Now, you’re watching the sun go down and you know what? There’s no light for you to work.

There is a need for some sort of light source for your shed in order to allow it to be used anytime, at night or daytime. If the shed is dark it is likely that you’ll make a mistake and could ruin the work you’re doing.

It can be difficult to pick the best lighting for your garden. It is possible that you will require an electrician to install certain alternatives, like wiring electrical lights.

Alternative options, like batteries or solar-powered lights are easier to install, however they may not offer sufficient lighting.

When you are deciding on the kind of lighting you want for your backyard shed, there are a lot of other aspects to take into consideration. What amount of light does your garden shed really need?

A basic, low-cost battery lamp could be sufficient for you if you use it only to store gardening tools.

It is worth considering the installation of professional LED lighting in case your shed is being utilized for art classes.

Solar-Powered Lights

1. All in One Garden Shed Lights

A great option If you’re looking for a simple to install lighting that lasts for a time and provide enough light to seeclearly, then battery-powered lights could be the best option for you. They can be delivered to your home at an affordable price and are readily available in many instances.

Basic 2-screw shed security light – Courtesy of UPOWER

There are two kinds of them: the ones which stick to the surface using peel-and-stick adhesive, and those that are attached with screws.

The peel-n-stick model is simple to utilize. Peel off the protective film, then stick it wherever you want it.

There are solar-powered, self-sticking security lights for outdoor use that have sensors that switch the light on or off at the time of night.

The models with screw mounts have slots in the back of the light which allow simple installation with just the use of a few screws. Install the screws on the wall of your shed and install the light.

The security lights are suitable for outdoor use However, both kinds can also be used indoors for usage. They are fast and easy to set up. They don’t require a lot of maintenance or even they do require any. It is necessary to replace the batteries when you purchase solar-powered lighting.

2. Separate kit for solar panel and light

Solar lamps that are ready for be used are simple to set up and are great for times when you need just some illumination.

They are the perfect option for those who don’t need an electrician to visit and wire their lighting fixtures.

The solar light fixtures usually come with the solar panel. It should be put in the south-facing area of the roof of your garden shed or in the ground. The wire needs to be connected through the panel and then to the lighting fixture.

The lighting for a garden shed will differ based on the size of the shed, how much light it can provide and whether it comes with an additional battery.

You can select from a range of light levels that can prolong the period that the system is in operation after sunset.

Solar lighting is generally an overall lower level than lights powered by electricity. If you are working late into the night or work for long periods of time it is possible that your light will go out.

A lot of systems feature LED bulbs which are so bright that they are difficult to discern until the power level decreases.

3. Solar System Lighting with Battery Backup

Storage batteries are an essential element of solar system. They’ve been in use for a long time. While these systems can be quite expensive, they can be used to supply energy to light your garden shed.

To get the most sunlight, the solar panels must be placed in the direction of towards the south. Solar collectors, also known as panels, are linked to one or more storage batteries.

While technically you could use old car batteries to power but deep cycle batteries or RV batteries are more suitable. They are attached to a power converter which converts 12V DC into AC 115V.

There is the option of connecting multiple lighting fixtures to your shed based on the size of your shed. Other devices, like power tools or radios, are able to be linked to your system.

These systems are great for buildings that are too remote to be connected to power. They are available at various costs, from the simplest models that cost just a few hundred dollars, to more expensive models that cost thousands of dollars.

The cost is based on the power they generate and the kind you select. They come with huge solar panels as well as deep-cycle storage batteries. They are typically lithium-ion storage batteries with only a limited capacity for storage.

Electric-powered Lights

4. Flood Lamps powered

A floodlight powered by electricity is the ideal choice to illuminate your shed at night , or outdoors for projects that take place late into the evening.

They come in various styles including simple screw-in floodlights that fit into light sockets that are standard or complete Halogen units.

They produce lots of light, but they require your shed is wired with at least 115V for them to work. They are also more expensive to operate. You can pick from various wattages to satisfy your requirements.

The installation of the ceiling or wall is simple with an additional unit like the one in the image above.

5. Fluorescent light bulbs

It is necessary to have wiring in the fuse box in your house if you wish to install fluorescent or 115V lighting inside your garden. If you don’t, you can hire an electrician to install the wiring.

They can give plenty of illumination for your garden shed. There are a variety of colors of fluorescent light, from white to warm yellow.

Lights from fluorescent bulbs in warm yellow are ideal to use for general lighting. Full spectrum white however, is better to create art or grow plants. Fluorescent light bulbs create soft shadows, which unlike LED or incandescent light bulbs, will not cause blindness if you’re in direct view of them.

6. LED Lights

Although LEDs provide pure white light, they could cause extreme eye irritation when watching them with a close eye. However, they are among the least expensive types of lighting that are that are available.

A LED light can be kept on all days a year, and does not cost more than just a couple of dollars.

One issue that LED bulbs have, if there is one of them, is the fact that they are costly to set up. But, LED bulbs last longer than other kinds of bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shed Lighting

How many light bulbs do you require?

It is important to figure out the number of lights you’ll require regardless of the kind of light you decide to put inside your shed for gardening.

There are a variety of factors to consider before making a final decision. This includes the dimensions and design of the shed you are looking for, and the lighting you plan to install. Most importantly is to think about what you intend to make use of the shed.

The cost of wiring your shed

It is important to consider the cost for wiring your shed if you want to put in electric lighting. This is particularly important when you need to employ an electrician. All labor and materials are included in the price. The most commonly used materials are:

  • Electric Wire
  • Fittings and protection for metal wire tubing
  • Switches and junction boxes
  • Protective plates
  • Switches
  • Lighting Fixtures

For the job to be completed it is possible to get an authorization from your local government. If the job is performed by you, a permit may be required. To avoid being penalized, be sure to review the local regulations.

Do I have the ability to connect my shed to the internet?

You can connect your shed by yourself. The majority of garden shed lighting projects aren’t difficult. Learn how to wire your shed by reading our blog.


There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to accomplish anything in a dark, dim shed.

Many people stay away from dark sheds due to the fact that they are difficult to spot. This could lead to numerous projects being put off or never getting underway. The right lighting for your garden shed can make your shed being a collection or storage space to a space you want to relax in.