7 Best High Lift Mower Blades Reviewed

The blades may dull when you maintain your lawn regularly that includes cutting. The lawn will end up with grass patches that aren’t mowed.

High-lift mower blades are quick and are able to cut through thick grass with accuracy. The blades will provide your lawn with a professional clean, crisp cut.

If you do have to replace your mower blades, it’s crucial to choose a product that will give your lawn an exact cutting. The kind of mower blade you select will have a major impact on your lawn’s appearance. Blades with high lift are a great option.

It is essential to make sure that the mowers you choose to use can be used with blades that are replaced before you decide to purchase. That means they must be sufficient in length to fit into the middle of the hole on your mower, and should also be long enough to be able to rest comfortably on the deck of your mower.

What is a High Lift Mower Blade Blade?

We’ll first discuss mower blades in order to know what a high-lift blade is.

Mower blades, the sharpened components of lawnmowers that cut weeds and overgrowths, are referred to as mower blades. They are the blades that cut that are attached to the mower’s bottom and at a certain height.

The blades are constructed of durable metals that are able to stand up to rapid contact with grass as well as other obstacles like rocks.

The mower blades are divided into cylinder or reel blades as well as deck blades. Each is distinct and serves a specific function.

The blade that lifts is the most distinctive, featuring an elongated surface. This design gives a more precise cutting outcome than other kinds and also creates upward-facing airflow vertically. Based on the suction power the lifting blades can be classified into three kinds that are low, medium and high.

Medium-lift and low-lift blades

Medium-lift and low-lift blades use less horsepower and have less suction power , respectively. However, the blade with the highest suction power is the strongest.

The strongest suction strength of all three blades is High-Lift Blades. They require the most power. These blades are great to cut large, compact grass as well as to bag clippings.

High-lift blades

High-lift blades are more curvaceous around the corners, which will allow for better grass lifting. This gives your lawn a neat, fresh cut. The suction is high and then delivers the grass clippings to the bagger. Its deck is shielded from small rocks and debris due to the strong circulation of air.

High-lift lawn mowers should not be used on sandy or in soil that is dusty. They could be damaged due to the sand and dirt that have been crushed. They can be combined together with baggers to lessen the load on engines and permit efficient dislodging of grass clippings.

High lift mowers need a lawn mower that has enough power to create high suction. It is essential to be able to run at a high speed your mower can create high suction.

The following is our top-rated lawn mower blades with high lift to help you quickly locate the correct blade replacements.

7 Best High Lift Mower Blades to be used in 2022


Rotary Blades for Deck/Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna

Rotary Blades for Deck/Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna


Available from:


Rotary Blades for Deck/ Craftsmanor Poulan/ Husqvarna

For bigger lawns, a mower that features larger deck blades is more effective. This will stop the need to spend hours mowing. Rotary Blades are needed for lawnmowers with larger blades.

These blades are ideal for mowers that have 48-inch deck widths. The high lifts are compatible with lawnmowers manufactured by Poulan, Craftsman, or Husqvarna. The Rotary Blades are available in three packs, making them very cost-effective.

If you own blades with model numbers 180054 or 17390, these high-lift blades are your most suitable alternatives. These high lifts are also able to be used to replace the mulching blades 173921.

The blades measure 16to 3/4 inches long and 2 1/2 inches in width. Each blade is 0.204 inches in thickness. The three-piece packs weigh 6 pounds each, and feature star-shaped mounting holes. The high-lift blades reduce the clippings faster when combined with bags.


  • Durable
  • It’s easy to set up
  • Sturdy
  • Sharpening at least twice


  • If your grass is very dry and long, it could become blocked.
  • They can become loud when they aren’t well-balanced.

Stens 340 178 Hi-Lift Lawnmower Tractor Blade Pack of 2

Stens 340 178 Hi-Lift Lawnmower Tractor Blade Pack of 2



Stens 340 178

The lawnmowers blade has moderate lift that allows you to easily bag clippings. Stens 340178 171 is an excellent value because it delivers professional-grade results.

The blades measure 21 inches long and 2 1/4 inches in width. Each blade is 0.149 inches in thickness. Stens blades have an opening in the center that is reminiscent of the shape of a five-pointed star. They are simple to install and fit. The set includes two blades, and weighs 3.54 pounds. It is very sturdy and long-lasting.

The model 21546095 is perfect for lawnmowers.

AYP is compatible with the OE numbers 127843 to 1344149 13,8498, and 138971.

It also matches OEM numbers 532127843 and 532138498,532138498 5,32138971, and 532138971 of Husqvarna and Craftsman, as well as 138498 and 127843 of Craftsman.


  • Durable product
  • Built to the very last
  • It is perfect
  • Just as efficient as its predecessors, it does the same results.
  • It’s easy to set up
  • Super suction


  • Prior to putting on your gloves, your fingers have to be sharpened.
  • This isn’t the best option for mowing heavy-duty.

MowerPartsGroup (3) Hi Lift Blades Fits Hustler 60" Raptor S

MowerPartsGroup (3) Hi Lift Blades Fits Hustler 60" Raptor SD Replaces 793794 794685
MowerPartsGroup (3) Hi Lift Blades Fits Hustler 60" Raptor SD Replaces 793794 794685   MowerPartsGroup (3) Hi Lift Blades Fits Hustler 60" Raptor SD Replaces 793794 794685                 


Available from:


MowerPartsGroup (3) High Lift Blades 490-110 – M116

Blades replacement for Hustler lawnmowers are available at Hi-Lift MowerPartsGroup model 490-110-M116. These blades are ideal for lawn mowers that have 60 inches.

The blades measure 20 1/2 in length, and 2 1/2 inches in width. The blades have 0.204 inches thick and feature an opening of 5/8 inches in the center. The weight of all the high-lifts is 4.5 pounds.

The blades are packed in a box with three blades. The value pack of 490-110 M116 is a great value. The blades are able to replace the OE numbers 793794 and 794685.

These blades are great for lawns that have a large amount of grass. They can be difficult to mount onto mowers. They can eject grass with greater force than blades with shorter lengths.


  • Leaves no grass unmowed
  • It is perfectly suited to the deck
  • It provides you with an elegant and fresh look.
  • Best suited for grass that is wet.


  • The smaller blades of tall grass cause spinning slow.
  • Mower is bogging down

MTD Genuine Parts

MTD Genuine Parts
MTD Genuine Parts   MTD Genuine Parts   MTD Genuine Parts   MTD Genuine Parts           



Available from:


MTD Genuine Parts 490-110 – M116

If your lawnmowers were manufactured in 1997 or later the high-lift blade model 490-110/M116 is the best option. These blades are ideal for lawn mowers with an overall width of 46 inches. Every time you use the mower, it will provide your lawn with a fresh cut.

The Troy-Bilt mowers as well as Yard-Man, Huskee and Yard Machines are able to be operated easily enough using the 490-110-M116. MTD 490-110-M116 can be bought if you own the blades OE 942 02644, 74 02644, 942-0645, and 742 02645. It’s a fantastic replacement for the original 942-0644, 742-0644 and 742-0645 and 742-0645.

The high lifts are available in three sets and are incredibly affordable considering the high-quality job they perform. They are also suitable for side discharge baggers and process baggers.

The high lifts are 16.325 in length, and 3 inches in width. They are an overall width of 2 inches. The blades are simple to turn and weigh 4.50 pounds each for the three blades.


  • It’s easy to set up
  • Has star mounting holes
  • Cuts well
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Long-lasting


  • The edges of the cutting are well-painted
  • The first step is to make sure that you sharpen

USA Mower Blades

USA Mower Blades


Available from:


USA Mower Blades MTD616SBP

The high-lift mower blades are available in a set of two. MTD616SBP can give you an attractively groomed yard. The blades are ideally sized to fit on a 42-inch deck. They measure 21 3/16 inches in length and are 3 inches in width. Each blade measures 0.150 inches thick, and weighs together 5.49 pounds.

The blades are replaced with six-point star central hole that has five-quarter inch diameter holes on the outside. The distance between the holes on the outside is 2 1/2 inches, taken from the middle to the middle. When you attach the blade to the deck, it is crucial to have the cut direction to the right.

Cub Cadet mower blades that have the OEM 742-04308, 742-0606 as well as 7742-0656, 942-04126 or 942-04126, 942-04312A, 942-0616A or 942-0656 are able to be exchanged.

These blades can be an excellent replacement for OEM 742-04126, 742-0308 or 742-04308, 742-0656 and 942-0616, as well as the 94204126 model and 94204126 of MTD Windsor. These blades are also able to substitute OEM 50-3252, 50-395 and 50-3950.


  • More heavy and thinner
  • Refresh your cut
  • Super suction force
  • The side discharge port trims the grass in a well-groomed manner.


  • Before you use, you’ll have to sharpen your edges
  • More HP is needed

MTD Genuine Parts 42-Inch High-Lift Blade

MTD Genuine Parts 42-Inch High-Lift Blade



Available from:


MTD 490-110-M108

MTD replacement blades model 490-110 M108 are suitable for lawnmowers that have a 42-inch deck width. The blades are compatible with the majority of mowers manufactured by Troy Bilt and MTD, Yard-Man or Huskee Yard Machines, Bolens and Yard-Man.

The MTD 490-110M108 blades are available in two sets and are extremely efficient in their work. The blades can also be employed for bag and side discharge.

The dimensions of the product are 21x 2.5x 2 inches. The weight of the product is 2 pounds. It has six star-shaped central holes. These blades are an excellent choice for lawn mowers.

The MTB replacement blades are compatible with mowers made by the mentioned manufacturers using the OEM 942 – 0038 or 742-04308, as well.


  • The product lasts
  • Made of strong metal
  • Creates great airlift
  • It’s simple to fix


  • You’ll need to sharpen often

Oregon 195-032 Blade

Oregon 195-032 Blade


Available from:


Oregon 195-032

The blades that are replaced in standard dimensions are designed to fit lawnmowers that have 42 inches of deck width. Oregon blades are 21 1/16 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and 0.149 millimeter thick.

The Oregon 195-032 pack of two weighs 3.44 pounds in weight. It has a hole in the center with five points on the star.

Oregon 195-032 is simple to make use of and does an excellent job of changing the blade. The blades are excellent to cut through grasses that are thick and leaving a smooth surface.

It is also possible to be used to replace Ariens, by using Ariens with the OEM number 215546095. Dixon as well as Dixon using the OEM number 13266, and Snapper by 704429.


  • It can be used to replace various mowers manufactured by AYP
  • Pre-sharpened
  • It’s easy to set up
  • It can be left with nice, slicing texture


  • It’s not strong enough.
  • Can be bent at the first time of use

Let’s wrap it all up

Mower blades are those that provide your lawn with a clean and well-cut. The quality and the sharpness you select for the mower blades will determine their effectiveness.

It is essential to ensure that the blades you buy are of the correct size and length to match the deck’s size. This can be accomplished by simply comparing the OEM of the blades you have with the list of what your new blades will replace.

It is also important to check the strength of the metal and its sharpness. If it’s not, you’ll need to buy new blades.