Are Cordless Drill Batteries Interchangeable?

One of the questions, however, that you’ll need to find out when having different your best cordless hammer drill is, “Are cordless drill batteries interchangeable”?  

Unfortunately, a cordless drill battery can’t be used with another cordless drill that has a different brand.  For instance, if you own a Dewalt and a Milwaukee cordless drill, you can’t use a Dewalt battery in lieu of a Milwaukee battery.  You may only use a drill battery on a power tool, such as a circular saw and a reciprocating saw, which carries the same brand.   

Well, who would produce a drill battery that is the same as the competitors?  That doesn’t make sense, right?  

Great for power tool manufacturers but this absolutely sucks for us power tool users who already have a big collection of tools and batteries and chargers!

However, some of you might still be thinking that it’s possible because they make use of the Porter Cable tool battery and that they all come in high value.   Well, manufacturers have their own reasons why they don’t produce some sort of a generic cordless drill battery, and liability issue is one of them.  

So, it should be clear by now that you really can’t use a cordless drill battery pack on a different brand of cordless drill.  But there are still a lot of questions about cordless battery drills that need to be answered.  All this information will surely broaden your knowledge and help you deal with different tool battery issues accordingly.    

Can a cordless 20v power tool use a cordless 40v tool battery?  

Let’s assume that you own a Ryobi cordless drill with a 20v Ryobi battery.  Then you also have a Ryobi circular saw with a 40v battery.  

Now, is it alright for your cordless drill to use the 40v battery of your circular saw?  The answer is yes, if they both have similar series.  However, there is a consequence. 

If you habitually do this, expect that your cordless drill will have a shorter lifespan because your power tool may not be able to accommodate the power emitted by a 40v battery.  It might toast your cordless drill.      

Therefore, the best way to bring your cordless drill back to life is to get a replacement battery with the same manufacturer and that has equal power. .  It will require you to spend more, but it is the safest thing to do.

Is it possible to interchange an 18v battery with a 20v battery?

This question is quite similar to the first one, but this time, I will focus more on the chances that an 18v battery can be interchanged with a 20v battery that both have the same manufacturer.  I hope you get my point. 

Since time immemorial, the main purpose of companies or manufacturers is to gain profit from their products.  And with this, don’t expect them to create generic battery packs for all of their product lines.  An 18v battery can still work on a cordless drill with a 20v battery, or vice versa, but you might eventually have to deal with lifespan issues. 

Can lithium ion batteries be interchanged?

I’ll be straightforward with this question.  Well, the answer is no.  Again, tool battery manufacturers operate because of money, so there’s a slim chance that they’ll clone all batteries and make it available for all types of power tools.  Each lithium ion battery differs in shape and size, which makes cross-compatibility impossible.     

Are Craftsman and Porter Cable batteries interchangeable?

One of the mostly asked questions on the internet about cordless drill batteries is the compatibility of the Craftsman and Porter cable batteries.  Is it possible to use a Craftsman battery on a Porter Cable cordless drill? No, it’s not.

Most manufacturers design their batteries exclusively for their own product lines and only for a particular product.  So, if you want your cordless power drill to work continuously, you should buy a replacement battery of the same kind.

If you don’t have a budget for a brand new cordless drill battery pack, try looking at pawn shops or garage sales. You might also be lucky to find a good deal on online shops.  

Are Dewalt batteries interchangeable with Black and Decker batteries?

Based on experience, using a Black and Decker battery on a Dewalt cordless drill doesn’t work.  I tried this when the battery pack of my Dewalt cordless drill got drained.  

Got the Black and Decker battery, tried to insert it in my Dewalt, but unfortunately, it did not fit.  By the way, both brands are powered with 20v batteries.   

There’s a major lesson that I learned from this: make sure to have a spare cordless drill battery. If you have two different cordless drills, then you need to have replacement batteries for both.

Are there cordless drill batteries that are compatible with a Dewalt cordless drill?

I kept repeating in this article that cordless drill batteries that don’t have the same brand are incompatible with each other.  Yes, I stand by my statement.  However, there is one power tool battery brand that can be interchanged with the battery pack of Dewalt as well as with other Dewalt cordless tools, and it’s known as the Flexvolt battery.   

One amazing thing about the Flexvolt battery is that it may be used with Dewalt cordless tools with dissimilar voltage.  It will automatically adjust to the appropriate voltage.  How great is that?

The 6 AH, 9 AH, and the 12 AH Flexvolt batteries can be swapped with 20v to 60v batteries of different Dewalt cordless power tools.  So, I don’t see any problem if you’ll be using Flexvolt in a 120v power tool.  

The Flexvolt battery is a product of Dewalt, which is the reason why they both can be interchanged.  Technically, they are both of the same brand. Now you know!

Bottom Line

Kept reiterating that you cannot use a cordless drill battery with another power tool that was produced by a different manufacturer.  However, there are instances where some people try to make it fit typically in a skillful manner.  It is by cutting a portion of the tool battery.  

This seems to be very resourceful, but I strongly do not recommend this type of action.  Why?  It’s because by cutting the battery, you lose the chance of using it on your power tool that it was originally intended for.  You will just ruin a good tool battery and a good sum of money for that matter.  

Another reason why it’s not a good idea to cut a cordless tool battery is that it is not safe.  If not done properly, it can cause a short circuit where you might end up getting injured.

Based on my research and, at the same time, on my personal experience, the best cordless power tool that you can invest on is the Dewalt brand.  If you want a flexible cordless power tool battery, Dewalt has it.  

The interchangeability feature of a tool battery is important, but if you can afford to shed off extra cash, it is still much better if you have spare batteries for each of your cordless power tools. For cheaper options, you can try searching over the internet, pawnshops, and even in garage sales.