Ariens Edge 52 Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower Review

The Ariens Edge 52-inch Zero Turn Mower can be seen in our best commercial zero turn mowers review.  This lawn mower is jam packed with superior features that the Ariens company is known for. 

Not only is it popular among lawn mower users because of its exceptional qualities but it is also because of its reasonable price.  

Kawasaki 21.5 HP V-Twin Engine

The Kawasaki zero turn lawn mower has a 21.5 hp V-twin engine and a 52-inch well-engineered deck with a four-point hanging system, which supplies stable and reliable cutting function.  Enjoy the Ariens lawn mower and sit in comfort on its relaxing high seat.  You’ll also surely get to experience a smooth mower ride with its 20 inches rear tires.  

The 726cc V-twin, 21.5 hp engine of the Kawasaki zero turn mover is equipped with cylinder liners that are made from cast iron.  So, we can easily tell through its components that this mower is made to last.  

Starting this mower is as easy as 1-2-3 since it has an automatic compression release.  It likewise has an enhanced carburetor that is vented internally.

This riding mower is composed of fabricated gauge steel that has a width that measures 52 inches. It has a more superior airflow system that is typical of a dependable commercially styled mower. This feature is meant to deliver a remarkable cutting performance. 

Twin Hydrostatic EZT Transmission

It is equipped with a twin hydrostatic EZT transmission that promises to deliver graceful, responsive, and suave speed control.  It has a maximum forward speed of 6mph and a reverse speed of 3mph.  

The front tires of this zero turn mower are measured at 11 inches, while its rear tires measure 20 inches, which is ideal to use on rough terrain.  

Its mower deck lift is foot-operated, and it has a simple lever that offers 7-deck height adjustments, which ranges from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches.  

It has a high and adjustable back seat as well as natural ventilation that offers the mower operator ease and comfort.

It has a 150-hour or 2-year warranty, whichever comes first will apply for your peace of mind.

Customer Reviews of the Ariens Edge Zero Turn Mower

“Shifting from a conventional lawn tractor to an Ariens Edge 52 Kawasaki zero turn mower is the best decision I’ve made”

I’ve been using my old, dependable, and traditional tractor for almost 15 years before I decided to shift to the Ariens Edge 52 Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower. This Ariens riding mower was on the top of my list because of its notable features.  

I find the drive belt of the Kawasaki engine easy to replace because there’s no need to throw down the electric power take-off (PTO) clutch. It is also equipped with a foot pedal that can help you easily raise the mower deck.  Though the foot pedal was originally intended to adjust the height of the deck, it is likewise clever to use when lifting the deck.  

Shifting from traditional lawn tractor or lawn mower to a zero-turn mower has posed a major adjustment on my part.

During the adjustment period, I lost control while cruising through an inclined surface, which led me gushing through the woods.  A rope and a 4-wheeler had brought me back on track.  

It really took time for me to get used to the Ariens Edge 52 zero turn lawn mower because I was used to handling only a conventional tractor for a decade and a half.  Had to keep riding and practicing just to prevent myself from getting into an accident again.  

Regularly mowing a 5-acre lawn has eventually made me comfortable using it.  It is easy to go around trees, bushes, and electric poles, which is quite the opposite when using a conventional lawn tractor.  

The feature that I admire the most about this Ariens zero turn lawn mower is its Kawasaki engine because it is loaded with power, it starts instantly, and it does not produce a sound that is as loud as my original lawn mower. 

However, what I don’t like about this riding lawn mower is that its gas tank only has a capacity of 2 gallons of gas, which is not enough when mowing a 5-acre lawn.  

The gas tank is found underneath the seat and just beside the battery.  There’s still plenty of room that could’ve been enough to accommodate a much larger gas tank.  

It has shortened my lawn mowing job from 5 hours to 3.5 hours.  That’s how big the impact of having a smaller gas tank is. 

It is a great mower, but it was not assembled properly

J. Daniels

I purchased the Ariens Edge 52 zero turn mower already assembled.  This zero turn riding mower is a great mower, but I’ve noticed some assembly issues.  The bolts were not installed properly and they were not lubricated.  As a result, one of the front caster tires got dislocated just after my initial use.  

I needed to adjust every lever as well as the pitch and level of the deck.  I never got a chance to read the manual because it arrived soaking wet, which is why I didn’t rate it 5 stars.  

One lesson I’ve learned when buying an assembled lawn mower is to always check each part of the machine and make sure that they are all well-lubricated.   

This is the best zero turn riding lawn mower

M. Johnson

I have found the best zero turn riding lawn mower.  It is a worthy investment because it’s well-built and it has very sturdy components just like that of the commercial or industrial lawn mowers. 

Quite sure that I will be enjoying this riding mower for several years. 

I love how it runs on a flat and also on bumpy terrain

L. Lennon

There is no question with regards to the durability and reliability of the Ariens Edge 52 Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower. Love how it runs on a flat and on bumpy terrain.

However, it is not equipped with an emergency braking system, which could’ve been useful in case a fortuitous event happens.  

Since it doesn’t have an emergency braking system, I took it upon myself to practice using it more often.  It takes an experienced or well-practiced lawn mower user to use this.  Otherwise, you will find yourself heading into the bushes.  

The drive disengagement system can be found under the lawn mixer, which is hard to reach. However, once you leave your seat, it will shut down, which is the feature I like most about the Ariens Edge.

If you need an alternate way to shut down this riding mower, I suggest that you install an e-stop that is compatible with your power take-off (PTO) clutch.