4 Best Airless Paint Sprayer UK

The sprayer operates by applying high pressure air to pressurized paint contained in a heavy-duty cartridge. Any type of paint (including latex) with thick or thin consistency can be applied using an airless sprayer.

These machines are typically used by professionals because they need to deliver a good quality job in a specific amount of time. It sprays thicker, heavier paints than most hand-paints can handle.

Airless Paint Sprayers In This Review

  1. WAGNER Control Pro 250M Airless Sprayer [ Best Overall ]
  2. Maxblast Airless Paint Sprayer [ Best Budget ]
  3. VEVOR 2000W 220V Airless [ Best For Easy Cleaning ]
  4. QTech QT190 Airless Paint Sprayer [ Best Portability ]




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[Best Overall]

Achieve the maximum in application control and professional results with minimum overspray. Thanks to the new nozzle design, this Airless spray system offers maximum control and professional results without any streaking.

This makes it not only easy to use, but also enables first-time users to achieve perfect results. The latest HEA technology is a unique combination of nozzle design and pump technology that reduces pressure.

This means that less power is needed, making spraying easier and more comfortable. Less effort means less fatigue – all with no loss in performance or quality!

The Wagner Spraytech Control Pro 250 M airless paint sprayer features a seven-liter material tank that can easily be emptied using just one hand through the secure carrying handle on top of the unit.

It allows you to work with all water-based paints, varnishes, and wood preservatives as well as the best emulsion paints.




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[Best Budget]

Maxblast Airless Paint Sprayer is a highly efficient and durable airless paint sprayer from Maxblast that will help you cover any textured or uneven surface with a neat layer of paint.

The device features an impressive motor combined with the high pressure required to ensure a constant flow of paint onto surfaces such as interior walls and furniture.

This portable and durable device is perfect for both DIY enthusiasts as well as commercial use, saving time by eliminating the need for traditional methods such as brushes or rollers.




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[Best For Easy Cleaning]

Airless Wall Paint Spray Gun This is a high-efficiency airless technology-made wall paint spray gun.

Equipped with a super powerful 2000w brush-less motor, ultra silence, and maintenance during its lifetime. Cowhide seal ring, capable of wear resistance fit to work with a variety of materials and great for any project.

Max load capacity and the airless sprayer is suitable for painting materials including water-based and oil-based interior and exterior paints. Quick and easy cleaning after spraying, and an ergonomic handle designed to reduce fatigue.

The detachable design offers a quick and easy cleaning after spraying, and an ergonomic handle designed to reduce fatigue, you can move it easily around the work area.

This airless technology-made wall paint spray gun also features a removable trigger with a lock button for secure storage without leaking. It is lightweight and high efficiency saving you both time and effort when painting walls or ceilings.




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[Best Portability]

This airless paint sprayer is small and lightweight while still having all the features a professional wants. It can be used inside or outside, and it’s easy to carry around with a new handle design and 11.4 kg weight.

The pump is capable of working with spray tips up to 21 mm, so this product can be used on any type of surface. This paint sprayer is perfect for professionals like decorators, factory maintainers, fabricators, or contractors who need an exceptional finish but don’t need an airless pump all day long.

What is an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless paint sprayers are an efficient way to paint your house. It can save you time and costs.

They use a pump that supplies air pressure to the tip of the hose attached to a long handle. Airless paint sprayers come in a range of sizes, from one that does a small job to one that completes large jobs, painting up to 1000 square feet per hour.

This means that your walls don’t need to be steamed or prepared for painting with an airless sprayer: it goes right over old paint, primer coats, and other surfaces that block out regular paints. You can throw up an entire wall in less than an hour!

Another type of Paint Sprayer is the HVLP Paint Sprayers which may be worth looking into. More affordable sprayers for small jobs or infrequent use like spray painting a garden fence.

Why use an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Using this tool saves you money because it will cover larger areas more quickly than other methods of painting. This means you will not need as much material — saving money on both the material and labour costs associated with doing the job yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you.

The only downside is it costs more than expected.  An airless paint sprayer will cost you anywhere from 300 up to 6,000 and then some, depending on the style of the unit and the accessories that come with it.

Determine the area you want to cover with your project. Check for maximum coverage size in square feet so that you can purchase the appropriate airless paint sprayer for your needs. You also need to think about the paint viscosity and texture that you are going to use.

Some models are not designed for high viscosity products such as latex paints or oil-based paints. You should make sure that there is enough variation between tip sizes included in the package so that you have a choice when it comes to fine-tuning paint output (for thinning purposes).


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