The UK’s Top Five Front Door Paints

Your front door is the first thing visitors will see. It is essential to take care of the front door of your home and ensure it is in good condition.

The structure of the door can be damaged by harsh weather conditions or other elements. Paint that is not properly applied can result in the door to break or peel, which could cause a ugly end. When selecting the right front door paint be sure to consider the weather protection and its the suitability for outdoor use.

Our team of experts has tested and rated the best exterior wood and metal paints to assist you in making the right decision. Here are our top choices.

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Best Front Door Paint for UK


Rust-Oleum Gloss Slate Grey Universal Paint

Rust-Oleum Gloss Slate Grey Universal Paint
Rust-Oleum Gloss Slate Grey Universal Paint                    

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The Rust-Oleum is a very strong paint product. A very cheap option for the quality, it offers plenty of paint and is available in a wide range of colours.

This is a multi-surface product, meaning that it can be applied to various surfaces like wood, plastic, and metal. Since its ingredients allow for use on ceramics, you can use this paint for your tile colour update.

The Rust-Oleum Universal paint is a combination of paint and primer. Again, this saves you a bit of money on a primer that you don’t need and cuts back on your preparation time.

In my experience with updating and remodelling, Rust-Oleum creates easy-to-use paints with efficient dry times. Universal Paint is no different. It has a touch dry time of two hours, a handling dry time of eight hours, and allows for good recoats after 16 hours.

It is a primer and paint in one formula. It is able to be used directly to bare wood or wood that has been previously painted, without the requirement of applying a primer. The metal surface is primed either galvanised or non-ferrous to improve the adhesion.

It is possible to use the double formula for indoor and outdoor use. A can of paint will be used to cover as much as 9m2/litre. It is also possible to use leftover paint to paint your garage door, or to bring new life to objects, whether exterior or interior.

Rust-Oleum Universal is an incredibly versatile product that has many advantages However, it does have few minor disadvantages. One of them is the formulation. It is oil-based and harmful, despite its remarkable performance. As time passes, discoloration can be seen within the Heirloom White and White shades.

The consistency also was an ongoing love/hate relationship. It's very simple to apply the paint using the help of a roller or brush. The paint may also slippery and difficult to get off the floor.


  • Rust-Oleum Universal is an oil-based paint that dry quickly. The finish can be re-coated within 16 hours.
  • The product is flexible and simple to use. It is available in 13 colors and three different styles. The colors are all available in gloss. However, certain colours can be produced with matt or satin.
  • The paint is available in 750ml and 250ml tins. The manufacturer also offers an aerosol version which is ideal for quick touch-ups.
  • The paint film is strong and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, thereby protecting surfaces made of metal from rust. The film of paint is water-resistant.


  • The color chart is slightly off. Slate Grey, for instance, is an even lighter shade than the shade shown.
  • Products that are toxic should not be used to be used in enclosed spaces or in close proximity to pets and children.

Quick Drying Interior/Exterior Woodsheen

Quick Drying Interior/Exterior Woodsheen

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Dulux Wood Sheen is an item which will bring back the natural hue of your kitchen cabinets made of wood. It is of high-end quality and functions as an oil stain and varnish for wood. The varnish offers exterior and interior protection.

The water-based varnish comes in eight appealing shades. It is applied using a paintbrush to give a smooth, sheen-like finish that is tough but simple to wash. Wood Sheen is a durable protection that holds the color of the wood and shields it from everyday wear and wear and tear.

The product is stylish and stunning, with amazing coverage. Two coats are needed for a perfect appearance. With the coverage of 20m2/litre, a standard size of 750ml Tin can be used to cover all kitchen cabinets. The fast drying formula simplifies the whole process.

We also love the formula that is water-based. It's easy to take the varnish off brushes and then thin it down if needed. It is safe and non-toxic to use in areas that are enclosed. We aren't a fan of the fact that it may dry differently than you think.


  • The varnish and wood stain are combined all in one. It is water-based, which makes it safe for use in enclosed spaces.
  • The varnish is suitable to be used for both exterior and interior uses. It's ideal to apply to wooden kitchen cabinets doors, furniture, furniture and so on.
  • The beautiful sheen finish is simple to keep and is resistant to wear and tear. Make use of a damp cloth to wipe the surface.
  • A specific formula that locks the color in the wood, creating a strong protection to protect against elements.
  • You can complete your task quickly using a quick-drying varnish. The product comes in eight colors and covers up to 20m2/litre.


  • It could require two coats to achieve satisfactory results on certain surfaces, dependent on the color.

Dulux 5091519 Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml -

Dulux 5091519 Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml - Black
Dulux 5091519 Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml - Black   Dulux 5091519 Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml - Black   Dulux 5091519 Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml - Black              

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This Dulux quick dry satinwood is a paint you should consider if you want to add a semi-glossy finish to an external surface.

This paint is the most protective, with long-lasting coverage, mold, and cracking resistance. For a high-quality Dulux satinwood product, Dulux trade paint is better.

  • Flexible paint film to resist cracking
  • Long-lasting coverage and protection including mould
  • A Dulux quick-dry option that is touch-dry in no time
  • Contains chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction
  • Harmful to aquatic life
  • Not for interior use

Johnstone’s Hardwearing Non Drip Interior and Exterior Wood

Johnstone's Hardwearing Non Drip Interior and Exterior Wood and Metal
Johnstone's Hardwearing Non Drip Interior and Exterior Wood and Metal   Johnstone's Hardwearing Non Drip Interior and Exterior Wood and Metal                 
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Johnstone's is known as one of the UK's most trusted paint manufacturers. The Speciality line includes black paint that is suitable for metal and wood. It is available in two different versions and is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. It's ideal for metal and wood.

We chose to test the matt-black paint due to its contemporary finish. It's intended for use on interior substrates. The matt black paint is more brittle than the satin version, but nevertheless, it produced acceptable outcomes when applied to outdoor surfaces.

Matt Black from Johnstone paint is ideal for doors as well as decorative woodenwork, beams as well as dark spaces. One one litre of paint can cover up to 16 square meters.

Johnstone's recommends their matte products for use in the interior, and their satin product is suitable for outdoor metal or wood.

The paints belong to the same series, and have many of the same features. The satin paint has less coverage.


  • The appealing high-opacity satin or matt finishes work well for a variety of surfaces and projects.
  • Paint is a solvent-based item that has a pleasant smell. However, it has significant amounts of volatile organic compounds, so be cautious.
  • Solvent-based paints require a quick drying time. Matt black paint can be re-coated within 16 hours. It is able to dry in just 6 hours.
  • Matt and satin paints can be cleaned and washed. Make use of soapy water or a damp cloth to wash the dry layer.
  • It is available in 250ml and 750ml Tins. The porosity of the surface of the product as well as the type of finish selected will determine the amount of coverage that can be achieved.


  • It isn't easy to use the product without creating an mess. The matte finish conceals any scratches on the surface and marks left by brushes.
  • A few customers complained that the film began to peel off immediately after application. To avoid surprises make sure that the compatibility of the substrate is verified.

Primer and topcoat all in one - weatherproof warranty for 10 years

RONSEAL 38795 10 Year Weatherproof Paint

RONSEAL 38795 10 Year Weatherproof Paint
RONSEAL 38795 10 Year Weatherproof Paint                    

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Ronseal Weatherproof, an white paint specifically designed for exterior use and has been developed to stand up to all weather conditions. We discovered that it is also suitable for interior doors which are exposed to sun. When used in the manner that is recommended the paint will last for 10 years. will shield surfaces from UV radiation, wind and water for a period of 10 years. The paint will last an indefinite time if it is maintained with Ronseal Wood Paint, according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

The paint is renowned for its tough formula and easy application. Weatherproof is elastic and resistant to cracks peeling, blistering, and cracking.

It's easy to paint the work due to the formula that is non-drip. However, thicker paints may cause issues in the end. Professionals must apply the paint in order to be careful not to create any strokes or other flaws.


  • Water-based wood paints can be repainted less than 4 hours , and it is dry within an hour.
  • Weatherproof comes in 2.5L tubs that can cover up to 12m2/litre. Two coats of weatherproof are recommended, however, more significant colour changes might require a second coat.
  • Ronseal 10-year wood paint comes in 15 attractive colors along with gloss and satin finishes. It can be applied on doors in the interior as well as on exterior surfaces.


  • Ronseal says that this paint self-priming, however it will not guarantee the 10-year guarantee in the event that the surface hasn't been treated using the Super Flexible Wood Primer, or Undercoat.
  • The product does not have high degree of color accuracy. Pure brilliant white is able to be customized to any colour.
  • Paint is often required to protect porous surfaces as well as for large color changes.

Interior topcoat and wood primer are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear.


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