5 Top Garage Door Paints available in the UK

Many homeowners believe that two coats of exterior paint are enough to cover their garage doors. Garage doors constructed from other materials like galvanized metal or wood, require a special treatment. In the event that they don’t the paint may peel off or break into pieces.

To accomplish this it is recommended that a high-quality garage door paint is better suited. But, not all paints are able to meet these standards.

Our experts have spent a significant amount of time looking for the top garage door paints on the market. We evaluated a variety of paints and then came to our top picks. Find the right product for the job you’re in by looking through our top choices below.

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Rust-Oleum Gloss Slate Grey Universal Paint

Rust-Oleum Gloss Slate Grey Universal Paint
Rust-Oleum Gloss Slate Grey Universal Paint                    

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The Rust-Oleum is a very strong paint product. A very cheap option for the quality, it offers plenty of paint and is available in a wide range of colours.

This is a multi-surface product, meaning that it can be applied to various surfaces like wood, plastic, and metal. Since its ingredients allow for use on ceramics, you can use this paint for your tile colour update.

The Rust-Oleum Universal paint is a combination of paint and primer. Again, this saves you a bit of money on a primer that you don’t need and cuts back on your preparation time.

In my experience with updating and remodelling, Rust-Oleum creates easy-to-use paints with efficient dry times. Universal Paint is no different. It has a touch dry time of two hours, a handling dry time of eight hours, and allows for good recoats after 16 hours.

It is a primer and paint in one formula. It is able to be used directly to bare wood or wood that has been previously painted, without the requirement of applying a primer. The metal surface is primed either galvanised or non-ferrous to improve the adhesion.

It is possible to use the double formula for indoor and outdoor use. A can of paint will be used to cover as much as 9m2/litre. It is also possible to use leftover paint to paint your garage door, or to bring new life to objects, whether exterior or interior.

Rust-Oleum Universal is an incredibly versatile product that has many advantages However, it does have few minor disadvantages. One of them is the formulation. It is oil-based and harmful, despite its remarkable performance. As time passes, discoloration can be seen within the Heirloom White and White shades.

The consistency also was an ongoing love/hate relationship. It's very simple to apply the paint using the help of a roller or brush. The paint may also slippery and difficult to get off the floor.


  • Rust-Oleum Universal is an oil-based paint that dry quickly. The finish can be re-coated within 16 hours.
  • The product is flexible and simple to use. It is available in 13 colors and three different styles. The colors are all available in gloss. However, certain colours can be produced with matt or satin.
  • The paint is available in 750ml and 250ml tins. The manufacturer also offers an aerosol version which is ideal for quick touch-ups.
  • The paint film is strong and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, thereby protecting surfaces made of metal from rust. The film of paint is water-resistant.


  • The color chart is slightly off. Slate Grey, for instance, is an even lighter shade than the shade shown.
  • Products that are toxic should not be used to be used in enclosed spaces or in close proximity to pets and children.

International 10 Year Garage Door Enamel

International 10 Year Garage Door Enamel

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Are you on a tight budget? International 10 Year Garage Door Enamel is reasonably priced, however you'll have to compromise the strength of its coverage. This product is designed specifically for doors made of metal. It's weatherproof and waterproof for 10 years when used correctly.

The paint for garage doors is tough and durable. It is available in five shades.

We weren't impressed with the claim that the paint offers a great coverage. This is partly accurate. A one litre of paint could be used to cover an area of up to 11m2 depending on the porosity of the surface. But, don't think that the incredible coverage is a sign of inadequate coverage power.

The paint's fluid consistency makes it extremely thin and transparent. It is possible to apply 4 coats in order to achieve good outcomes. Based on the size of the surface it may take longer.


  • It's easy to apply and dry using the use of a brush. After 16 hours, it is able to be coated again.
  • International Enamel is a garage door-specific product that delivers outstanding results for any metal type.
  • Customers also have reported positive results with wood and plastic when the surfaces are cleaned and primed.


  • A high concentration of VOCs can be found in products made from oil, and could be harmful. Be careful.
  • To ensure consistency, you'll need to stir the product continuously to ensure consistency. This could be tedious and frustrating.

Garage door paint is fantastic however, you must be cautious with their color charts.

Hammerite Garage Door Paint

Hammerite Garage Door Paint
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Hammerite is which is owned by Akzo Nobel, is a well-known brand that produces high-quality products. While it's difficult to know whether the Garage Door Paint was defective or not, we were dissatisfied by its performance.

The product can be put on metal and wood garage doors made of metal and wood. It is a durable weather-resistant, weather-proof film that is resistant to discolouration and flaking.

Hammerite paint comes in six colors in 750ml Tins. It is dry to a beautiful gloss finish and is available in six shades

The manufacturer states that their product helps reduce the speed of running on surfaces that are vertical. We believed we would enjoy. This claim was not true however.

The paint was vertical however it appeared to be able to flow on any surface, and was extremely drippy. It's not all this product can offer.

A lot of users were satisfied with the quality of this product, even though we had a negative experiences. Perhaps we've tried a bad quantity.


  • Oil-based paints offer a great coverage. A litre of paint can provide up to 8m2 of coverage, based on the porosity.
  • You'll be able to finish your project faster by drying it quickly. Hammerite Garage Door Touch can be coated again in just 16 hours. It is able to dry in just 4 hours.
  • The paint is simple to apply using the brush, and certain colors have an impressive cover power.


  • Certain colors are opaque, while others are translucent, and a lot of Tins come in shades that are totally different from those shown.
  • The viscosity of the product is watery, which causes it to be runny even when it is vigorously stirred. A few customers complain that the product didn't adhere to the surface, even after being properly prepared.
  • The paint is poisonous and is difficult to get off of brushes. It's also hard to wash the drips.

Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint

Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint

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We were awestruck by the results we got from the Hammerite Garage Door Paint. We took the decision to give the company a second chance to test their Direct to Galvanised metal paint. This paint is perfect for garage doors constructed of non-ferrous metals. It offers better performance and is less prone to imperfections.

The formula was the one we liked the most. It can be used as an primer as well as a paint all in one. It is also used directly on galvanised steel, copper, and aluminum.

The paint comes in six popular colors. It it dries to give a shiny modern, contemporary look. It also has more coverage than Garage Door Paint. It requires several coats to achieve complete coverage. But, it's typically enough for two or three coats.

Overall, the product is good however, old paint can trigger reactions. It is recommended to try the product on a small area before placing it on a clean surface. The manufacturer claims that any reaction are visible within an hour.

There was no issue with adhesion. The paint was simple to apply with brushes.


  • Incredible coverage for oil-based painting. The product covers up to 14m2/litre. It functions as an primer and paint all in one.
  • Galvanized metal is guaranteed to be direct to galvanized metal for five years. The formula is durable and resists any weather element without flaking.
  • It is simple to apply the product using the help of a roller or brush. The product can be cleaned using white spirit.


  • Certain colors are translucent and don't have sufficient pigmentation. However, the majority of users do not seem to experience any issues with these shades.
  • The thick consistency of the paint could create bubbles. It is recommended to apply small portions at a time.

A solvent-based, fast-drying formulation that can be coated again in as short as 4 to 6 hours.

Dulux Trade Metalshield Gloss

Dulux Trade Metalshield Gloss

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Dulux Trade is a trusted brand, and their Metalshield Gloss Paint is up to the highest standards.

Metalshield isn't offered in the same variety of colors as the Dulux standard, however it is able to be tinted to enhance its appeal.

Premixed metalshield comes in four colors and offers an extremely high degree of protection. For the best results, you'll require two coats. This paint is a great deal when you consider its coverage of 13m2/litre.

The product itself provides the protection against corrosion for a lengthy period of time. But, two coats of the product could enhance the effects by applying the primer to the product. The manufacturer provides protection for up to 8 years in this case.


  • Metalshield Gloss is an oil-based solvent that dries quickly. It is re-coated within between four and six hours.
  • It is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.
  • The Pack System offers up to 8 years of protection when paint is applied using Metalshield Zinc Phosphate Primer by Dulux Trade.
  • The product is simple to use when it's used properly.


  • Metalshield is available in 1L tins and is among the most expensive items to safeguard metal surfaces.
  • Limited premixed colour choice.

How to paint a Garage Door


  • Garage door paint
  • Primer
  • White spirit
  • Sandpaper
  • Make use of a drop cloth


  • Paintbrushes
  • Roller
  • Roller tray
  • Putty knife
  • Stepladder

Decorating Tips

Step 1. Clean and prepare the surface

Garage doors are exposed to elements all year round, as other exteriors of your home. The surface of the garage door can accumulate dust and other debris quickly. This is the reason it is essential to clean the area thoroughly prior to beginning the work.

Make use of a multi-purpose cleaner to clean your garage door, and make sure to remove any stubborn stains or debris.

To safeguard the pavement To protect the pavement, put a drop cloth under the door. After that, you should inspect the surface. It is possible that you will need to take off all of the old paint if it’s flaking or peeling. It is possible to use sandpaper or chemical strippers to remove all of the paint that was used as you can.

Once the stripper has been reacted with it, scrape away the paint with the putty knife. Then, scrub the surface and let it dry.

Step 2. Make sure the surface is primed

Primer is usually required for garage doors since it helps improve the adhesion of paint. Based on the material of the door select the most suitable primer.

The modern garage doors are largely constructed from metal. A universal primer that works with ferrous and nonferrous metals will suffice. If the surface is exterior, if your garage door is constructed of wood, a primer for wood is the most efficient.

Follow the instructions and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 3. Paint the garage door

Garage door paints typically contain solvents. If you need to you want to thin them, you can do so using white spirit. Make use of a roller or brush to apply the paint, applying small sections from top to bottom. Before moving to the next area, be sure that you’ve repainted any drips.

The first coat should be applied of paint to the entire surface. Allow the paint to fully dry before applying the next coat. The majority of paints require at least 16 hours between coats.

After the paint has dried examine the results and apply a second coat in the event that you need to, using the same method. Let the paint dry for 16 hours before you apply it. Paints for garage doors can require up to 7 days for drying.


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