Best Grow Bags For Tomatoes

Grow bags have long been used since the 1970s and it has now become widely used as a pot in thriving tomatoes as well as other plants and vegetables.  It possesses features that a lot of farmers or gardeners find really beneficial.

Benefits of Grow Bags

Tomatoes that are grown in grow bags usually have healthier tomato roots and produce.

  • Grow bags allow easier temperature control.
  • A tomato grow bag has an excellent draining hole that prevents a tomato plant from getting over-watered.  
  • There is proper air circulation.
  • Tomato grow bags can be easily stored and does not require a huge storage space.  
  • Tomato plant grow bags are very portable and flexible. 

Though the grow bags are very advantageous, it has to be noted that they are not applicable to all plants.

Factors in Choosing the Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes

Grow Bag Size

Before growing tomatoes, you first need to know the variety of tomatoes you’re about to grow.  If the tomatoes belong to the large varieties, then you should most likely get big grow bags.  On the other hand, if you’ll be planting smaller varieties like a cherry tomato, then small grow bags will already do.  

In general, a plastic pot or a fabric pot can be used in growing tomatoes, but the latter turns out to be the more popular among tomato growers. 

A plastic grow bag has lower ventilation and holds moisture for a longer time, which causes the root to go in circles.  On the contrary, a fabric pot has more air and does not retain extra moisture preventing its roots from circling.

Grow Bag Drainage

In order to avoid root rot, see to it that every drainage hole easily allows water to escape from the pot.  Too much moisture or water means that you’ll be growing an unhealthy tomato plant, or much worse, you will not be able to see the plant flourish.    

Grow Bag Color

Grow bags come in different colors, which include red, tan, white, and black.  Well, obviously, whatever color you’d prefer, they do not have an effect on the growth of the tomato plant.

Other Factors

Aside from the size, drainage hole, and color of the growing bags, you should likewise take into consideration its durability, water retention, pot handle, and temperature control.

Best Grow Bags for Tomatoes 

If you want to be successful in planting tomatoes, make sure to choose from one of the best grow bags for tomatoes as of 2021, and here they are:  

1. Smart Pot Fabric Planter

Many vouch for the Smart Pot Fabric Planter grow bag.  It is not only ideal for planting tomatoes but also for flowers, aquatic plants, and several vegetables.  

The materials used in the Smart Pot are high quality.  Its non-woven fabric is hand-made.  Its durability is superb! No question about that. 

It is also performance grade, which means it is resistant to cracks and splits.  This growing bag is friendly to the environment because it is lead-free and BPA-free. 

It is weather-resistant and UV-resistant as well.  It has a warmer and also cooler feature, which allows it to react appropriately depending on the weather condition.  

When the weather is warm, the ventilation in the Smart Pot grows bag increases, which prevents the roots from absorbing too much heat.  And when the weather is cool, this fabric pot allows heat to enter the roots.

This non-woven grow bag helps in the proliferation of microbial activities by feeding the soil adequate oxygen.  In case you don’t know, microbes are helpful in achieving healthy soil and plants. 

Smart Pot Soft-Sided Fabric Garden Plant Container Aeration Planter Pots, 20 Gallon with Strap Handles, Black, 5 Pack

Smart Pot likewise increases the soil’s absorbency through its air pockets that are vital in the development of the roots and also in its drainage system.  In addition, it helps the roots of the tomato plant to easily absorb water.  

This noteworthy fabric grows bag has air-pruning features that prevent the roots from circling.  It allows the roots to grow faster by way of branching and by creating more tomato plant root tips.  Through this, expect your tomato plants to thrive faster and healthier.  

There is just a minimal downside to the Smart Pot fabric bag, and that is it doesn’t have handles.  You might find it difficult to move the grow bag from one area to another.  

You can choose a size that would be perfect for your tomato plant, which comes in 1 gallon to as big as 1,000 gallons.  All these sizes have almost similar features, except for the size.  

The Smart Pot’s 12100 Bug Bag Bed Fabric Raised Bed has 3 sizes – they have the original, which is 100 gallons; the Junior, which is 50 gallons; and, the Mini, which has a 15-gallon capacity. 

2. VIVOSUN Grow Bag

The VIVOSUN grow bag is another excellent product that is ideal to use when planting tomatoes.  It is a non-woven 300-gram fabric grow bag and is ⅛-inch thick.  

Though considered one of the best grow bags, it still has its own negative aspect – its drainage system.  Water is not able to drain properly causing the soil to hold water and contribute excessive moisture.

The temperature of the soil is also an essential factor in growing healthy tomatoes.  The VIVOSUN grow bag is a big help in providing oxygen to the soil and to the roots, and, thus, keeping the soil temperature well-maintained at all times.  

You know what’s another incredible feature that this grow bag has?  It is its automatic air-pruning system.  This feature is responsible for delivering and increasing the absorption of minerals and water, which is effective in promoting new root growth, especially in preventing root circling.  

VIVOSUN 50-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bags for Plants, Black-and-White Material for Potting Up Seedlings and Rooting

Unlike the Smart Pot, the VIVOSUN grow bag has sturdy, double-sewed handles.  You are free to move it around without worrying that it would get sucked up at the bottom or lose its handles easily.  

Aside from being considered as an excellent tomato planter, it is likewise perfect for growing potatoes, radish, chili, and other types of veggies. 

This is suitable for environmentally-conscious individuals as this grow bag is BPA-free and is reusable.  This is definitely way better than a plastic container.

This round VIVOSUN grow bag is available in 2-gallon and 3-gallon sizes.  But if you think these sizes are too small, you may purchase a square VIVOSUN grow bag, which comes in 3 gallons, 5 gallons, 7 gallons, and 10 gallons. 

3. 247Garden 7-Gallon Grow Bags or the Aeration Fabric Pot

Another superb aerated fabric pot or grow bag that is available in the market nowadays is the 247Garden 7-gallon grow bag.  It is 100% non-woven fabric that has an enhanced ventilation and drainage system, which allows the soil to produce air pockets. 

On top of having excellent drainage, it also boasts thick non-woven fabric that is efficient in preventing water loss .  

Soil temperature is one of the major factors that contribute a lot in achieving a healthy plant, and this is very much present in this grow bag.  Its non-woven fabric keeps the soil warm during winter and cool during summer.     

247Garden 5-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles (Black)

Its air-pruning feature stops the occurrence of root circling as it improves the structure of the tomato’s roots through increased ventilation and nutrient absorption.   

All these ingenious features will certainly make every tomato plant, or any growing plant for that matter, thrive healthily.

The 247 Garden 7-gallon grow bag is portable through its durable handles.  However, it is only available in 1 size, which is 7 gallons.  It can only accommodate a not so big variety of tomatoes or other veggies.

Just like the first two grow bags, the 247Garden grow bag is BPA-free, reusable, and breathable.  This may be a perfect choice for growing tomatoes. 

4. Winner Outfitters Fabric Pot 

The Winner Outfitters fabric pot is the top choice of plant growers mainly because of its BPA-free non-woven fabric material.  

Non-woven fabric has become a trend these days for it allows plant roots to get proper ventilation, which is deemed very essential in growing a healthy tomato plant.  In addition, it is capable of improving drainage and in retaining adequate soil moisture.    

This fabric pot also adapts perfectly to changing temperatures. So, you don’t have to worry about your tomato plant surviving in a cold or warm weather.  This feature prevents plants from experiencing environmental stress.  

Winner Outfitters 6-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags /Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

When we talk about the portability as well as the durability of the Winner Outfitter fabric pot, it can be rated excellent.  The material of the fabric is of high quality because it is double-sewn.  It likewise has handles that are sturdy enough to move the pot around.  

Your tomato plant is quite safe from root circling with this type of grow bag as it has an air-pruning feature.  If you’re concerned about under or over-watering your tomato plant, worry no more because this will not happen if you make use of this impressive fabric pot.  

The Winner Outfitter is available in 3-gallon and 10-gallon grow bags.  It is reusable and, therefore, environment-friendly. 

5. GardenMate Grow Bag

Another grow bag that’s worth your every penny is the GardenMate grow bag.  It is a fabric grow bag that’s not only a tomato planter, but can also be great a pot for cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other veggies.  

The soft-sided fabric material used in the GardenMate grow bag is polypropylene, which is very reliable, tough, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly.  Its material encourages root growth and intensifies air circulation.   

In addition, this fabric pot has a bottom that’s synonymous to that of a bucket, which allows it to stand without needing any support.  It also has hard-wearing handles that allow you to reposition the pot as smoothly as possible.  

It has an air-pruning feature, which is also evident in other best grow bags for tomatoes, that promotes further root formations and prevents root circling.  The more the roots are, the healthier the plant and the better the water and mineral absorption will be. 

This is a reusable fabric pot that is easy to clean.  You just need a pressurized washer or a brush.  It is likewise a frost-resistant pot that you can use repeatedly from one season to the next.

GardenMate 3-Pack 72 Gallons Reusable Garden Waste Bags (H30, D26 inches) - Yard Waste Bags

The GardenMate grow bags have various sizes, which include 1,3,5,8,16,25, and 100-gallon grow bags.   

6. Garden4ever Fabric Grow Bag

The Garden4ever fabric grow bag is a great pot for tomatoes as well.  It’s made of high-quality materials that make it very tough and long-wearing.  It is made of a thick 300-gram non-woven fabric that is capable of preventing any water leakages.  This feature allows the soil to retain nutrients and water for an extended period of time.  

The non-woven fabric also aids the potting mix in the creation of air packets or pores that promotes proper drainage, better temperature control, and a greater possibility of growing healthy tomatoes.   

Garden4Ever 5-Pack 20 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty Container Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Plant Pots with Handles Black

The Garden4ever grow bag handles are double-sewn making the pot easy to lift and move.  It has a very stable bottom that allows it to stand firm without needing support.  

Similar to the other impressive grow bags that were mentioned earlier, this also has an air-pruning feature that prevents root circling.  It is considered environment-friendly because it is reusable and washable.    

The Garden4ever fabric pot comes in 1-gallon to 30-gallon sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Grow Bags

What is a fabric grow bag?

A grow bag is also referred to as a planter and is an excellent and better alternative plastic container or plastic pot.  Its features are more than enough to help you in thriving healthy plants.  One of the best features of a fabric grow bag is that it has an effective air-pruning system, which promotes better air circulation and encourages the creation of air packets.  

The breathability of a pot is very important to prevent root circling and enhance root growth.  So, if you are planning to grow tomatoes, it is better to get a fabric grow bag because you will not only be able to come up with healthier produce, but you will also help preserve the environment. 

What makes up a grow bag?

Grow bags are made of either fabric or plastic.  A fabric pot is usually a non-woven fabric that promotes proper ventilation for a healthier soil and plant.  And as for the plastic grow bag, it is made of virgin mill plastic.