Best Loft Ladder that Money Can Buy

In case you’re in a rush to buy, we decided that the best loft ladder was the Youngman 301000 telescopic loft ladder product. Before we tell you why to take a look at the following:

How Do I Choose the Best Loft Ladder?

Whether you have a deluxe wooden loft or a crawl space above your ceiling, you’re going to need a ladder for loft spaces. Below we’ve listed a few of our favourites. In our experience, these are some of the best ladders for a loft that money can buy.

The best loft ladder is ultimately one that is easy to use, sturdy, and provides easy access to your loft. It should also be relatively easy to install, even for people who are not DIY pros. With that being said, here are the best floor to ceiling solutions for gaining access to your loft:

Best Loft Ladder Product Reviews

Best Overall

If you’re looking for a loft ladder that folds right up, you can’t go wrong with this product. It can be adjusted to three lengths and is made from anodised aluminium for extra strength.

This is probably one of the best loft ladders for people who have very little loft space, and don’t want something big and bulky that takes up room. Or for those who have a small loft hatch.


  • It has rubber feet for safety, and also to protect your floor. Very few loft ladders have this feature.
  • It’s telescopic and reaches the floor no matter what your ceiling height, provided it’s not longer than the ladder.
  • Comes with a printed manual, which makes installation easy.


  • This ladder has moving parts that could break down one day. Eventually, the ladder could become stuck and stop opening.
  • The packaging is poor quality, which means your loft ladder could be damaged while being delivered.
  • This ladder is also quite ugly, and that could be a problem for some people.

Best For Small Lofts

The Alufix Concertina loft ladder is one of the best ladders we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Your average Concertina loft ladder is hit or miss. Due to the complex nature of these ladders, and the huge amount of moving parts, they often break down very quickly.

These loft ladders are different, and no matter how often you use them, the action remains smooth. This is truly a product where you can rest assured that it can last for years, and continue providing access to your loft.


  • This loft ladder folds up into almost nothing. It’s ideal for people who have a small attic or limited room, and don’t want a ladder that takes up lots of space. It’s also narrow enough to fit into the smallest hatch door.
  • Comes with a three-year warranty, which is definitely something you need with this type of product.
  • It’s also surprisingly simple to install and does not require advanced DIY skills.


  • The action on this Concertina loft ladder is very stiff. This ladder can be quite a challenge to take down and unfold and requires quite a bit of strength to do so.
  • You also need to be very careful when opening it, because it’s possible to trap your finger and inure yourself.
  • Although this company’s loft ladders are relatively easy to install, you need more than one person to do it.

Best Quality

While there’s very little information about the business that sells these loft ladders, it is definitely one of the best we’ve seen. That being said, this is not, per see, a loft ladder. It’s more of a folding ladder, which could be used as a loft ladder if you know what we mean.

This ladder is perfect for people who are not interested in spending money on a dedicated loft ladder. You can use it to access your loft as well as paint the living room.


  • This ladder is virtually indestructible and has a load capacity of 150kg. It’s strong enough the bear the weight of anything that you might be hauling up to your loft.
  • Can be used for other things besides gaining loft access.
  • The steps are nice and wide, which means there is plenty of space to plant your feet.


  • This ladder is virtually indestructible and has a load capacity of 150kg. It’s strong enough the bear the weight of anything that you might be hauling up to your loft.
  • Can be used for other things besides gaining loft access.
  • The steps are nice and wide, which means there is plenty of space to plant your feet.

Best Budget

This is the best loft ladder for people who just want something simple, and don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s an aluminium loft ladder and should last for years, provided you take care of it.

It’s also relatively easy to install, provided you have basic DIY skills. This ladder is recommended for people who have a tiny loft hatch and don’t have space for bigger loft ladders.


  • Unique D-shaped rungs provide maximum comfort for your feet when climbing. You can go up multiple times without hurting your feet.
  • The compact design takes up less space in your loft, giving you more storage space for what’s important.
  • This design also means that it can fit into the smallest hatch door, providing easy access to the loft.


  • This loft ladder is very narrow. Due to its size, some people may find it difficult to climb or use.
  • It’s not the strongest ladder and could break if you put too much weight on it, or use it too often.
  • The assembly instructions aren’t great and putting it together can be a challenge.

How to Choose the Best Loft Ladder

If you’re looking for a loft ladder we’ve given you several options in this article, but how do you choose the best amongst them? There are several criteria that you should look at before deciding one of these products.

The Maximum Weight Rating

With all types of loft ladders, wooden or otherwise, safety should always be your first consideration. When choosing a ladder, select one that is well built and can carry a lot of weight. Before you buy the ladder, always make sure to check the maximum weight rating.

While this rating isn’t something you need to worry about in most cases, it can become a problem if you’re planning to use the loft to store heavy items. These items have to be carried up on the loft ladder, and it could break, resulting in a nasty fall.

What is the Ladder Made Out Of?

You’ve probably noticed that there are no wooden ladders on this list. That’s because over the years, we’ve learnt a good rule of thumb with loft ladders; wood breaks! Believe me, you don’t want a wooden loft ladder because they aren’t very strong.

They can also swell and warp in wet weather, or if there is moisture in your loft. Some people like the look of these ladders and the “rustic” feel, but there is nothing rustic about breaking your neck.

The point we’re trying to make is that you want a loft ladder that is strong. You need something that isn’t going to break with you on it. In addition to this, you want a product that can potentially last a lifetime.

Take a Look at the Tread

The tread of the ladder is basically the top surface of the steps. This is important because poor quality tread means that you could slip and fall. It’s vital that you consider this when getting your loft ladder, especially if older people are using the ladder.

Take a look at the rungs or steps of the ladder, and ask yourself if you would feel comfortable going up and down them. Another thing you can do is check if the ladder has an antislip rating.

Is it Easy to Use?

Good loft ladders are also easy to fold down and use. Whether it’s a Concertina loft ladder or one that folds down, you should be able to easily get access to your loft. In fact, it should effortlessly slide down, so that you can climb up right away.

The last thing you want is a wooden loft ladder that you have to struggle with.

Does it Fit Your Loft Hatch?

This is one of the most important things to think about. You need a loft ladder that is going to fit easily into your loft hatch. Before making your decision go up there, use a tape measure to work out how big your loft hatch is.

If you’re going to be getting a product from the internet, this is critically important. You don’t want to take delivery of something that doesn’t fit your hatch. Also, measure your loft space.

Many of these loft ladders are quite large, even when folded up. If you have a tiny loft, you don’t want a huge ladder that is going to take up valuable space.

Ultimately Which is the Best Loft Ladder?

As mentioned previously, in our opinion, one of the best loft ladders you can buy is the Youngman 301000 Telescopic Loft Ladder.

In second and third places respectively, were the Alufix 10-Tread Concertina Loft Ladders and Ladder 4.7M EN131 Telescoping Aluminum Ladder.

We’ve chosen the Youngman for several reasons:

  • It’s made by the Youngman company, one of the biggest manufacturers of ladders in the world. Its ladders are strong and can handle any type of load without breaking. This ladder is also made of anodised steel for extra strength.
  • It has rubber feet to protect your floor. None of the other ladders on this list have that feature.
  • It comes with a printed manual, which makes installation easy. The ladder itself is also very easy to install.
  • Due to it being a telescopic ladder, it can fit into any sized room and also any type of loft no matter how big or small.
  • It also has a great tread so you won’t ever slip or fall off this ladder.

At the end of the day, this is by far the best loft ladder on our list. If you’re looking to get a ladder, you won’t go wrong with this one.


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