6 Best Mulching Blades For Riding Mower

If you know some basic information, buying mulching mower blades is usually easy. The model and brand of the lawn mower is a good starting point. 

For healthy grass growing, mulching is a significant procedure through which the lawn receives nutrients necessary for natural growth. It is, therefore, the most important mowing practice. For better results, it is essential to use the right mulching blade. It will also reduce mowing effort as it minimizes the need for bagging and disposal of clippings.

 Further, mulching blades clip the grass into smaller sizes, giving your lawn a neat appearance even before removing the clippings. The best mulching blade is easy to operate, provides durable output, and delivers quality results even on tough grass.

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If you struggle to decide on the best mulching blade for riding the mower, continue reading this article to the end. We have reviewed the top best mulching blades to give you the necessary information to make an informed decision.

3 Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades

Best For Overall Duties

As a homeowner, if you search for the best mulching blade that will achieve greater results, this set of three mulching blades is your ticket. The blades measure 18x5x4 inches and weigh about 5.83 pounds, thus, making them suitable for large mowers.

Further, the serrated teeth at the back of the lift will keep clippings off the lawn, making it easy to cut the grass.


  • It is a bit cheaper: Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades is affordable compared to other brands.
  • Excellent cutting edge: The blades have excellent cutting edges, making it easy for the operator to cut the grass. It is therefore suitable for mowing large tracts of land.
  • It has serrated teeth: these features are necessary to keep the clippings off the mower, making the cutting process effective.
  • The blades are sharp: You do not need to sharpen every time you use this mower. One of the users has ascertained that they have used this brand five times without sharpening it.
  • It offers a fairway-grade appearance: When cutting the grass, the shafts are cut into further smaller pieces, providing an excellent mulching base for healthy grass growth.


  • Poor cutting: Some users experienced poor blade cutting edges. Even after sharpening, they still did not work as expected.
  • Not suitable for time cutter ss5000: Some users had a problem cutting grass 6 inches taller as the blades could not handle taller grass. Thus, they had to more than twice for an even cut.

Oregon G3 Gator Blades Set Of 3

Best For Riding Durability

For a 54-inch artisan, get Oregon G3 Gator Blades, Set of 3. The blades of this mower are extremely durable and heavy-duty, providing the user with excellent results. The set of serrated teeth and aggressive lift helps break clumps up quickly and efficiently.

Also, while mowing, the blades do not pick up shafts, thus, keeping the deck clog-free. This feature makes it possible to run for a longer period without experiencing any problems.

The sharp blades ensure the grass is shredded into fine pieces, creating an excellent mulching cover that provides nutrients to the lawn.

Further, this brand is suitable for cutting tall grass without damaging your tools.


  • · The blades are extremely durable
  • · It measures 18x3x2 inches
  • · Sharp blades capable of cutting through thick grass


  • The blades do not pick up shafts, keeping the deck clog-free
  • It is suitable for use on taller grasses
  • Extremely sharp blades: They ensure you can cut through thick and wet grass.
  • Shreds the grass into fine pieces
  • Provides a clean-cut and chops the grass excellently


  • Easily get blunt: After mowing twice, the blade became dull, and the middle blades were bowed. This called for the user to sharpen them after mowing twice.
  • Not universal: while the description states that these blades are universal, users found that they could not use them in different mowers.
  • The lack of labels: This makes it challenging for users to differentiate between legit and fake ones.

Maxpower 331981 B 21-Inch Universal GoldMetal  Mulching LawnMower Blade, Black

Best For The Bucks:

This 21-inch mulching universal blade is suitable for any push mower bearing 21-inch deck. It is a commercial gold metal mulching blade with sharp cutting edges for cleaner and fin cutting. The blade measures 2.4 inches wide and has aggressive teeth necessary for crushing clumps.

The mounting holes are perfectly made to fit in all five points. Thus, it is easy to install these blades. More importantly, to make the mounting process even simpler, all fittings and washers are included in the package.


  • It does not pick up shafts and hence ensuring a clean lawn
  • It is suitable for taller grasses
  • It has sharp blades necessary to cut through thick grass
  • Capable of shredding grass into really tinny pieces
  • It is universally suitable for all mowers with a 21-inch deck
  • Perfect for cutting during rainy seasons
  • It is easy to sharpen


  • It is not universal: While the description states that it can perfectly fit mowers measuring 21 inches, some users found that it was not fitting.
  • It is not securely mounted: compared to other blades like OEM MTD, this blade can easily spin freely.

8TEN Lawn razor Mulching Blade For John Deere 48 Inch Deck Scotts

Best For commercial zero turn lawn mowers

If you have a zero turn mower, the 8TEN Lawn RAZOR Mulching Blade can be your best option. The blades are designed to fit a 48-inch deck from manufacturers like Hustler, Toro, John Deere, and Scag. They are designed to measure 2.5inches wide by .197inches thickness.

Thus, they are capable of cutting the grass and mulching the clippings easily. However, they work best on dry grass and hence are not ideal for morning mowing.


  • Compatible with numerous brands and models
  • They are made of heavy-duty materials
  • It is durable. It is made of high-quality material, making it last long.
  • It cuts through thick grass. The blade is made of heavy-duty material, making it easy to cut through thick grass.
  • Numerous lifting options to choose from: You can choose high, medium, or low lifting.
  • Provides perfect mulching experience
  • Excellent for its price


  • Dull blades: They are therefore not suitable for grass cutting. Users find that the blades require sharpening before use.

Maxpower 561739B 2-Blade

Best For the Smaller

The max power 5617339 blade measures about 23x 2-3x 4 inches. It is relatively fairly priced and comes with two sets of blades, ensuring mowing is done thoroughly.

They come while sharp, thus providing direct use without further sharpening them. When used on a middle or smaller scale, they provide maximum performance. They are also a perfect match for those who do not regularly mow their grass.


  • It comes with a set of two blades. This feature improves its efficiency in ensuring fine mowing.
  • · It is easy to install: with compatible mowers, and you can easily fix them without help from another person.
  • · Pre-sharpened: While most brands are delivered while the blades are dull, this one comes when it is ready to use.
  • · Copperhead brand blades: The blades of this max power 5617339 are rebranded with copper material. This feature increases their durability.
  • · Excellent price and perfect fit for craftsman 46-inch mower
  • · It is of great quality
  • · Suitable for craftsman DYS 4500 46 inch deck: It is a perfect match for this type of mower


  • · They are not mulching blades: Some users find that these blades are not suitable for mulching. Instead, they are designed for a bagging system.
  • · They do not fit the Husqvarna YTH21K46 riding mower: Users have found that these blades do not fit this brand as per the description.

Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade Set

This mulching blade offers the user a unique design compared to others. Also, it offers an increased cutting surface of up to 25% over the jagged blades. Thus, you are assured of a thorough cut every time you use them.

They are lightweight and easy to install. However, they are not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. But if you are searching for a simple, pocket-friendly, and durable mowing blade, go for Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade.


  • · They are very easy to install
  • · They are cost-effective: Compared to other brands, these blades are a bit pocket-friendly.
  • · They are lightweight, making it easy to carry them
  • · They are durable: They will provide years of service without the need for replacement.
  • · Large cutting edge surface
  • · They are a perfect fit for the HRR216K9VKAA mower
  • · Clean cut: They cut the grass perfectly without leaving shredded tips


  • · Not pre-sharpened: You will be required to sharpen them before use
  • · Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Factors To Consider When Buying Mulching Blades

Blade length

It is essential to have the right length of the blade for your mower. Installing too small or extra-large blades will result in poor quality cutting and mulching.

If small, you will be required to work as twice as normal to achieve the desired result. Also, for multi-blade mower decks, you will miss small grass strips, and hence the lawn will appear poorly done.

Similarly, when the blade is large, you will end up causing clumping due to slower speed and lack of space below the deck.


Consider blades that are heavier than the standard blade for mowing. This is necessary to ensure that you do not use excess energy while mowing.

Number of pieces

Purchase a kit with the correct number of blades and of the same quality. If your current mower has three blades, purchase a set of blades with three pieces for optimum performance. If you replace one, you are likely not going to see any difference. Also, get heavier blades to ensure the mower’s output is maintained.


Mulching blades are known to be durable compared to the standard ones. Ensure that the blades you purchase have a longer lifespan.

Fitting and mounting options

While some brands are better than others, consider purchasing one which perfectly fits your mower for optimum results. Similarly, the number of mounting points matters; ensure they align with the mower.

Top Tips For Finding The Right Mulching Blades

Check for the manufacturer number

The last thing you need is to order the wrong mulching blade. Thus, check for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) number. Ensure it matches with your current blades that you wish to replace.

Model number

Check for the model name or the OEM number and a manual. Ensure it matches with your old blade.

Length and center hole

If you do not find the OEM or the manufacturer number, consider the length of the blade and the diameter of the center hole. If they match with your current blades, they are then a perfect fit for your mower.

  • · Avoid purchasing mulching blades that do not provide product specifications
  • · Buy from a trusted brand or supplier
  • · Consider the warranty length and customer feedback

What Are Mulching Blades, And Why Do You Need Them?

Mulching blades are used not only to provide an excellent grass cut but also cut clippings sideways. Further, they can cut the grass into tiny pieces, increasing decomposition resulting in a healthy lawn.

They are excellent in providing tidiness and symmetric with other blades. They are perfect for cutting in all weather. Besides, the curved surface of this blade increases its precision. 

They are therefore perfect for grass that gets mowed every few days. Besides, mulching is an environmentally friendly way of dealing with grass clippings.

Can You Put Mulching Blades On Any Mower?

While almost all mulching blades can fit into any mower, you cannot put a mulching blade on any mower. This is because some blades are smaller while others are larger.

Thus, they will not provide the maximum output that otherwise you would have experienced if it were a perfect matching size. Others have bad deck design and low power engines and hence reduce their effectiveness.

Can You Discharge With Mulching Blades?

Yes, with a mulching blade, it is possible to discharge. It is best to use the side discharge to prevent any clumps under the deck because of the grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to mulch with standard blade?

No, it is not recommended to use the regular blade for mulch. This is because the grass will be left clipped on the lawn and hence take too long before it decomposes.

Does mulching blades offer better cuts?

Yes, if they have a greater curvature angle, they provide great cutting.

How often should you mulch?

It depends on how fat the grass is growing. On average, it is recommended to mulch after every three to four days. 

From this product review, I hope you will find the best suitable mulching blade for your mower. It is essential to put all factors into consideration before settling on a single mulching blade.

Get to understand the pros and cons of each mulching blade and weigh if it is worth it.