Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets Reviews

It’s never the wrong time to kick start a new DIY project, especially when it means beautifying your home. Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets is all about making your kitchen cabinet look its best. Best Paint for Kitchen has more ideas for quick and cost effective paint jobs in the kitchen.

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to do so; however, selecting your paint can be a chore.

What are the Best Paints for Kitchen Cupboards?

Top list of the best Paint For Kitchen Cupboards.

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    Considerations When Buying

    Does The Style Of The Cabinet Matter?

    This matters where color is concerned. Apart from just getting a new look, the process of painting your kitchen cabinet has a decorative nature. You can ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen because you’ve used a color that doesn’t play well with the rest of it.

    Consider a traditional kitchen, for example.

    If you have such a kitchen, the ‘regular’ colors, such as white, tend to be best for your cabinet. So, you may find that you don’t even need color variety since this is the default color for many brand offerings.

    If you try to spice things up in these kitchens with bright colors, great-tasting food may not be enough to fix the loss of appetite caused by the unappealing look.

    Alternatively, you may have a modern design with a color pop cabinet, which is conducive to the use of an array of colors.

    Painting over particularly dark colors will require more than one coat and sometimes three or four coats to get the bright finish.

    Toxicity Considerations

    Paint fumes can have adverse effects when inhaled excessively, and renovation is not worth risking your health for. When you choose your paint, it should be one that you can confidently use without putting yourself at risk.

    Much of this is based on the presence or absence of proper ventilation in your home. Some people don’t have very good airflow, so the air quality in the home is not the best.

    If you combine that with a paint that gives off strong fumes and an equally strong odor, you risk putting yourself in a position where there is excessive inhalation. In such a scenario, it may be best for you to go for a paint type that is made from ingredients that reduce the fume output.

    Of course, if your ventilation is good, then this is less of a concern to you, as you can simply let nature take its course after your new paint job is complete.

    Try to ascertain which category a paint falls in if you have poor ventilation so that you can make a healthy choice.

    Drying Time

    Post-painting touch and use of your cabinet should be done based on the time a paint takes to dry. Drying, in this sense, refers to a state in which the paint can be touched without any disruption of its integrity.

    Paints with a quick-drying time are favored, as subsequent coats can be applied faster, and the road to using your cabinet again is much shorter when the painting is done.

    Note that there is also a hardening process that must take place after drying before the paint has fully settled. The quicker your paint dries, the quicker that it can move on to this phase.


    This isn’t just about the paint. The chances are that you can afford the paint, but is that all you need to buy? Depending on your situation and the paint you choose, you may need to buy a paint primer too.

    You will often need to more coat on this project so work this into the cost.

    Additionally, do you need any tools, such as a paintbrush or a roller? Everything needs to be present before you begin, and if you need to acquire any items to allow the painting process to run smoothly, then your budget needs to make an allowance for that.

    A good idea if you have nothing at all is to consider buying a value pack that contains the paint, and the tools that you need to get things going.

    Paint Type

    When choosing your type of cupboard paint, you want something that is both durable and easy to deal with. There are several paint types that you can choose from, but emulsion paints are your best bet where kitchen cabinets are concerned.

    These paints tend to be made with water-based material for easy spread and cleanup. This is paired with immense durability to give you a long-lasting effect.

    Coat Requirement

    This one is something you should pay attention to because you could end up spending more money than you could ever have imagined.

    Some paints can get the job done in no more than two coats, it is rare one coat will do the job. There are others, however, that don’t have that kind of coverage ability. Such paints can require three or even four coats before you get the finish that you want.

    This means that you could inadvertently end up buying more paint than you planned to because the quantity you got wasn’t enough.

    Pay attention to coating requirements when you make your purchase so that you can save yourself from a massive headache.


    In my opinion, Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matte Emulsion Paint is a cut above the rest for being one of the best kitchen cupboard paints on the market. While many of the other paints can cover a cabinet with faded or no paint at all, this one goes the extra mile by hiding imperfections remarkably we1ll.

    It is built specifically for kitchen applications and is extremely resistant to hazards, such as dirt and grease. It is most likely you will need more than one coat to get the desired finish.

    Additionally, not many others are washable when you need them to be, while unmovable on surfaces where they should be. Its two colors can serve in a variety of kitchen styles, the price is fair, it dries quickly, and it’s the kind of emulsion style cabinet paint that gets the job done.

    The Nuvo Cabinet and Cupboard Paint Kit get second place because it does a good job and comes with all the essentials you need for painting. Dulux Fresh Up Renovation Paint is the second runner-up, thanks to its surface versatility. Good luck in your kitchen cupboard painting project.

    What is the best paint to use on kitchen cupboards?

    In my opinion, Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matte Emulsion Paint is a cut above the rest for being one of the best kitchen cupboard paints on the market.

    Should you paint cabinets with a brush or roller?

    Brushing is fine for wood, but you may need a pro to finish it well. Although paint can be applied faster with a roller than a brush, the fabric on the roller usually creates a ‘bobbly’ texture. As a result of the texture a roller leaves on cabinets, it is not appropriate for painting with gloss.

    How do I prevent brush marks when painting cabinets?

    Keep brush marks to a minimum by painting with the grain. When painting the trim boards, paint only one side of the drawers and doors using foam rollers and brushes. Next, apply a coat of Cabinet Enamel to the base cabinets with the same brush and foam roller.

    Next article: Best Paint for Upcycling Wood Furniture for your kitchen table, chairs and stools can be given a fresh look.


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