Best Palm Sanders Review & buying guide.

After any woodworking project is completed, it is essential to sand it. Doing so creates smoother, more attractive wood surfaces. A quality hand sander that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, without cramping is essential. The purpose of using sandpaper is to remove old paint, polish the surface finish of the wood, and to smooth out rough edges. Below are some of the best hand sander tools available.

I can remember using a sanding machine to smooth the surfaces of my very first woodworking projects. Sanding by hand takes lots of energy and time. The first thing I bought of an electric tool was an electric palm sander.

A crucial part of any woodworking project is the sanding. This creates smoother wood surfaces. Sandpaper is used to get rid of paint and polish the surface finish, and smooth the wood..

While sanders are a popular tool used for woodworking, those who aren’t familiar with them are often lost as the descriptions do not provide enough information. This is the reason why, at first glance, they both look the same. The truth can’t be farther away from that because they both have distinct differences that woodworkers must be aware of.

Palm sanders, as their name suggests, are small enough to comfortably fit in your palm. They are quite affordable for those on limited funds. This is ideal for smaller projects.

This guide follows the best hand sander for wood will assist you in determining the features you should look for when using these tools. This is something I would like to have. An analysis of five of the top palm sanders available is also included.

Best Products Listed

What is the best Palm Sander

Ergonomics and Vibration Resistance

This is the main aspect to think about when searching for the ideal palm-sander. It is possible to work with a palm sander longer if it has vibration-reducing features. A ergonomically cushioned handle can help maintain your hand in a comfortable position as you work.

Dust collection

It’s surprising that this feature isn’t the top item on most shoppers’ list of priorities. This is not a good thing, since very few tools produce as much dust as the electric sander. The dust collection device should be located in a spot that it will be able to absorb dust from the bottom.

A quality palm sander should include an air-tight dust collection port that isn’t blocking your view while you work. Most palm sanders come with ports that fit the majority of shop vacuums. But, it’s crucial to consider the dimensions of the vacuum you are using and ensure that you locate an adapter.

Orbits per Minute (OPM).

The speed of a palm sander is measured in the form of orbits per minute. This is a good indicator of the speed at which the abrasive is working on your work. You can choose the OPMs you want to utilize for a particular application or grit by purchasing variable-speed motors for certain palm sanders.

Corded vs Cordless

Although corded palm sanders with cords are more costly however, this hasn’t prevented battery-operated models from becoming more popular in recent times. The palm sander that is cordless works wherever there’s an outlet.

This is the main benefit of palm-sanders with cords. While a palm sander with a cord requires power from an external source however, it will last longer than models powered by batteries. The palm sanders with cords also utilize larger motors, which allow the sander to draw more energy.

6 of the Top Palm Sander Reviews

The electric sander is able to sand at 14,000 opm, with an electric motor that draws 2.3 amps.
The texture of the rubber overmold gives you a comfortable and easy control while sanding.
To ensure better retention of paper, the 1/4-sheet sander comes with an upgraded paper clamp.

The machine runs on an electric motor that is two amps supplied by DeWalt. The motor will produce plenty of vibrating when you work through various papers grains. The boot and bag are nice accessories that make storage and travel more convenient.


  • The unit is constructed of flexible metals and metals. It can withstand the most severe abuse and vibration, yet it will not break when you hold it in your hands.
  • Venting ports have been correctly located. This lets the motor keep cool and retain heat without being clogged by dust.
  • DeWALT provides one of the most comprehensive warranties available. The warranty for this product is only three years.


  • You’ll spend more money for this model than any other DeWALT power tool.
  • The hose port may be prone to not close properly and allow air to escape and decreasing suction power. This could be because of the design of the vent’s mouth, that may not work with some vacuum hoses.

The technology for controlling pressure warns the user when there is an the pressure is too high. Microfiltration captures dust particles and helps keep them contained. Clear view dust canister takes away the uncertainty of knowing the time to empty it.

  • The technology for controlling pressure warns the user when there is an the pressure is too high.
  • Microfiltration captures dust particles and helps keep them contained.
  • Clear view dust canister takes away the uncertainty of knowing the time to empty it.

The low-cost Model 7292-02 was created to be a multi-purpose sanding machine. It’s simple to load and its low cost makes it a great purchase for those who are just beginning to learn about the art of palm sanding.


  • The most notable feature of this palm sander is its price. It allows you to purchase it with no cost for woodworking.
  • It is equipped with a pressure control system. This technology alerts users if they apply too excessive pressure on the sander. It assists in avoiding over-sanding.
  • Dust seals serve to shield the motor as well as other parts. This prevents dust from getting into the housing, causing problems for the motor like overheating.


  • This can be accomplished through the use of lower-cost materials. This results in the sander generating more vibration , which could reduce the durability of the machine with repeated use.
  • The dust bag that comes in the box does not have the proper dimensions. This renders the dust collection bag nearly unsuitable since it might not be sealed correctly.

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2648-20 Milwaukee Electric Tools M18 Random Orbit Sander This product meets the requirements of customers. It’s simple to make use of

Random orbital sander is able to be used in any location. The pattern of random orbits of this sander won’t create swirling marks when cross-grain movements are made. This makes it much easier to clean wood as opposed to a conventional orbital.


  • Random orbital sanders utilize hook-and-loop pads for sanding. They are ideal because they are easy to install and remove and out, which can save you time.
  • The grip on this random orbital sander is extremely comfortable. This makes it much easier to use.
  • The motor has a variable in speed. The motor is able to adjust between 7,000 and 12,000 orbits per hour. This allows you to adjust the speed according to the application or grit.


  • The unit is limited in battery life when compared with other power tools. The full battery will let you do 35 minutes of work. This could result in lots of interruptions.
  • The battery included in this sander does not come with it. The proper battery needs to be bought separately.

All-ball bearings with precise engineering to reduce vibration and less Palm grips made of rubber with the contoured fingers, which are rubberized to improve control of the operator and ease of use To make paper installation fast and efficient easy to use clamps for paper are readily available.

Makita’s product is priced mid-range and will provide lots of power. The ball bearing design of the unit can help to reduce noise while it’s running. The construction should transmit less vibrations to the motor and base during your perform your work.


  • This sander for finishing has an OPM maximum of 14,000 This model is faster speed, which allows you to finish sanding faster than the other models.
  • The hand rest is comfortable and well-padded. This added comfort comes in handy during lengthy Sanding sessions.
  • The grip comes with an off and on switch that can be easily turned on. This allows you to operate the sander with one hand and more secure while working.


  • The product could be slightly warmer than the other models. This may cause it to be uncomfortable to use with no additional hand protection.
  • The clamps that hold the papers to the base might not be as strong as other models. This can cause the paper to tear and wear fast.

High Performance SANDER HIGH PERFORMANCE SANDER 2.0 Amp electrical corded random orbit sander to give smooth finishing High Efficiency: Provides 12000 OPM (orbits/minute) to quickly the sanding of material Lightweight and compact Compact and light weight. Fits in tight spaces to allow for more flexible sanding

The random orbital sander from BLACK+DECKER is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. The build quality of this sander isn’t the best however, it can perform the task.

The random orbital sander is capable of running at 12,000 OPM, which is an efficiency level that is comparable to other sanders that cost more. The sander comes with two amps of corded motor which will give enough power.

According to the company, the handle on the sander has been made with the “comfort grip” that allows for simple use. The claim isn’t backed by the majority of owners. The model is extremely un ergonomic. A lot of people have reported feeling their hands the sensation of numbness after long periods of sanding.


  • Inexpensive. This tool is suitable for novices or those with a budget that isn’t too high.
  • Plenty of power. At 12,000 OPM and 2 amps, a motor can deliver good performance.
  • Dust collection is extremely efficient considering the price of this orbital-sander that is random.


  • Poor ergonomics. This type of machine can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome when the model is employed for prolonged periods of sanding.
  • Poor quality of construction. This sander was not made to last.

Find out more about Palm Sanders

What do Palm Sanders designed for?

They are usually less expensive than the larger sanders such as belt sanders or random orbital sanders. I’ve been sincere and stated that palm sanders are less expensive than bigger sanders. If you’re only beginning your journey the process, a lower cost will allow you to buy this tool at first.

The following step is to employ palm sanders to smooth the surface of the project. Random orbital sanders are slightly more aggressive and can remove paint as well as other substances. The quarter-sheet sander is employed with less grits. It can make your work ready to protect or stain coatings.

Palm sanders can be utilized to reduce time during the sanding phase of building. It is also possible to conserve energy through the motion of the sheets.

Quarter-Sheet vs Random Orbit Sanders

The Quarter-Sheet Palm Sander

The most fundamental kinds of sanders is the half-sheet. They are also one of the most affordable hand-held sanders and are therefore appealing for both novices and people on a tight budget.

A quarter-sheet model also has an benefit: they are simpler to manage. This lets you position the abrasive exactly where it is required to be to complete your job. They also work well on papers that have a 220 grit. This makes them ideal to finish your work prior to applying coatings or stains.

Random Orbit Sander

While they are more costly than quarter-sheet models due to their design however, random orbital sanders are nevertheless affordable. Random orbital sanders feature distinct movement patterns compared to their predecessors known as the orbital. This prevents swirling. They can remove more material than quarter-sheet designs, and can complete the job faster.

While the base oscillates slightly harder to manage, it produces less vibration. This makes the sanders user-friendly. They can’t handle paper grits less than 160, so they can be utilized in the process of stock preparation and finishing.

The Most Effective Palm Sander You Will Find

The five models we’ve examined stands out in particular areas. I believe that the Makita BO4556 2 amp finishing sander is my top palm sander.

It offers a comfortable grip for users. It allows you to hold the sander with ease and not be limited by an unnatural angle. The cushioning of Makita’s absorbs vibrations, that allows you to work with the sander for extended periods of time.

It is equipped with a good dust collection pathway. To minimize noise and vibrations the model is equipped with ball bearings. It is capable of producing 14,000 OPM at the maximum that will let you to sand more quickly than slower models.

It’s also more attractive due to its price in the middle. It won’t cost you a lot of money. budget, but it does reduce the cost of the material.