Best Roof Ladder Hooks

In simple terms, a roof ladder is a kind of ladder that is designed for slanted or steep roofs.  However, there’s one component that makes it special – these are the roof ladder hooks.  Without this element, it will just be an ordinary ladder.  

Our Top Picks For Best Roof Ladder Hooks

Qualcraft Ladder HookWerner 15-1 Roof Hook KitTie Down Engineering Roof Zone Ladder HookRoof Ridge Ladder Hook
LinkQualcraft Ladder Hook*Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit*Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone Ladder Hook*Roof Ridge Ladder Hook*
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Qualcraft Ladder Hook
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Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit
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Roof Ridge Ladder Hook
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Roof Ladder Hooks

If there is one accessory that you find very useful when cleaning gutters or climbing roofs, what would it be?  I know for sure that many of you will answer power tools, hammers, roof ladder hooks, which I agree with 100%.  But this article is just going to highlight the roof ladder hooks.  

Roof ladder hooks are perfect for those who regularly scramble on roofs without needing to purchase specialized ladders.  Just like any other product, these hooks come in different qualities, which is why you need to be wary of the roof ladder hooks that you’re going to buy.  Genuine hooks are simple to attach, while the tampered ones will take much of your effort.   

Product Reviews For Best Roof Ladder Hooks


Qualcraft Ladder Hook

Qualcraft Ladder Hook
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This is one of the premium brands of roof ladder hooks that are devised for various types of ladders.


  • Compatible with single-type and extension ladder.
  • It is equipped with wheels for the purpose of convenience.
  • It can be effortlessly attached between the top rungs of the ladder.
  • Its powder-coated steel material makes it very durable.
  • For safety purposes, they have been provided with wing nuts.


  • Cannot be used on wood shake roofing.
  • It is not ideal as well for roofs with ridge vents.


Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

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Also one of the roof ladder hooks’ top performer.  Although it already has a proven track record, it remains to be affordable.  It has simple design yet so reliable


  • It is compatible with a number of aluminum as well as fiberglass ladders.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.
  • The hooks can be tucked in if not being utilized, which saves a lot of space.  
  • It can be installed permanently on a roof ladder, which makes it probably one of the best choices among the roof ladder hooks.


  • Cannot be used on wood shake roofing.
  • It is not ideal as well for roofs with ridge vents.


Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone Ladder Hook

Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone Ladder Hook
Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone Ladder Hook                    

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These Roof Zone Ladder hooks display simplicity, but boast sturdiness and versatility.  They are easy to attach and do not pose any kind of damage to roof shingles.  


  • It has a T-bar with rubber grip that aims to give protection to metal roofs and shingles against damage.
  • Built with yellow zinc-plated steel that is of high quality.  
  • Ideal for single as well as extension ladders.  


  • The wheels have stability problem even if the wing nuts have been properly tightened.  
  • A bit expensive as compared to its competitors that bear the same features. 


Roof Ridge Ladder Hook

Roof Ridge Ladder Hook

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The Acro Building Systems roof ladder hooks is another elite option. It promises safety above all.


  • Ladder hook can be easily attached to a steep roof’s apex .
  • It is meant to collaborate with ladders that have round and “D” rungs.
  • It can hold a weight of up to 300 lbs.


  • The hook is somewhat difficult to tighten.
  • It has the tendency to glide.


Ladder’s Little Helper

Ladder's Little Helper
Ladder's Little Helper   Ladder's Little Helper   Ladder's Little Helper   Ladder's Little Helper   Ladder's Little Helper   Ladder's Little Helper   Ladder's Little Helper  
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The Ladder’s Little Helper is the most versatile roof ladder hook since it guarantees quality and likewise affordability. If you get to purchase a product like this, you’re sure to have hit 2 birds with 1 stone.


  • It is ideal for almost all types of ladders, 99% to be exact.
  • Its quality plastic component does not damage roof shingles and gutters.
  • Risks of accidents are reduced because of its anti-slip technology.


  • It may be the most versatile, but not necessarily the most durable.

What roof pitch angle suits a roof ladder?  

Roof ladders are used generally on roofs that have roof pitch angle of 25 to 45 degrees.  Before starting a project, check whether the roof can support both the ladder’s and the user’s weight. 

This is a very important thing to look at to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. You must understand that there are several roofing systems.  The polycarbonate and metal roof tiles are examples of sheet roofing materials that can’t surely bear too much weight.  

How Roof Ladder Hooks Function

Roof ladders hooks are not just an ordinary workshop tool.  They come with wheels that allow you to climb the ladder ‘til the ridge of the roof easy and fast without damaging the shingles.  

When you’re trying to position the ladder, the hook’s T-section must be evenly rested on the opposite side of the roof and not just on the edge.  

How to Attach the Roof Ladder Hooks

The process of attaching roof ladder hooks is plain and simple.  You just need to clamp the hooks onto the ladder using sizeable wing nuts and sturdy J bolts.  For your safety, make sure that every nut is well-secured but not overly tightened.  That’s it! Very simple!

Roof Ladder hooks are tailored for all roof pitch types.  Their large arcs are meant to keep you safe every time you move up the ladder.  

The material used in this ladder accessory is mostly alloy, which makes it light and effortless to handle.  This also gives better control of the ladder’s tip when maneuvering it at the top of the roof.  

Worried that the hooks might damage your roof?  Don’t be, as most hooks are equipped with caps that are made of soft rubber.  

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Factors that Will Dictate Why You Need Roof Ladder Hooks

When roof repairs are needed to be done and there are no contractors available to fix it, then you have no choice but to do it on your won.  Do-it-yourself projects are becoming a trend.  

Plumbing jobs, ceiling and floor repairs, window replacement, cleaning gutters, roof repairs, etc. are just some of the tasks that can now be easily done without the help of an expert.  

As for the cleaning of gutters and repairing roofs, your safety must be given full consideration.  And with this, you’ll be needing roof ladder hooks.

Another factor that also needs to be given importance is the pitch of the roof.  The roof refers to its steepness.  If it’s impossible for you to walk all over the place, then don’t do it because you’re safety will be at stake.  

So, how then can you protect yourself? Well, putting roof ladder hooks is the simplest way you can protect yourself.  

Another case where you’ll need the roof ladder hooks for your protection is when the roof surface is slippery.  If your roof has been covered with either moss or snow, for instance, then you’ll have to invest on ladder hooks.  

Types of  Roof Ladder Hooks

Roof ladder hooks come in various kinds.  Two determining factors that can help you decide on what ladder hooks to buy are their material and their weight.  

Captain Hook

It is called such because it similar to what Captain Hook has.  What’s nice about this type of hook is that it can be clinched away when it’s not needed. However, what’s not good about it is its sharp tip, which can cause damage to roof shingles.  

Having no wheels is another thing that makes this type unappealing.  It would be very difficult to control the ladder side by side and up and down without the wheels. 

Flat Steel Hook

This type of roof ladder hook has a steel component and is 6 inches in length.  It is far from damaging roof shingles as it lies securely flat on the roof’s top. However, they may not be ideal for all type of shingles, particularly wood shake shingles.   

Rubberized Ladder Hook

This type of ladder hook has a 6 to 8 inches round rod that is wrapped with soft rubber.  The rubber material serves as some kind of protection to the roof shingles.  

Features of Roof Ladder Hooks 


  • Steel: Generally, roof ladder hooks are steel-made, which makes them really robust.  Having this feature, it can hold out significant amount of weight and at the same time, secure the ladder in place.  
  • Aluminum: There are also a number of roof ridge ladder hooks that have been created using aluminum.  Though made from lightweight material, they still possess good quality and exceptional strength.     
  • Rubber or Plastic: The roof ladder hooks’ wheels are either made of solid rubber or arduous ABS plastic.  These materials, when rolled across roof shingles, don’t initiate damage.  


  • Roof ladder hooks typically weigh about 4.7 lbs. to 7 lbs.  
  • NOTE: When working, make sure to use the same type of ladder hook to maintain balance.  


  • Black, red and yellow are the primary colors of roof ladder hooks.  However, there are those that are coated with yellow zinc and burnished aluminum colors.  


  • Ladder Stabilizers: If you are worried about the roof ladder slipping or wobbling while working, a ladder stabilizer shall take away all uneasiness.  Before you hop on a ladder, it is first good to establish a stable foundation for your own safety.  
  • Extension Covers:  The end points of extension ladders usually have sharp edges, which is why you need to cover them to prevent yourself from getting cut.  

Accidents like this often happen when maneuvering a roof ladder, whether pushing the ladder up, or when turning it over. Having the right ladder accessories on hand is worth it.

If you’re looking for affordable yet very convenient-to-use ladder covers, try getting one from Louisville Ladder.  They have really soft ladder covers. 

  • Harness:  One of the things that you need to have is a safety harness.  All throughout the article, you have stumbled upon the word “safety” a number of times because it’s supposed to be your top priority.  

Walking on roofs is quite challenging, especially if you don’t have protective gears. Remember, you’re neither a superhero nor a god who can prevent accidents. So, buy a harness and protect yourself!

  • Tool Belt:  If you’re crawling up a ladder, your hands must both be free.  Meaning, you shouldn’t be holding anything.  Your hands should only be busy gripping the ladder.    

Prices of Roof Ladder Hooks

Low: Less expensive roof ladder hooks range from $50-$60 per set, or $25-$30 per piece.  These hooks are made from steel and a bit heavier than the others.

Average: These hooks cost about $30-$40 per piece, and they were made to last.

High: Expensive ladder hooks have price tags that range from $40 and up.  At this price, you will be guaranteed undamaged roof shingles because these hooks are covered with rubber.  

How to Use Roof Ladder Hooks

  • Attach the roof ladder hooks 2 rungs before the top of the ladder and use wing nuts to tighten them.  
  • When positioning the ladder with the ladder hooks, make sure that the wheels are in contact with the shingles.  Maneuvering will be quick and easy if the roof ladder is correctly laid down on the roof.  
  • Consider leaving some space between the roof ladder and the vents or chimneys so you will not have a problem turning it once positioned.  
  • Before proceeding with your work, pull the ladder to and fro just to make sure that the roof ladder hooks are well-secured.  
  • Always wear a harness, whether you’re pulling or retracting the roof ladder.  Always keep in mind – safety first!


Roof Ladder Hooks Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roof’s normal pitch?

There is actually no standard pitch for roofs.  However, most houses have 18 to 36-degree angles.  18-degree roofs are already classified as flat roofs, while 36-degree angled roofs are considered steep roofs.  

Is it safe to walk on a roof without using a roof ladder?

Consider the pitch of your roof before deciding on walking on it without roof ladders.  If you’ll be walking on a flat roof, which is usually 18 degrees, then there is little to 0% risk.  But if you’ll be climbing a steep roof, you better think twice of not using a roof ladder.

Can I step out of the roof ladder while working?

Definitely no.  If you do this, you’ll be putting your life in danger, especially if you’re working on steep roofs.  Most roof ladder hooks have wheels that can help you bring the roof ladder to your desired area.  Why not try maximizing its purpose



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