5 Top UK Satinwood & Eggshell Paints

Eggshell and satinwood paints fall between matt and high sheen, and provide a smooth finish to surfaces. The soft sheen gives an innovative twist to matt-like effects that are traditional and diminishes the gloss of gloss paint.

Eggshell and satinwood paints work well on woodwork, metal, and even on walls. They are available in a variety of designs and colors. We can assist you in choosing the best brand, colour, and formulation.

Our team of experts has evaluated and rated the best eggshell and satinwood paints available in the UK. Here are our top choices.

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Best Satinwood & Eggshell Paints UK Review & Comparison


Crown Quick Dry Satin

Crown Quick Dry Satin
Crown Quick Dry Satin                    

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Crown Quick Dry Satin, our top interior metal and wood paint is offered in the color Pure Brilliant White. The water-based paint dry to create a smooth satin finishand comes in Pure Brilliant White. It is suitable for use in any setting, enhancing the look of traditional and contemporary homes.

The paint is equipped with Breatheasy technology. Crown's unique Breatheasy symbol signifies that the paint is solvent-free , and is suitable for use in areas that have poor ventilation. This isn't our only feature we like about it.

The speedy drying time of the product is a further great benefit. It is re-usable in just six hours, and it can be dry in less than an hour. It may appear like a lot, however, most wood and metal paints require minimum of 12 hours between coats to dry.

It's also a fantastic color. Pure Brilliant White is a white colour that is quick drying and won't fade over time. The paint is dried to a smooth finish that is easy to clean off using an wet cloth. This helps to keep the look of your woodwork over an extended period of time.

While adhesion is great however, it is necessary to prepare wood and metal surfaces. Based on the porosity of the surface and the method of application the coverage can be as high as 16m2/litre. The manufacturer suggests applying the product using a brush. the product, however we have discovered that a roller can be equally efficient on large surfaces.


  • Breatheasy technology ensures that the paint is solvent-free to 99 percent. It is safe to use in closed or poorly ventilated spaces.
  • Pure Brilliant White dries to a semi-glossy look and stays white for a lengthy period. It is not prone to yellowing, which means your home will remain cleaner for longer.
  • The technology of Quick Dry ensures rapid results. It is re-usable within six hours, and the product's touch can be dry in just an hour.
  • The paint is highly rated with a coverage rate, up to 16m2/litre. Crown Quick Dry comes in 2.5L Tins.
  • The paint's viscosity is optimal, which makes it easy to apply using a roller or paintbrush. Certain sprayers for painting are compatible with this product.


  • If the product is applied over a darker shade the coverage will be less. It is possible to require three coats before you get satisfactory results.
  • The product is simple to apply and quickly dry onto the brush.

Eggshells made of oil-based paint for metal and wood interiors. This handy pack provides the best value for budget.

JOHNSTONES Trade Eggshell

JOHNSTONES Trade Eggshell

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Johnstone's Eggshell Paint is our top affordable solution. It has advantages and disadvantages, as with everything else, for a reasonable price. It is highly recommended by us since it is a great product with lots of positives and less negatives.

The paint is available in one color, Brilliant White, just as our top choice. The main difference between the two paints is the formulation. Johnstone's oil-based paint is designed for metal and wood for interior use. It is dry to give an exquisite silky finish that is tough and durable however, it's harmful.

Johnstone's Eggshell is not recommended to use in areas that are not well ventilated. The drying time is a different issue with this paint because it's like other oil-based paints. The paint is able to dry in about two hours, however, based on the conditions it is only able to be painted again after 16-24 hours.

Positively it is transparent and doesn't need an undercoat. It is not necessary to prime surfaces that are totally bare or are in poor condition. One coat of paint should suffice to completely cover the surface. One Liter of paint will cover 10 square meters.


  • Oil-based paints dry to give a long-lasting, durable, mid-sheen appearance. This gives a refined look to any setting. It is easy to clean dirt using a moist cloth.
  • Johnstone's Eggshell is suitable for interior and exterior metal. It doesn't need an undercoat. Priming is only required on surfaces that are not bare.
  • It is possible to finish your project faster if you have a good amount of coverage. For most surfaces, one coat should suffice. However, you might require a second coat.
  • This pack of convenience contains 1.25L of paint that is a fantastic price.


  • While brilliant white might appear stunning initially however, the paint may turn yellow with time.
  • This product isn't suitable to be used in enclosed spaces because of its high concentration of volatile organic chemicals.
  • The container for paint is constructed of a lightweight material that could be damaged during transport.

Water-based paints for wood and metal interiors. 20 colors to offer design versatility

Dulux Quick Dry Eggshell

Dulux Quick Dry Eggshell
Dulux Quick Dry Eggshell                    

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Another excellent silk-finish paint is the Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood. The water-based paint is virtually indestructible, and is suitable for use in any setting. It comes in 20 neutral and vibrant colors and doesn't need an undercoat. It also comes with an extremely fast drying formula that allows you to finish your task quickly.

The paint is easy to apply and simple to apply. It is applied using either a paintbrush or roller and is dry in less than two hours. If the weather is favorable, a new coat is applied in six hours.

If you make a lot of color changes, coverage can decrease. This is not a problem and it's not an issue. The only issue is that colors may dry to a darker shade than you would expect.

One liter of paint could provide up to 12m2/litre of the sense of coverage. It is possible to reduce the amount of waste and cost by buying the paint in 2.5L and 750ml Tins.

We also love the range of finishes. We chose satinwood. It is cured to give a soft, silky and mid-sheen look. There is also the option of choosing an eggshell with a low sheen or high-sheen gloss.


  • Dulux Quick Dry comes in twenty colors and three finishes. It's an interior paint that is applied on metal or wood.
  • Satinwood's formula is dry to a smooth mid-sheen which appears like silk. It is possible to remove the paint using an aqueous cloth.
  • When it is applied on previously painted surfaces, self-undercoating paint doesn't require an primer. Two coats are usually enough to cover the entire surface in the majority of cases.
  • One litre of paint could be used to cover 12m2 depending on the surface porosity, application method , and the porosity of the surface. Dulux Quick Dry comes in 250ml and 2.5L cans.
  • The formula made of water has very low VOCs and is scentless. It is suitable for use in closed zones.


  • It is possible to apply three coats in order to get full coverage when you're using darker shades.
  • It's not advised to apply water-based paint over oil-based paint. It is essential to take off the prior coat prior to redecorating.
  • The product isn't recommended to be used on radiators or other surfaces that are heated. If you've chosen an alternative shade to white, it could be challenging to locate a suitable shade to your radiators.

It’s suitable for metal and wood interiors It doesn’t require an undercoat, and has a an extremely fast drying time.

Dulux Trade Satinwood

Dulux Trade Satinwood

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Dulux Trade Satinwood is a blend of the stunning satin-sheen finish of Satinwood paint, and the convenience of oil-based metal or wood paint. This is a successful combination. This solvent-based paint will give you an extremely durable and hard coat that will endure repeated washes and improve the beauty of your home.

Dulux Trade is less versatile than its water-based counterpart in terms of colors, however it covers a larger area than the traditional Dulux Satinwood. While the Trade version is able to be used to cover up to 17m2/litre, it's only available in Pure Brilliant White.

The time to dry is an significant difference between this Satinwood paint as well as the one above. Trade Satinwood is fairly quick for solvent-based paints. It can take up to six hours for it to be dry, and the second coat is easily put on after 16-24 hours.

It can be applied on any surface that has been previously coated without the requirement to apply an undercoat. This lets you cut the cost and extend the duration of your project. Priming is not necessary for unfinished or damaged surfaces.

Like all solvent-based paints , is toxic and must be handled with caution. To prevent any adverse effects the paint is not recommended to use it in places that are not well ventilated.


  • Solvent-based paints can be used without the need of an undercoat on the majority of surfaces that have previously painted.
  • This product is perfect to be used on radiators as well as interior metal or wood. A litre of paint could be used to cover up 17m2.
  • Satinwood paint is washable frequently without discoloration.
  • It is possible to apply the product using a paintbrush or with a roller. The brushes are easily cleaned by using white spirit.


  • Dulux Trade Satinwood isn't suitable for usage in poorly ventilated or enclosed locations due to its high VOC content.
  • To completely cover dark hues it could take many coats. Because of the lengthy drying time, you may have to spread the work across several days.

High-quality acrylic paint for areas with high traffic. It’s easy to apply it using a sprayer paintbrush, or roller.

Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell

Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell
Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell   Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell   Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell   Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell           

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A paint with a soft sheen can be beneficial on wooden and wall surfaces which are located in highly-trafficked areas like bathrooms kitchens, hallways and stairwells. Leyland Trade Acrylic is water-based paint that can be used on ceilings, walls as well as wood.

The paint is available in 5-litre tubs and is 10 times stronger than silk or matt wall paint. The paint is available in three attractive colors and covers as much as 12m2/litre. It is durable and has an eggshell finish that's both soft and durable. It is easy to clean using an incredibly soft and damp cloth.

The paint is long-lasting and is suitable for indoor use in any room. It also withstands humidity. It can be painted within as little as four hours due to its fast drying formula. We also like that it works with all kinds of equipment, including sprayers.

Leyland's viscous, non-drip formula is ideal for ceilings and walls. Water-based paints can use in any setting even those with poor ventilation.


  • Leyland Trade Acrylic is water-based paint that is suitable for ceilings, walls and woodwork.
  • The eggshell surface is simple to clean using an abrasive cloth. This is a great product for areas with high traffic.
  • This paint is suitable to be used in all kinds of settings because it contains an extremely low amount of volatile organic compounds and low smell.
  • The product comes in five-liter tubs, and is available in three different colors. It is able to cover 17m2/liter.


  • The paint is able to be cleaned, but it cannot be washed. It can be used in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • It is possible to apply three coats of paint before you are happy with the outcome of massive colour changes.

You can pick from a range of modern and traditional colors using silk-finish paints. Think about the surface you’re planning to paint prior to deciding the color. White is the most popular color for wood and metal like doors, radiators, window frames and. They are also available in different shades.

There are several shades to choose from: light yellow, off-whites, cream, beige, and cream. Slate grey, a modern choice that is great with light grey walls is a very sought-after shade.

If walls are painted with contrasting or similar hues, magnolia ivory, as well as blush pink are excellent options.

Green and brown are timeless options. They work great in traditional or rustic interiors. Yellow and bright blue are great options for coastal homes. Blue is a great complement to white walls, while yellow is a great match with emerald or navy.

Eggshell paint can be used to paint walls. Pick the color that will be the most noticeable within the space. It can be paired with the decor of your home.

If your space is tiny or was decorated in a traditional manner it is possible to choose a neutral hue to paint the space. You can pick from light greys, ivory, cream, and silver as modern options.

Modern homes are often adorned with bright colors like chartreuse or purple. These shades can be combined with neutral shades to lessen the intensity. Turquoise is another color that is popular is a great match for gold, browns and reds.

How to use Satinwood Paint

Materials for painting with Satinwood

  • Satinwood paint
  • Primer
  • Tapes of painters
  • Drop the cloth
  • Sandpaper

Painting Tools

  • Paintbrushes
  • Roller
  • Putty knife
  • Stepladder

Decorating Tips

Step 1. Make sure the surface is prepared

Whatever you’re painting woodwork or metal A thorough preparation of the surface is essential for the longevity and success of your work. It’s not necessary to prepare the surface. Most of the time it is sufficient to wash it thoroughly.

Examine the condition of the previous paint, if the surface has been previously coated. Remove any flaking or peeling paint and smooth the surface by using sandpaper. Utilize a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any dust, and then clean the surface using degreaser. Prior to proceeding to finish, allow the surface to dry completely.

After the surface is dry and the surface is sealed, you can seal any areas that have not been painted using painter’s tape. To prevent damage from drips you can lay a piece of cloth on the floor.

Step 2. Make sure the surface is primed

Certain metal or wood paints don’t require an undercoat if they’re applied to previously painted surfaces. It is possible to bypass the next step if that’s the situation.

Priming is required in the event that the surface isn’t yet ready. Choose a product specifically designed for metal or wood, and follow the directions.

Let the primer dry and cure it according to the instructions. It usually takes minimum of 24 hours.

Step 3. Paint the surface

The surface you paint will influence the way you are painting. Paint tiny surfaces such as windows using the brush. After you have soaked the paintbrush in the water, clean off any paint that has accumulated and after that, apply the paint top-to-bottom with an even, steady motion.

By firmly moving your frame apply paint to the horizontal edges of the frame. Prior to applying the second coat, allow to dry the previous coat according to instructions.

Begin at the edges of doors and other big surfaces. Paint an even trim around the edges. Make use of a roller instead the paintbrush to apply a coat to the rest of the surface. Let the paint dry before applying another coat, if required.

For the best results, apply in sections of small size at the same time. It will guarantee that the coating is evenly applied and is applied in a thin layer. Be sure to clean any drips prior to moving onto the next section. Repeat the process until the entire surface has been coated.

Once the work is done After the work is completed, let the paint fully dry and cure as per the instructions. Don’t close doors or windows until the paint is completely dry.


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