5 Best UK Fence Paints

Garden fences aren’t simply a line of separation between your home and the outside world, as well as your backyard. It’s the first thing your guests be able to see. The fence should be decorative and secure. It must also be a part of the landscaping of your yard.

Wooden fencing is a popular option for homeowners. The warm and inviting look of timber fencing is informal, and flexible. It can be painted in any color that complements your landscape or expresses your personal style. What are the qualities of the most effective paint for fencing in your garden?

These are the most crucial aspects. There are other aspects to take into consideration. Our experts have tried and rated several fence paints and our top choices.

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Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem

Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem
Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem   Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem   Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem   Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem   Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem   Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem   Cuprinol CUPGSDG1L 1 Litre Garden Shades Paint - Dusky Gem  

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Cuprinol is known for producing a lot of garden paints. Their products are used by people living in different parts of the US and the UK.

The paint promise to provide value for its price. It is very suitable to paint outdoor wood as well as other properly primed surfaces. The product dries to a matt finish that improves the natural grain of the wood.

It is available in a huge variety of colours giving you the opportunity to select your favourite one.

Quick Facts:

  • Coverage Smooth surface planed wood – 1L covers up to 10-12m²
  • Coverage Rough sawn wood - 3-5m²
  • Spray: 2-3m²Coat time - 8 hours
  • Drying - Touch dry in 1 hour
  • Allow a few days before heavy use or contact with soft furnishings

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care Paint

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care Paint

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Cuprinol less mess Fence Car is our number one option and the most popular product. It provides years of protection to all wood structures that are exposed to the elements and harsh weather. It is only necessary to paint your home or shed after it has reached the maximum amount of coverage.

The viscous consistency of this product makes it easy to apply effortless application using either a brush or rolling pin. It isn't suitable for use with paint guns. It offers a small coverage of just 6m2/litre.

Although the project is slightly more costly however, we are still impressed with its performance and reliability.

This product was specifically developed for rough sawn wood however, it can also be used in conjunction with the smooth-planed alternatives. The Less Mess Fence maintenance is a versatile product.

The fast drying formula allows it to be showerproof in less than one hour. If you're looking to be prepared to face any British weather it is an important characteristic to be looking for in paint for your exterior.


  • Water-based, non-toxic formulation is suitable for pet as well as plants. It is virtually odorless.
  • Specially-formulated pigments can be dried to produce attractive, vibrant shades. The product comes in five contemporary shades.
  • It is dry in under an hour and can be showerproof for up to four hours.
  • The paint dries matte that hides imperfections on the surface.
  • A paint tub will cover 30m2, based on the type of wood and porosity. The paint is available in tubs of 6L.


  • Although it can reduce the chance of mess-ups, a the viscous consistency makes it hard to use. Brush strokes are not uncommon.
  • The coverage of low levels can be less for certain kinds of wood, such as smooth-planed or smooth-edged surfaces.

Exterior surfaces are shielded with rough painted sawn wood. This is the ideal choice for those who are for a budget.

Ronseal One Coat Fence Life

Ronseal One Coat Fence Life

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Ronseal is the best option if your budget doesn't allow for an expensive product however, you'll need an effective solution for your shed or summerhouse. Ronseal's One Coat Fence Life paint has distinct features and is cost-effective.

The most prominent feature of this product is its fast-drying formula that is perfect for those who wants to speedily remodel their outdoor timber.

The modern matt finish is enhanced by six gorgeous shades. The power of coverage is more than sufficient.

The name of the product is the most reliable indicator of its capability to be used for covering. A single coat is typically be sufficient to produce acceptable results. For those with difficult areas which require a second coat, the product's rapid drying time can be helpful.

The paint can be applied by brush or sprayed, and is simple to apply. It is water-based formulation that can be either positive or negative, based on the requirements of your.


  • The formula is durable and is suitable for rough-sawn wood surfaces, such as fences, sheds, log homes, etc.
  • Fence Life repels water within two hours and 100% waterproof once completely dry.
  • The bright colours are UV-resistant and rarely suffer from discoloration. They also shield wood from the harmful UV radiations.
  • A wood paint that has a high coverage power is an excellent option. If used in accordance with the instructions Fence Life is able to cover up to 6 square meters. The plane timber surfaces offer less coverage.
  • Use paint that is non-toxic around pets, children and plants.


  • Water-based products are less durable than solvent-based ones and cannot be used on surfaces that are smooth or decking.

The wood paint is strong and is able to withstand all kinds of weather.

Ronseal Fence Life Plus

Ronseal Fence Life Plus

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Ronseal Fence Life Plus is an easy-to-maintain paint. The paint can be applied on smooth-planed and rough-sawn timber surfaces. The paint can be applied on anything from fences and sheds to garden furniture, trellisses and even trellises.

It's easy to apply and can cover 6 square meters. The paint can be applied with two coats on rough-sawn lumber or three coats on smooth-planed lumber. It's durable and can last for up to five years.

This product is ideal for all weather conditions. The application time is less than one hour, and it will make you shower-proof. It is recommended to apply it on a sunny day however, it's not a problem whether it rains while applying. It sticks to damp and dry woods, and it has an opaque surface.

We also love the range of shades. The palette comes in modern and traditional shades that will suit any taste. It is possible to apply the product with a brush or sprayer for quicker results.

We are not a fan of the texture of the paint. The paint is extremely fluid and can cause a lot of mess. This product is ideal for those who are comfortable handling drips of paint.


  • In every style of landscape it is possible to mix and match 15 traditional and modern shades.
  • The product can be applied on smooth-planed and rough-sawn wood. To ensure perfect coverage two to three coats are usually enough.
  • The paint covers up to 6m2/litre, and is weatherproof. Within just one hour, it's waterproof in the shower.
  • The majority of garden timber is protected for up to 5 years. Ideal for fences and sheds.
  • The sticky formula on damp wood and get amazing results.


  • The paint is slippery and challenging to use. When you're done, be sure you clean the debris.
  • As with many paints, colors can vary and dry with a distinct color.

Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection

Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection
Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection   Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection   Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection   Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection   Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection   Bird Brand, Shed & Fence One Coat Protection     

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Bird Brand Shed & Fence Paint is an excellent option if you're yearning to make a change however your budget says to put off. It is simple to apply with the paintbrush, a sprayer, or even a roller. It promises to fix all imperfections in one coat.

This is generally accurate. The paint is watery and thin and requires multiple coats if you want to create large color changes. It is nevertheless inexpensive. The coverage is also a concern with 5m2/litre. We do not recommend spraying using the sprayer.

It is a water-based product and safe for pets, children and even plants. Shed & Fence touch is waterproof after just one hour and is dry in less than 30 minutes. It can also take another coat within 2 hours, if needed.

The product is available in 5L tubs and is a source of oxide pigments that stick well to paint. Shed & Fence will not crack or peel when applied over creosote or other treatment. The durability of the product isn't great. The material will begin peeling after about a year of exposure to the elements, sun and wear and tear from everyday use.


  • One Coat Protection paint can be used to paint fences, sheds, and other wooden surfaces in the garden. It can be applied using sprayers, paintbrushes, or roller.
  • After drying for 30 minutes the product will turn water-resistant.
  • A single coat of 5L tub can cover seven fence panels that measure 6x6ft in dimensions.
  • Seven colors are versatile and are able to be combined with traditional or contemporary settings.


  • If you notice any significant changes in colour It is suggested to apply at least two coats of paint to wood that has been treated previously.
  • Paint may dry quicker than the time shown.
  • Smooth timber can require several coats. The material is thin and is watery.

All garden timbers are secured with this fast drying formula. It is ideal for fences, sheds, and furniture for the garden.

While picking the perfect shade for your fence may appear easy, it can be a challenge. The color should be a match to the landscape you live in and not only your personal preferences. The colour of your fence must be harmonious with the roof.

Take into consideration the colour of the other wood surfaces in your garden like the decking and shed, when choosing the color of your fence. Choose a similar or complementary color to create a trendy look.

If you’re not living in a rustic home natural wood isn’t the optimal option. Natural wood’s lighter tone creates the appearance of a completed garden.

White is among the most popular colors and modern shades include more striking and bold shades.

Blue is a color that energizes and brings life. It’s the color of the sea and is a great choice for coastal settings. In contemporary and sophisticated environments, you can pick from a range of greys, and neutral colors like beige or cream. Off-whites are great for garden designs that are shabby chic and work well with any tones.

It is possible to paint your fence with darker shades in case you like brown. This can enhance the beauty and natural appeal of the wood. These colors are very popular in rustic settings and can be mixed and matched to almost any landscape.

Black is a striking option. The black color, which can be matte or sheen is a striking choice in modern gardens. Also, it looks classy in a sophisticated garden.

How to Paint a Fence

Materials for Fence Painting

  • Paint for fences
  • Sandpaper

Tools for Painting a Fence

  • Paintbrushes
  • Roller
  • Paint spray
  • Wire brush

Decorating Tips

Step 1. Make sure the surface is prepared

Similar to any regular painting task, the success of your job is contingent on the proper preparation of the surface.

Fences that are brand new and unfinished requires only a little preparation. All you need to do is ensure that it is clean and dry.

It is recommended to clean any paint that was previously applied to surfaces and then smooth it out using wire brushes or sandpaper. This allows the new product to penetrate the wood and eliminate any peels or flakes from the old paint.

Before proceeding to the next stage, you must clean any dust with a clean cloth.

Step 2. Paint the fence

The majority of timber paints are applied using the use of a roller or paintbrush. The roller is the most effective combination of the paintbrush and the roller. It allows you to finish your project quickly and not waste the paint too much. It’s up to the individual to choose which one is the best for them.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for applying the paint according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Once it is dry it is possible to apply another coat. Allow the paint to dry for at the least 12 hours prior to applying the final coat to the fence. Do not paint when it’s wet or cold to get the best results.

It is essential to allow the fence to dry out after rain. In the event that it doesn’t, the outcome may be quite poor.


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