5 Top Garage Floor Paints available in the UK

Garages are not simply a space to store your car. They could also serve as an extension of your house. However, the majority of homeowners pay little focus on their garage. A lot of garage renovations include painting the door and white walls.

Garages don’t need to be dull. You can change the look of your garage by altering the flooring. A few coats of floor paint is all you need to revive your garage.

Two essential qualities are needed for paints for garage floors for durability and resistance. It isn’t easy to choose the best product. Our team of experts has examined a variety of products available in the UK market and have rated them. Here are our top choices.

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Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint

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Leyland Trade is a leading UK paint brand. The paint is known for its amazing floor finish. The paint is suitable in areas that have medium traffic, such as garages, and provides an extremely long-lasting finish to concrete, wood and steel.

The product is strong and long-lasting, and comes with an attractive satin finish that can repel grease, water and other chemical.

The paint is composed of polyurethane-alkyd rubbers that is able to withstand spills and repeated cleanings. This paint is ideal for use inside in areas exposed to pedestrians and cars with a light to medium foot.

We were extremely impressed with the simplicity of application as well as the coverage. The floor paint is an incredible viscosity. We suggest using a 12 inch solvent-resistant sleeve for application to achieve rapid and satisfactory outcomes.


  • Leyland Trade Floor Paint comes in 5L tubs. A bucket can be enough to cover a large distance. One Liter of paint covers around 11 square meters.
  • Satin finish brings beauty to dark spaces. You can pick from seven pre-mixed shades.
  • Superb covering power. For a satisfactory result it is only necessary to apply two coats.
  • Solvent-based paints take an extended duration to dry. The paint is re-coated in less than 12 hours.


  • Alkyd-based paints contain a high amount of volatile organic compounds, making them unsuitable for use within enclosed areas.

An affordable way to renew the concrete flooring within your garage.

Everbuild Premium Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer

Everbuild Premium Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer
Everbuild Premium Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer                    
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While the process of painting garage floors is costly, there are times when it is just a matter of giving the concrete floor coating with a high-quality hardener or dust-proofer. The Everbuild is a top-quality, low-cost product we were motivated to apply.

Concrete hardener is similar in appearance to varnish, however it's composed of high-quality silicate resins. Silicates react with concrete lime, creating an extremely durable surface. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors on concrete flooring.

Everbuild hardener is simple to apply using the help of a paint sprayer or brush. It can cover up to 5m2/litre and then dries into transparent, shiny films.

It is recommended to apply two coats, with a minimum of 24 hours between each. To get rid of any material that has not been reacted clean the area with cold water.


  • A concrete hardener that is fast-acting leaves behind a surface that stops the formation of dust and efflorescence.
  • The concrete hardener you see here is a scarce product compared to the other ones. Concrete hardener is available in five-litre and 2.5L cans.
  • While the clear liquid will not alter the colour of the floor however, it will alter the appearance. Concrete will appear glossy.


  • It takes 24 hours for products to dry under ideal conditions. But drying products in areas that are not well ventilated may take longer.
  • After the product has cured it is impossible to get rid of the surface. This could cause issues if the product was accidentally spraying on surfaces are not intended to treat.
  • The material is not able to be painted over.

Garage floors made of concrete and stone can be painted with an advanced, technologically-advanced paint.

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

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One of the most well-known products we tested included Diamond Hard garage floor paint by Ronseal. The paint is able to seal concrete dust, and creates an easy to clean and durable surface. It is able to withstand moderate and light traffic and also a range of harmful chemicals.

The product is indestructible to brake fluid, motor oil, engine cleaners, diesel, sum oil and power steering oil and many other chemicals.

It is perfect for use in the interior of stone or concrete garage doors. It is available in four colors and is able to dry quickly for an extremely durable appearance.

It is available in two sizes, 2.5L and 5.25L. It can be applied using either a roller or brush. Due to the consistency of paint it is not advised to apply it using sprayers.

The product is made from the most advanced technology, including Ronseal's Diamond Hard agent. It is simple to apply and is able to be coated again in about 6 hours.


  • Due to the low amount of VOCs in it, acrylic paints made of water is suitable for use in all environments. This paint is designed to be used only in interior spaces.
  • Diamond Hard paint is able to cover up to 12m2/litre, depending on the porosity of the surface. While it is recommended to apply three coats of the Diamond Hard paint however, we were able get satisfactory results using only two coats.
  • The paint for garage floors dries within 72 hours. It is able to be retouched within two hours, and then re-coated within six hours.
  • The Diamond Hard formula provides a superior degree of protection and offers a long-lasting protection against oil spills dirt, grease, and dirt.
  • It is simple to clean your equipment using soapy water. Paint can be cleaned with floor cleaners.


  • Paint is less durable to solvent-based paints and it is able to be lifted by hot tires. It is more suitable to be used garages that are being utilized for different purposes.

Polyurethane paints are great for industrial and residential applications.

TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint

TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint
TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint   TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint   TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint   TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint   TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint   TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint   TA Paints Non Slip Floor Paint  

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T.A.'s Fast Drying Floor Paint is available in a range of colors. Another product that has surprising properties is paints. While it's advertised as an concrete floor coating it can be applied to various surfaces, including metal, wood, brick and even stone.

Quick Drying, which is an emulsion of polyurethane, can be applied using the help of a roller or brush to create a protective layer that resists chemical attack and also seals dust.

The touch of the product can dry in around two hours and be coated again in just 12 hours under the ideal conditions.

We also appreciate the flexibility of the colors. The brand offers a wide variety of colors, including 27 contemporary tones. The paint is highly well-pigmented and gives a stunning smooth, elegant look.


  • Simple to use High-quality, durable, and high-end paint that is painted directly from the Tin. There is no catalyst or primer needed.
  • Versatile purchase options. It is available in Tins that are 1L, 2.5L and 5L. It can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces.
  • A great coverage for polyurethane paint. Two coats will suffice to get good results.
  • T.A. Paints provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with this product. If you are not satisfactory, you can get in touch with the manufacturer.


  • If the mixture is not stirred thoroughly before and when it is used, it could cause drying and colour issues.
  • The product isn't suitable for floors made of concrete that are brand new. It is recommended to allow it to dry for a minimum of 3 to 5 months prior to the time applying it.

Special floor paint that is resistant to spills of grease and oil

Johnstone’s Garage Floor Paint

Johnstone's Garage Floor Paint
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Johnstone's is known for its top-quality paints with a reasonable price. But the garage floor paint is unique. While the paint is among the priciest however, the quality of the paint is worth the price.

This paint is great for concrete floors, however it is also a great paint to use on cement tiles, stone or brickwork, as well as other surfaces such as tiles or stones, cement tiles, or brickwork. It is flawless with a semi-gloss finish that resists oil spills.

The paint for garage floors is an oil-based. It creates an outer layer of protection that seals concrete dust and wards off hot tyres and pickups. It can be applied using the use of a roller or brush and is able to endure repeated cleaning.

The time to dry is one of the issues for this paint. It can last about 36 hours to dry before the surface is re-coated. If you have to finish the job quickly the paint may not be the ideal option. The benefits are worth the effort however.


  • The oil-based paint is able to be used to cover up to 10m2/litre. Paint comes in three sizes: 250ml, 2.5L and 750ml.
  • Five modern grey shades with the most popular Dark Grey, ensure colour flexibility.
  • This is an excellent location to make improvements to a variety of surfaces, such as tiles and bricks.
  • The semi-gloss shields the surface from physical and chemical agents. This finish is ideal for areas with moderate traffic.


  • The high concentration of organic volatile chemicals makes it unsuitable to be used in enclosed spaces. Many users have reported adverse reactions to the toxic gaseous substances.
  • The colors dry a bit less than what was expected. It's not a problem, however it can be irritating.
  • The floor paint requires an extended time to dry. While the floor is able to be re-coated within 16 hours, it's usually longer-lasting.

Concrete garage floors are very common and epoxy-based paints are the best choice. Grey is a well-known color and is usually chosen since it’s practical. It’s not the only color you can choose.

With great success bright blue is replacing the traditional grey, and brings brightness to dark environments. Another color worth considering is green. Garages that double up as a workshop might be more appealing with a darker hue of green.

Red is a vibrant color. It can be combined with black to create an edging or a square. It is also possible to recreate an industrial garage floor with the same colors, simply to have amusement.

Garages that are industrial are also famous for their distinctive color scheme of black and yellow. The garage you choose will be distinctive by having a the chessboard painted with black and white or Ferrari red walls.

It is possible to pair the grey with yellow or red in case you don’t want to completely disappear. Combining grey with electric blue is an excellent idea, however it’s best to a garage that is large.

Floor paint that is long-lasting and is able to withstand spills and frequent cleaning.

How To Paint A Flooring For Garages


  • Garage floor paint
  • Primer
  • Concrete etcher
  • Bleach
  • Muriatic acid    

Decorating Guide

Step 1. Clean the garage floor

You can let the sawdust on your floors for up to 2 days and then clean it up with the Broom.

Allow the concrete cleaner to sit for around 30 minutes. Then pour boiling water over the stain. Rub the area with a an broom with a stiff-brimmed. Make use of a pressure washer to remove stubborn stains from the floor. Baking soda can neutralize the acid, and then wash with clean water.

It is possible to remove rust-colored staining with a solution of 30g sodium triphosphate and four litres of water.

Allow the solution to sit for 15 minutes prior to wash it off.

Step 2. Repair the floor

Make use of a vacuum cleaner to tidy the space.

Step 3 – Moisture and Etching Test

Two major factors that can stop paint or a new sealant from forming a bond with the floor are excessive moisture as well as a floor that was previously sealed. It is possible to avoid any unexpected issues by conducting a moisture and testing for etching.

To check for moisture to determine if there is moisture, cut a 1m2 square of plastic sheet and set it on the garage floor. It should be left for at least a full day to determine if the floor is saturated with water. If it has it, you’ll require an anti-damp treatment prior to applying the primer to the floor.

To determine if the floor was sealed before, an test of etching will be conducted. A floor that is not finished could absorb sealants or paint and could require to be etched prior to the process of priming.

Pour the water on the floor and see whether it soaks. It is possible to proceed with primer in the event that it does. If it does not, then you should proceed using the primer.

Before proceeding to the next step, allow the floor air dry for a few hours.

Step 4 – Finish the surface

To prepare the garage floor you could apply a floor primer (or an adhesive for concrete). The concrete dust is sealed using the sealant for concrete. This improves the adhesion of the paint on floors that are damp.

Follow the directions of the manufacturer on how to apply the product. Be sure to select the sealant that is able to be painted over.

Let the surface dry for a minimum of eight hours. We suggest that you allow 24 hours to ensure that all surfaces are dry.

Step 5 – Paint the garage floor

It is recommended to select garage floor paint that is specifically developed for. Floor paints that are generic aren’t made to withstand the rigors of car traffic and may be damaged through hot tyres. Solvent-based paints are also more durable than water-based ones.

It is the easiest way to paint your floor starting from the edges. Begin at the edges using the nylon brush. Then, you can change to a lint-free all-purpose roller for applying an even layer of paint to the rest of the floor.

Garage floor paints typically require two coats. Based on the type of paint drying time may vary from 6 and 18 hours. Our experts suggest waiting 24 hours before applying your second coat.

Keep going and when you are happy with the result, allow the paint dry for at least 24 hours. Let the paint fully dry for at least a week prior to driving your vehicle over it.


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