5 Best UK Kitchen Cupboard Paints

It’s expensive to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to refresh your kitchen, without the need to redesign the entire kitchen.

You can change the look of the cabinets in your kitchen with paint without spending a lot of money.

Only the highest-quality paints specifically made specifically for kitchen cabinets will provide you with a flawless look. There are a variety of paints available, but what do you choose which one is the best?

It is important to consider the material of your cabinets and their finishes, as well as the type of paint used and the quality of the paint when selecting the best paint.

Our team of experts evaluated and rated the best paints for kitchen cabinets in the UK to help you select the best product. Here are our top choices and our opinions.

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    Painter’s Touch from Rust-Oleum is available in stunning colors and is extremely simple to use. It’s also among the most flexible and well-loved kitchen cabinet paints that are available. It is a great way to embellish and protect your kitchen cabinets. It is possible to select between retro-gloss, satin or matte finishes.

    The paint is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It’s compatible with wood, metal, and ceramic. Paint can be used to paint furniture, kitchen cabinets frames, vases, frames and door trims.

    We tested Gloss White out of all the finishes and colors. It’s a great option for traditional and modern kitchens. It was simple to use and dried quickly. The paint can be touched dry in just 20 minutes, and can be used again within an hour. It can also be dried in 24 hours.

    While the paint is remarkable however, it has certain limitations. It can only cover about 2m2/litre, based on the porosity of the surface. One coat may be sufficient when it’s placed over a primer or similar color.

    The spray aerosol is simple to use, even though it is. It is available in bottles of 400ml and typically requires two to three tubes to achieve acceptable outcomes. Although it is expensive but it’s worth it in the long run.


    • Painter’s Touch is available in 42 colors in a range of finishes that will match with the various kitchen styles. Painter’s Touch is multi-purpose and can be used on a variety of surfaces.
    • The paint is of high-quality and quick drying. It is able to dry to give a long-lasting smooth and even look. It lasts for a long time and requires minimal maintenance.
    • Painter’s Touch is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is able to paint cabinets, doors, fences, railings and other fencing and other metal, wood or ceramic objects.
    • Spray paint is applied quickly and effortlessly by using a steady, slow motion. To ensure consistency you should hold the can approximately 30 centimeters away from the wall.
    • Paint touch can be reused within a single hour, and it can dry in just 20 minutes. Let it dry at least for 24 hours prior to you get too close to it.


    • The paint is available in 400ml bottles. It is able to cover up to 2m2/litre based on the surface’s profile and porosity.
    • Solvent-based paints can be toxic and can be flammable. Beware of fire hazards and ventilate the area thoroughly.

    A chalky paint for furniture in five vibrant colors is a budget-friendly option.




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    Rust-Oleum’s paint for furniture is an excellent alternative to paints above. It is designed to be used in interior spaces and comes with an water-based formulation. It is also utilized in areas that have poor ventilation.

    Chalky Finish paint is environmentally friendly however this is just one of the many advantages. It doesn’t require preparation or sanding, and is easy to apply straight from the tin without needing extensive preparation of the surface.

    Chalky Finish is available in 125ml and 750ml tins. The paint is ideal for covering vast areas. A single coat of paint could be used to cover up to 14m2. A litre of paint will provide approximately 14 square meters.

    The paint can be applied using a roller or brush or sprayer. Sprayers are the most efficient way to apply paint, however, it is dirty and inefficient. This is not recommended if you need quick results or wish to boost the power of coverage.


    • The variety of colors can be used to create a variety of looks. Mix and match various hues to create a contemporary or distressed look. There are 31 shades to pick from.
    • A smooth, flat finish is contemporary and appealing. The chalky paint is able to dry to a velvety, ultra-matt appearance.
    • Paint for furniture in the interior can be applied to various surfaces. It can be applied to skirting boards and woodwork to enhance the look of your home.
    • The product is able to be thinned to attain the desired consistency, and is compatible with a variety of types of substrates, including ceramic and glass.


    • The paint may also cause color inconsistencies. In some cases, the color may be lighter or darker than you anticipated.
    • The matt finish paint is not scratch resistant. It is possible to protect the paint using the use of sealers or wax.
    • Due to the consistency, it’s normal to have leftover brush strokes.




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    Melamine and MDF are two popular materials used in kitchen cabinets. These two kitchen cabinet materials are inexpensive and extremely attractive. Melamine and MDF are less durable than hardwoods and require more care. Additionally, they require more time to paint.

    It was easy to make changes to kitchen cabinets made of melamine with Ronseal One Coat paint, that is specially designed specifically for cabinets made of melamine. The paint can cover up to 8m2/litre and may be dried in about two hours.

    The only way to prepare is sanding. It is well-adhered to MDF and melamine with no the need for priming. It is safe for use on cupboards, doors furniture, as well as other surfaces.

    A single coat of paint will typically suffice to give an attractive, smooth appearance. It can also be cleaned easily. This paint is perfect for areas with high traffic and is long-lasting and impervious to stains and scratches.

    The product gives a stunning look and is easy to apply using the help of a paintbrush. We do not like the formula that is based on solvents. The product is poisonous and flammable , so be cautious about where you put it and how you use it.


    • The product is well-adhered to surfaces that are not bare and is specifically designed to be used on MDF and melamine products.
    • Ronseal One Coat, which is durable and tough ideal for areas that are subject to regular use. The paint is washable and scratch resistant.
    • It is a great option for numerous objects, not only on cabinets. It is suitable for use on furniture, doors as well as other MDF or Melamine surfaces.


    • Solvent-based paints can be toxic and can be flammable. Avoid using solvent-based paint in areas that have inadequate ventilation or near fire hazards.
    • It can be difficult to wash brushes using a the consistency of a creamy substance. This is why it is necessary to make use of white spirit.
    • Inconsistency in color is a frequent issue. It is also costly.

    A gorgeous wood sheen varnish that can bring back old furniture made of wood.




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    Dulux Wood Sheen is an item which will bring back the natural hue of your kitchen cabinets made of wood. It is of high-end quality and functions as an oil stain and varnish for wood. The varnish offers exterior and interior protection.

    The water-based varnish comes in eight appealing shades. It is applied using a paintbrush to give a smooth, sheen-like finish that is tough but simple to wash. Wood Sheen is a durable protection that holds the color of the wood and shields it from everyday wear and wear and tear.

    The product is stylish and stunning, with amazing coverage. Two coats are needed for a perfect appearance. With the coverage of 20m2/litre, a standard size of 750ml Tin can be used to cover all kitchen cabinets. The fast drying formula simplifies the whole process.

    We also love the formula that is water-based. It’s easy to take the varnish off brushes and then thin it down if needed. It is safe and non-toxic to use in areas that are enclosed. We aren’t a fan of the fact that it may dry differently than you think.


    • The varnish and wood stain are combined all in one. It is water-based, which makes it safe for use in enclosed spaces.
    • The varnish is suitable to be used for both exterior and interior uses. It’s ideal to apply to wooden kitchen cabinets doors, furniture, furniture and so on.
    • The beautiful sheen finish is simple to keep and is resistant to wear and tear. Make use of a damp cloth to wipe the surface.
    • A specific formula that locks the color in the wood, creating a strong protection to protect against elements.
    • You can complete your task quickly using a quick-drying varnish. The product comes in eight colors and covers up to 20m2/litre.


    • It could require two coats to achieve satisfactory results on certain surfaces, dependent on the color.




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    Johnstone’s Revive was a remarkable product both in terms of price and in quality. The chalky paint for furniture comes in five modern, yet traditional colors and is suitable for kitchen cabinets. It blends seamlessly with any style. The chalky paint has been specially designed to cover a wide range of surfaces without any preparation.

    Shabby chic colors look fantastic in modern and traditional interiors. The tough and scratch-resistant finish also stain – and stain-resistant.

    Johnstone’s provides protection for the surface of buckets. Finishing waxes are also offered in the same line of products to safeguard the finish. The paint is intended to be used on furniture, but it is also able to be applied on different wooden surfaces. It’s simple to apply and gives an excellent coverage.

    We suggest using a roller for applying the product. The results are more consistent using brushes.

    We are awestruck by the coverage. A litre can cover 12 square meters. The formula that is water-based makes it simple to thin the paint.

    Paint may dry to a lighter or darker color than you anticipated. This is a problem most paints face however it can be a real pain.


    • It’s easy to change your furniture and cabinets by following this easy formula. Make use of a roller for the most effective results.
    • It is possible to finish your work quickly due to the speedy drying. Paint touch can be painted within 30 minutes.
    • Johnstone’s Revive comes in five shabby chic colors that can be incorporated into any kitchen. The chalky finish is resistant to scratching and staining.
    • Paint is able to be used to cover up to 12m2/litre. It’s non-toxic. Paint is suitable for indoor use or in areas with poor ventilation.


    • Sometimes, different colors can dry in different containers. This isn’t an issue, if you need to use several tins with the same color Mix them prior to decorating.
    • While the chalky formulation is more difficult to apply than emulsion, it’s simple to apply.

    Paints made of water that are safe for the environment and eco-friendly offer exceptional coverage in only one coat.

    It’s not only about personal preference. While the color must reflect your personal style and personality the interior design as well as the design of your cabinet will affect the style.

    The best way to go is let the style of your kitchen determine your choices. Pick classic, traditional colors when the cabinets have an old-fashioned style. White is timeless but there are a variety of modern options. The most popular colors for kitchen cabinets that are suitable for traditional kitchens are ivory, light grey, and stone.

    You can create a vibrant kitchen designs by adding color highlights in your kitchen. It is possible to give your kitchen a an individual look by using lighting fixtures as well as appliances, hardware, and countertops that are bold or in contrast colors.

    The retro kitchen furniture looks fantastic with bright reds and fluorescent shades. Chartreuse, bright greens yellows and even purples can make your kitchen more interesting.

    There are a variety of color choices that are available for contemporary designs. It’s easy to mix neutral hues in any style. For a modern or industrial kitchen, deep greys, dark rust, and copper are excellent choices. To add a bit of class go with quartz countertops that match shades or natural stone.

    Shabby stylish kitchen cabinets are combined with light, stone, or even pearl pink. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are fashionable in black, particularly when they are finished with an abrasive finish.

    Multi-colored cabinets are extremely well-liked in contemporary settings. It is recommended to choose lighter colors on top and a darker one on the bottom, however you can mix and match them to meet your personal preferences.

    42 colors in matte, gloss and satin colours that match the kitchen style of all. Aerosol sprays are easy to use to make it easy to apply.

    How To Paint Kitchen Cubboards And Cabinets



    • Paintbrushes
    • Roller
    • Roller tray

    Guidelines For Decorating

    Step 1 – Make sure you have prepared the Surface

    Painting furniture in the kitchen is an artistic job that requires a lot of imagination, but not much DIY expertise. The surface preparation is usually the most important factor to the success of any undertaking.

    The first step is to remove all objects from the cabinets and hang them on the wall.

    Cleaning all surfaces to be painted, such as wall or freestanding units. This is the most important aspect. Stains and grease can make it difficult for paint to adhere to the surface. This could result in disappointing outcomes. It is also necessary to remove any mobile components like knobs and drawers, handles as well as handles. Sometimes even doors.

    After getting rid of any dirt or stains Smooth the surfaces with sandpaper. Then, clean any dust using a dry cloth. Put a drop cloth on the ground and cover the areas that have not been painted using painter’s tape. To safeguard walls from spray paints or aerosols, put a drop cloth made of nylon on the floor.

    Step 2. Prime the Surface

    There are a variety of paints for furniture available which claim to be able to stick perfectly and provide exceptional coverage on surfaces that are not primed.

    Certain of these paints have demonstrated excellent results during our tests. We suggest painting the surface prior to priming because it needs less maintenance and will last longer.

    You can select between MDF wood, melamine or MDF primers based on the you’re employing. Follow the directions and allow to dry for at least 24 hours prior to when applying the paint.

    This step is possible to skip when you’re using an paint that doesn’t require primer. You’ll still get great results.

    Step 3 – Paint Your Kitchen Cupboards

    Paint with a paintbrush cabinets in the color you prefer. It is recommended to first paint the edges before painting the remainder of the room. Paint the interior first, and then the exterior. Don’t forget to apply paint on the bottom of all accessory like fixed shelves.

    Paint all units that were removed, like knobs, drawers and doors. Let the paint dry completely before placing the pieces back into place.

    To create an artistic effect Paint with aerosols or spray paint at an approximate distance of 30cm.


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