Painting Stones with 5 of the Best UK Paints for Paving Stones

The curb appeal of your home can be affected by the look of your driveways, patios, and paver stones. It is not necessary to replace the paving stones on your patios and pavements. Your home can be transformed by applying a coat of paint.

There are a variety of aspects to consider when selecting a paint to paint driveways or paver stones. Durability is the primary aspect to consider. Paint that’s not strong enough to stand up to the rigors of heavy traffic can quickly fall off.

Additionally, you must select a paint that is able to stand up to harsh weather conditions and other elements. Our team of experts has tested and evaluated several of the most well-known paints in the UK to help you select the best product. Here are our top choices.

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Top Paints for Paving Stones UK


Thompson’s Drive Seal 5L

Thompson's Drive Seal 5L

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Thompson's Drive Seal, our favorite driveway paint, is a product that revitalizes old tarmac and shields driveways from fuel and oil staining. Drive Seal is suitable for residential or commercial use and is able to withstand light to medium vehicle traffic.

Drive Seal is a unique mixture of acrylic polymers and organic pigments. It's an extremely viscous liquid that is able to be applied on tarmac that is sound. It's safe to apply to enclosed areas like garage floors because it is low in levels of organic volatile compounds.

While the process is easy, Drive Seal will not stick to oil or grease staining. A properly prepared surface is essential for the longevity and success of the project. Before you apply the paint, it is necessary to clean dirt or dirt off the surface.

Applying the product using the help of a long pile roller is the most efficient. To get the best outcomes, Drive Seal should be applied on a dry day with temperatures of 10°C or higher. To ensure consistency you must stir the product thoroughly prior to using.


  • Apply the liquid that is slightly viscous with a consistent coat on a clean, solid asphalt. Drive Seal is able to cover as much as 6m2/liter.
  • The water-based coatings dry fast. Make sure to wait at least 4 hours prior to applying the second coat.
  • Drive Seal is weatherproof and non-slip. It shields the surface from extreme weather conditions and other elements.
  • Black color is well-suited to any environment and rejuvenates old asphalt in a matter of minutes.
  • The coating is coated with an the most advanced formulation to ward off the growth of fungal organisms.


  • The porous surfaces and the worn tarmac are not covered well. This could result in an expensive design project due to the poor coverage.

Paint for exterior and interior pavements and tiles.

Rustins Quick Dry Step & Tile

Rustins Quick Dry Step & Tile

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Rustins Step and Tile paints are an affordable solution for areas with low traffic like driveways or paving stones as well as tiles for flooring. Two colors are available, both with specific pigments that ensure the highest degree of transparency.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is weatherproof formula that is able to be able to withstand foot traffic of moderate duty as well as environmental and weather elements.

This paint is highly coverage power and a high transparency. Step & Tile is available in red and black. It is applied in just two coats on unfinished or previously coated surfaces. A litre of paint can provide up to 14m2 of coverage however the exact coverage is contingent on the porosity.

We also love the finish. The paint is made for tiles, and it dry to give a shiny coat that gives your pavements and floors an elegant look. It is a product that you must look into if you want your painting to be noticed.


  • The paint Step & Tile was designed for both pavements that are both interior and exterior as well as floors, but it can also be applied to brick or masonry as well as stone.
  • You can select the amount of paint you want to use on your work. The paint is available in 500ml or 250ml Tins.
  • It's easy to apply with the paintbrush or roller. The paint is very watery, but it offers a remarkable high coverage.
  • Water-based paint is a good choice in areas that aren't well ventilated , and it can dry quickly. After about four hours, the second coat is applied.
  • Even on surfaces previously coated with oil-based substances tough and durable coatings are feasible.


  • Step & Tile isn't designed to stand up to high traffic and chip easily with continuous pedestrians. It's recommended to be placed in areas that have low to moderate traffic.
  • It's not advised to use on pavements and floors constructed of quarry or glazed tiles.

Ronseal Diamond Hard Doorstep

Ronseal Diamond Hard Doorstep
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Ronseal Diamond Hard has a greater resistance to abrasion over Rustins Step & Tile. It is a good alternative for areas that have heavy foot traffic, such as the entryway. The paint is impervious to scratches and scuffs. It also comes with an anti-slip surface that permits quick drying.

The environmentally friendly, water-based and safe-to-use , hardwearing formula is suitable for any environment. It can only be utilized outdoors and can be used with concrete, stone, and brick surfaces.

The self-priming formula is a great adhesion to previously painted or unpainted substrates. This is an excellent feature.

The paint is not weatherproof and is able to be used outdoors. This can be a problem.


  • Diamond Hard technology was developed to increase the resistance of the product in time. The paint withstands the impact of foot traffic without cracking or flaking.
  • Doorstep paint is available in 750ml and 250ml tins. It can cover the area of 12m2/litre.
  • This product is perfect to be used indoors on brick or stone-slipped doors.
  • Two coats of paint should give good outcomes. Ronseal Diamond Hard can be easily re-coated within six hours. The second coat should dry for another six hours before beginning applying the next coat.
  • The formula based on water is easy to use and simple to wash with soapy water.
  • The way the satin finish paint dries provides a high degree of protection for the substrate.


  • The weather can alter the strength of the paint film. The film may break in the sun , or be wiped off by rain.
  • The paint isn't very flexible in terms of color. You can pick from brick red or black.

Matt red paint is perfect to revive your driveway or front steps.

Johnstone’s Paint for Bricks, Tiles and doorsteps

Johnstone's Paint for Bricks, Tiles and doorsteps
Johnstone's Paint for Bricks, Tiles and doorsteps   Johnstone's Paint for Bricks, Tiles and doorsteps   Johnstone's Paint for Bricks, Tiles and doorsteps              

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Johnstone's Doorstep Paint is an excellent product to look into if you are interested in experimenting with various colors. The paint is of exceptional quality. It is suitable for pavers, bricks, stones, and slates, as well as roofing tiles and unglazed tiles.

The matte finish gives the product a contemporary, elegant look with non-slip properties. The masonry paint is weatherproof and shields against damages. It can last for many years without chipping or flaking.

The most appealing feature of this paint is its user-friendliness. It has a smooth consistency that is simple to apply using the help of a roller or brush.

We also appreciate the quick drying time, despite its solvent-based formula. Johnstone's Doorstep Touch is able to dry within a half-hour. If needed the coating can be changed within two hours.


  • The superior power of the covering ensures satisfactory results in just one coat. Based on the porosity of the surface the coverage could be as high as 10m2/litre.
  • The product can be utilized on many surfaces, such as driveways and pavers.
  • If the paint is applied to an already painted surface it is not necessary to prime. The paint may also be applied as an undercoat on unfinished surfaces.


  • There's only one colour available only one color is available: matt red. To find a variety of colors you'll need to search for a different color.
  • The paint is available in 750ml Tins. It is possible to use a small amount of the paint for a large project, but it's advised to have several containers.

Waterproofer for interior and exterior walls constructed of latex

Liberon Anti-Slip Coating

Liberon Anti-Slip Coating

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Liberon Anti-Slip Coating does exactly what it claims it does: It's a clear anti-slip coating for both indoor paving, as well as floors made from wood or stone. The product is made to render any surface slippery, even when wet. It does not alter the look of the substrate it's great for people who prefer the original color or the shape.

The paint is weather and UV resistant, and can transform the slippery floor into safe ones. It is suitable for use on patios, decks, and swimming pools and utility rooms and other areas with high humidity both indoors and out.

The water-based product is suitable for use in any setting and has a an extremely fast drying time. It is possible to apply two coats of the product without diluting on your concrete surfaces. However the porous surface may require an additional coat.

Let the paint dry between coats for a minimum of 3 hours or 12 hours prior to using it.

We suggest that you test the coating on an area of a smaller size to verify the compatibility of the coating with the substrate.


  • The anti-slip water-based coating can be applied using brushes, a medium pile roller, or a big rolling pin. It is able to cover 12m2/litre.
  • The water- and UV-resistant coating is resistant to wear and tear, as well as weather-related conditions that can be harsh. It is advised that the surface is cleaned at least once a year.
  • Clear coating doesn't alter the original appearance of the substrate. The product can be applied on both exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Liberon anti-slip coating is available in 2L and 1L Tins. It is dry to a slightly satin-like finish.


  • The product may not work with specific substrates. Before you apply all the surface check the compatibility of a small area.


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