Can You Use Dremel Bits In A Regular Drill?

There are several power tools that may be used to cut particular materials, which includes a power drill.  But there are certain tasks that need more than just a regular drill.  There is always a proper tool for special projects, and the Dremel rotary tool is one of them.     

Some of you might be thinking that a Dremel rotary cutter is a stand-alone tool and that you still need a separate power tool to get other things done.  Mmmm… Not totally right.

The Dremel tool is an incredibly flexible tool, including its drill bit set for that matter.  The Dremel drill bits may be used in a regular drill provided that your project will not require the tool head to spin at a great speed.  

Since the diameters of Dremel bits are small, they need a high level of speed to achieve efficiency.  If they’d be used on extremely solid materials,  they could possibly shatter because of the high torque.        

I will discuss in this article the difference between a regular drill and a Dremel, how Dremel works, and if it’s possible to use Dremel drill bits in your regular dill.

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Dremel and Regular Drill: Know Their Difference

Again, Dremel is a flexible tool because it’s multi-functional, which is why it is well-known among DIYers and hobbyists.  It is likewise popular among jewelers and engravers of stones and glasses.   

It is a portable tool that can be used in your various house projects, craftwork, and house repairs.  This is one good, wonderful addition to your power tools.          

You’ll find below a number of features of the Dremel rotary tool that sets it apart from a regular power drill.

1. Dremel promises to deliver extremely high speeds

When it comes to high level speed, Dremel gets the credit.  The Dremel tool spins at a rate of 20,000 to as high as 35,000 rpm, while a regular drill only has a maximum speed of 2,200 rpm. Just imagine how fast you’ll get things done with such a rotary tool.      

However, in terms of torque, the regular drill gets the score.

2. Dremel is simple to use

Another thing that makes Dremel a likable tool is that it is lightweight and so simple to use, which is ideal  for beginners.  The grip of this rotary tool spells comfortability so well.  

Since it is comfortable to hold, you can easily perform intricate tasks with it, such as engraving and carving.  The flex shaft attachment is used in this case.  

Dremel also features precision, which assures you high quality output irregardless of the materials you’re working on.  It makes precise action because it does not vibrate while at work.   

3. Dremel offers accessories 

This rotary power tool allows you to make use of numerous accessories and attachments.  You can affix drill bits on shanks with dissimilar sizes, which gives you the option to use it for several purposes.  

The most important factor that can assure you of a high quality outcome from the accessories or attachments of Dremel is its high level speed.  It has an adjustable speed that gives you the option to choose an appropriate and comfortable setting.   

4. Dremel is a multi-functional tool

When we say it’s multi-functional, it means that it can be used in many ways.  The Dremel rotary tool is an all-in-one machine that can perform everything that’s written below:

  • It can be used to cut all sorts of materials, such as plastic, metal, glass, and wood;
  • It can sand all types of wood;
  • It can polish surfaces;
  • It can be used for grinding;
  • It can be used as an engraving tool;  
  • It is good for routing, and many other purposes.  

However, there are things that a Dremel tool can’t do – it’s driving  screws and drilling holes.  For this one, you’ll be needing a regular drill.  

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How Does a Dremel Work?

Dremel relies greatly on high level speed, while a regular drill effectively delivers through its high torque.  When you mount a proper bit or burr, this rotary tool is able to function in various ways, which includes, cutting, drilling, and grinding.  

It is an extraordinarily useful tool for jewelers as it can clean and polish accessories like gold, silver, aluminum, brass, and steel just by using the rubber and brush accessories. 

Why Choose a Dremel Tool Over a Regular Drill?

Using the Dremel tool instead of a regular drill poses several advantages, and here are a number of them:

  • A regular drill lacks versatility because it can only be used in drilling holes and in mounting screws.  The only thing it does is it goes in and out of the material you’re working on.  But for the Dremel rotary tool, it can be used in lateral motions, whether up or down, horizontal or vertical, crosswise, or sideways.  
  • A regular drill rotates at a slower pace as compared to a rotary tool, which is meant to go extremely fast.
  • The Dremel tool speaks of precision quite well because it does not vibrate while on the move.

Can a Dremel Bit be Used in a Regular Drill?

There are certain things that you need to consider before using a Dremel bit into a regular drill, and they are as follows:


First, you must check if the material you’ll be working on can deliver the needed speed for the Dremel tool.  It is also nice to consider its thickness.

Attaching a Dremel bit into a regular drill requires a speed of 20,000 to 35,000 rpm in order to achieve an impressive result.  But since a regular drill can only deliver a much lower rpm, expect that there won’t be a smooth output on harder materials. 

Fragility of the Drill Bits

The Dremel drill bits, particularly the cut-off wheels, tend to be fragile.  They rely most on speed instead of pressure while in the cutting motion.

Therefore, when using a Dremel bit in your regular drill, expect the drilling process to be much slower.  This will need you to apply more pressure to make it spin faster, which would only make the task quite weighty.  

In addition, the Dremel bit could become awfully hot if you use it in a regular drill for several hours.  


You must remember that the Dremel cut-off discs are likewise fragile and could put you in danger if not properly utilized.  It can break anytime while rotating at high speed.  You can instead use a reinforced fiber cut-off disc to complete your task.

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To briefly answer the question, “Can you use Dremel bits in a Regular Drill?”, it depends on what project you’ll be working on.   If your project does not require so much speed, then you may do so.  Otherwise, use a regular drill with a regular drill bit.  

It’s also been discussed that the Dremel rotary tool has high level speed but low torque, while a regular drill is the other way around.  This alone dictates that they both are distinct power tools that are meant to perform and handle different jobs.