Craftsman 24HP 54 in Zero Turn Mower Review

Craftsman 24HP 54 in Zero Turn Mower Review as featured in our Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers article.

Getting the services of a professional lawn mower or landscaper can cost you a lot of money.  It also seems impossible to eliminate grass in your garden by just relying on your own. 

But hey! You can actually do it!

All you need to do is to look for a reliable garden tractor or lawn mower that can help you achieve an admirable lawn. 

There is a long line of riding mowers and they come in different sizes, shapes, features, functions, and price, which could probably make your search a bit challenging.

To make things easier for you, I will review one of the best lawn riding mowers that is making waves in the market today, and this is known as the Craftsman Z560 zero turn riding mower.  

Craftsman Z560: Why is it the best zero turn mower? 

If you have a large yard to mow, it is not practical to use a walk-behind lawn mower because it can be very exhausting as you need to literally walk around pushing your it. 

It will not only drain your energy, but it will also take most of your precious time.  I’m telling you, investing on a riding lawn mower is a piece of good fortune.  

Below are the benefits the you may obtain from having a Craftsman lawn mower:

1. It is easy to use

The Craftsman Z560 riding lawn mower is effortless to use, which is what made me admire it the most.  This mower offers a satisfying experience.  

This garden tractor has a number of design features that makes it easy to appreciate.  

  • It has a deck wash and a cutting width that is measured at 54 inches.  
  • I really like maneuvering this zero turn riding mower because it rotates at a 360-degree angle.
  • It has a cushioned high seat that offers the turn mower operator utmost comfort.
  • The front wheels of the Craftsman Z560 measure 11 inches, while the rear tires have a diameter of 20 inches.  
  • It features a simple start button allowing you to start the lawn mower in a flash and with no complications. 

It offers an impressive performance

The Craftsman Z560 gas engine boasts a gold Briggs and Stratton two-cylinder 24hp gas engine, which is capable of handling large lawns.  

I personally am amazed by its EZT’s smooth performance that has twin levers that are easy to control. 

With this kind of feature, you will not have any problem maneuvering on sharp curves or going around rocks, electric posts or trees.  

You can tell that this zero turn riding mower is long-lasting as it is supported by a limited warranty of 2 years.      

2. It operates efficiently

One of the most challenging chores is maintaining a sizable lawn, unless you own the proper tools and reliable equipment that can help you accomplish it. 

Having a Craftsman Z560 can really get the stress and tiredness out of your hands for it can deliver efficiency to the highest level.

The cutting deck that has a size of 54 inches is wide enough to let you cover an extensive amount of grass in just one sweep. 

You likewise will save a great amount of time cleaning the bottom of the mowing deck since it has a deck wash. 

If you think you’ve missed a portion of grass in your lawn, you can easily go over it using the reverse motion.      

3. It has a very reasonable price

Zero turn riding mowers are usually the type of lawn mowers that are costly. 

Many people have a notion that an expensive mower is synonymous to being the best of its kind, but it’s not always the case.  

The Craftsman Z560 is one high-quality mower that doesn’t have a high price tag – it outrightly contradicts the notion. 

I go for this zero turn lawn mower for its reliability, durability, and affordability.     

Craftsman Z560: What features could have been added?

I’ve been using the Craftsman Z560 zero turn riding mower for more than a year now. 

There are attributes that I’ve observed that I think must be improved for it to be considered a close-to-perfect zero turn mower.  

It would have been better if it features a cruise control so you set it to lock at a certain speed. 

This feature could be more beneficial if you’re mowing a wide lawn area, which usually demands constant pacing.   

Having an hour meter counter could’ve also made this mower better as this can help you monitor your mowing time. 

This can be very helpful if you have plans of using your riding lawn mower commercially. 

Pros and Cons of the Craftsman Z560

When you’re planning to buy a zero turn lawn mower, you need to determine the pros and cons of each one that you’ve shortlisted.

I’ll make the job easier for you by enumerating the things that I’ve observed about the Craftsman Z560 riding lawn mower.  Check them out below:


  • Maneuvering this zero turn lawn mower is uncomplicated even when cruising around trees and bushes.  
  • The cushioned high back seat of this garden tractor offers extreme comfort even if it means mowing for several hours.    
  • It has a limited warranty for 2 years.  
  • It is powered by a gold dual cylinder 24 hp Briggs and Stratton gas engine


  • It is bulky, which requires you to have a large space for storage. 
  • It doesn’t feature cruise control.
  • It lacks an hour meter.  

Other Customer Reviews

“The Craftsman Z560 is an impressive riding lawn mower on leveled terrain.  I’m truly impressed about the mower’s powerful engine as well as its remarkable speed and 54-inch wide cutting deck.  However, I’d like it to have a conventional braking system that could’ve been useful when mowing on steep descent.” – M. Wagner; 4 stars

“I ordered replacement lawn mower parts for my Craftsman riding mower, however, it took a while for them to be delivered.  So, I had no choice but to borrow a lawn mower from my neighbor whenever I need to mow. Other than that, with regards to its functionality and dependability, I give it 4.5 out 5 stars.” – G. Whittle; 4.5 stars  

“The Z560 has dramatically reduced the time I spend mowing my lawn.  Since it’s made in the USA,  I was quite sure of its quality and performance – it has a well-fabricated chassis and strong gas engine.” – W. Geisler; 5 stars   


If you are maintaining a wide lawn area, the Craftsman Z560 Zero Turn Lawn Mower is probably your best option. 

If you’re looking for an affluent maneuvering system and optimum efficiency, you will definitely experience them with this powerful mower.  

Accomplish your mowing task in no time because of its 54-inch fabricated deck. 

The smooth performance of its EZT will allow your to easily go around electric posts, bushes, flower beds and trees positioned in your yard.

Overall, it’s a great mower. It would probably be the best yard machine that you could ever have.