Different types of Shed Repairs

Cedar sheds can be expensive and they will age gracefully in the garden, transforming into a beautiful silver grey shade .

Sometimes, the weather and water can reveal a weak point and so an immediate repair to the shed is required. The shed was sitting in a puddle of water for the past 20 years, which caused the timber bearer and the bottom of the door, and the frame to begin to decay. .

I substituted the timber bearers with recycled plastic to ensure that the wood could no longer absorb the water. Then I rebuilt the bottom of the door as well as the door frame by splicing the new wood to the old by gluing scarf joints and wooden dowels .

Front view of the cedar shed. The doors’ bottom and the front panel had shattered because of decay in the timber.

Roof reconstruction

Sometimes, a repair to the roof of a shed may require removing the current roofing system (most typically, traditional felt) as well as repairs to the structure of the roof. While the repairs may appear expensive, the total cost of repair typically is around one third of the price of a brand new shed. The majority of the cost of a quality shed lies in the construction of the cladding .

New roof for concrete panel shed / garage

The roof of the building was made up of bits of bitumen that were corrugated. It was held up by a number of large logs!

The roof structure that was in place was modified to support the new EPDM roof that was supported by OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panels that are fixed to steel and timber.

The roof of an existing shed can be over-roofed

The construction of the shed was solid, but it was believed that the roof was asbestos-based. The roof was leaky and the fixings had corroded (after 40 years of service! ).

To avoid disturbing the existing asbestos, an over-roofing method was chosen. The roof was left unaffected underneath.

Shed foundations

The most basic form of shed foundation is a set of paving slabs laid out to help support the timber bearers of the floor of the shed. (see here for more information on foundation pads). )

A set of flagstones placed on the ground that is compacted is usually enough to provide support for storage sheds that are standard.

Concrete shed bases

A shed base made of concrete is among the strongest (and costly) types of shed foundations. .

The greenhouse was in use prior to its dismantling and removal

The base that was in place prior to the taking away the structure. The base was excavated and the levels were adjusted to fit the dimensions and shape of this new base.

New base that has the ability to supply power and water supply. The electrical supply is to be connected to a new fusebox by a suitably qualifiedelectrician. The incorporation of power and water enabled the user to control the temperature inside the greenhouse using her cell phone while away from home.

Design and construction of a custom shed

The products offered by the manufacturers of standard sheds do not match the requirements of your needs .

If you need something custom or of a certain size or design, then please contact me .

The client had a tiny garden , and to maximize the usage of the space, he required a gazebo and storage shed that was built to exact dimensions. In addition to fitting as a glove, I believe that the sheds look nice too. .

The cedar-covered gazebo was designed to perfectly fit on the plinth that was raised.

The small storage shed was built to perfectly fit between the wall of the house as well as the fencing.

Other custom shed designs.

Custom bike shed design featuring sweet chestnut cladding, and an epdm roof

8×6 shed that has shou-sugi ban douglas fir siding as well as a the roof is a cleft sweet chestnut shingle.

Inside the 8×6 shed

Small barn with a pole frame and a clay tile roof

Shed kit assembly

Shed kits are available in various sizes and sizes; suffice to say that I’ve seen the majority. Some shed manufacturers provide assembly services. However , I am able to offer an affordable package of the preparation of foundations and installation that I believe you’ll find to be unbeatable. .

Log cabin assembly

Take a look below to see an illustration of the timber log cabins at the beginning the middle, and at the end. .

Stage 1 – the clean area prior to the construction

Stage 2 – Building the shed’s foundations as well as support for it.

Stage 3 – Shed kit during construction. Walls are complete. Doors, windows and roof are still to be put in.

Stage 4 – Fully completed log cabin shed that is fitted out as an exercise room

Panelised shed assembly

Panel sheds are relatively simple to put together and when combined with an EPDM rubber roof made from new will result in an outdoor space that lasts for many years. .

Traditional 8×6 panel shed during assembly

I am a cyclist, and I was thrilled to be asked to build an outdoor bike storage area for one of my customers located in Tunbridge Wells. However it got even better! They had placed an order for the two bicycle sheds! 😉

The bike shed assembly by setting out the parts

Two bike sheds that are now complete

Repair of the window in Shed

A lot of older windows for sheds are made of thin “horticultural” glass, whereas the other windows are constructed from PVC sheets .

The horticultural glass, which is thin and thin, is fragile and if broken it breaks into dagger-like shreds. It is also known as a PVC sheet is usually thin and fragile. I can change both kinds of window panes for sheds and also create new frames for shed windows. .

To replace shed windows, it is suggest using polycarbonate (for resistance to impact) or toughened glass.

Stable roof repairs

If you want to make a long-term repair with a material like Onduline or EPDM will give you an extended life span but at a higher cost. . Duopitch stable roof , the roof missing and weathered

Concrete sectional garages

Garages made of precast concrete aren’t the most attractive of structures however they’re durable and last for a long time. A lot of panels don’t have reinforcement , so there is no reason for them to deteriorate. But the roof, windows and doors may require replacement. .

This was the case for this particular project. The roof and doors were in a state of disintegration. A tarpaulin was strewn over the roof to keep water out , and the doors were almost falling apart .

It was a challenging project to capture however I hope you are able to see the brand new doors made of timber and windows I constructed together with the brand-new EPDM super-durable artificial roof made of rubber (30years or more of life expectation ).

Carpentry projects outside the home

I frequently find that, in addition to the major shed repairs, there are other jobs in carpentry to be completed all over the place. I’m always willing to assist with these additional things as they provide plenty of diversity and imagination as you can find in .

I will price them once we’ve talked about the scope of the work in the same manner for the principal project of shed renovation .


The planters were crafted with durable Douglas Fir and Oak to showcase fresh flowers in front of a local luxury craft shop.

After viewing the planters, one of their clients requested an extra-long planter for his garden.

Not quite a planter. However, I designed an Wisteria Support for this customer to help support this massive plant and assist them in get their parking spot back!

Fencing and gates

The gate posts of this customer’s had decayed at the bottom. Therefore, I installed new posts made of oak.

Alongside shed repair , this client in Sevenoaks required assistance in the installation of chestnut pale fencing.

Storage and furniture

A sturdy shelving system is vital for any shed. I am able to build storage shelving units that will help you maximize the storage space in your shed.

In addition to storage, a workspace is also helpful. If you’d like me to construct your own work bench Just ask!

The very comfy and sturdy folding chairs can enhance the exterior in your backyard. I design them from Oak and Sweet Chestnut. Both are durable woods for outdoor furniture.

Rotating sheds

I have discussed a variety of these projects in the past and continue developing new and creative solutions. .