Do It Yourself Pest Control in the Home and Yard

Have you been looking for ways on how to get rid of unwanted pests in your house? But you have never been able to find a solution that worked for you?

The trick to getting rid of these unwanted pests is simply to find out what the pest is. Once you know what the pest is, then you will be able to know where it comes from, and you will be able to target it more accurately.

In this article, I’m going to explain the types of pests you may find at home and yard, with a guide on tackling these problems.

Humans produce several odors through their skin which attract unwanted guests.  Researchers are currently exploring what exactly is the type of odor emitted by the human body that insects prefer. 

According to experts, insects such as mosquitoes are attracted by the amount of heat and carbon dioxide that humans emit.  

Those who are pregnant, overweight, and physically active are more prone to insect bites since they release more carbon dioxide and heat.   


It is thought that there are upwards of 26,000 species of grasshoppers, locusts, and crickets within the order Orthoptera. It belongs to the suborder Caelifers and the family Acrididae. 

The statistics demonstrate the variety of species in the group, with many species sharing certain characteristics but varying in size, color, and other attributes.

Although all of these arthropods have two pairs of wings, only some are able to fly. For those that do, both sets of wings are usually not used.

It is only when grasshoppers mature that they will be able to fly. One of the most distinctive features of grasshoppers are their hind legs. – Do Grasshoppers Bite?

Sweat Bees

Sweat bees are frequently found in fields, grasslands, and vegetable gardens.  The insects are also commonly found in rotting trees and plants.  During the Summer season, you will definitely see them fly from one flower to another to gather nectar.  

Among all insect stings, this sting probably causes the least amount of pain.  Those with an allergy to stings or bites may experience adverse reactions.  –  How to get rid of sweat bees

Brown Recluse Spiders

Despite its common occurrence, this spider has a venomous bite that may cause serious health problems for humans.

Brown recluse spiders may be venomous, but they aren’t aggressive, and they’re not as dangerous as many people believe. Nevertheless, an infestation of brown recluse spiders should be handled as soon as possible. 

You may be able to try some methods on your own, but it may be best to just hire a professional company due to health risks. Professional exterminators will know how to get rid of these pests safely and effectively.

If you decide to handle the problem yourself, we’ll tell you how to get rid of brown recluse spiders and keep them away. – How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders

June Bugs

The three most common bugs that can be found in a garden all belong to the family of scarabs, which includes the shiny and colorful Japanese beetle, the European chafer beetle, the ten-line July beetle, and the green June beetle.  

Even though their names have the word “June” attached to them, this doesn’t imply that they are only active during the month of June.  In fact, they are very active during the months of May and July as well.  

Gardeners worry about June bugs destroying their gardens because they feed on shrubs and leaves, leaving them shabby.  – How to Get Rid of June Bugs in Your Garden

Little Black Ants

We call common species of pest ants sugar ants because they have an insatiable sweet tooth. A species of ant called the banded sugar ant only lives in Australia. Sugar ants, which we commonly refer to here as ghost ants, pharaoh ants, or odorous house ants, are actually called other names here in the United States.

They can be unsettling and make you feel uneasy at just the sight of them. It is good to know, however, that there are simple and effective methods of getting rid of them.

Don’t be concerned if removing thousands of little black ants seems overwhelming. Just follow our guide and you’ll be ant-free in no time. – How To Get Rid Of Little Black Ants For Good