Duramax Sheds

In the case of Duramax sheds, there’s plenty of good, bad and not much of a mess. This is what I discovered when I built one of these storage sheds outdoors to learn more about the process of the process of building these shed kits made from a combination of steel and plastic, is constructed.

There are a few fascinating peculiarities that you be aware of if you’re planning to purchase one of the outdoor sheds for yourself. Duramax vinyl sheds are an assortment of weather-resistant plastic panels which are aligned and supported by metal channels that are joined to give the shed strength.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself in this instance. Let’s begin by highlighting the qualities that are great regarding Duramax sheds . The Duramax range of sheds begins with the smaller Yardmate pent sheds measuring 4’x8′.

It is built to be able to lean against the wall on the back of the house. From the mid-range Duramate models ranging from 8’x5’4″ to 8’x8′ with an apex roof style. The biggest is Duramax Woodbridge. Duramax Woodbridge range with a length of 10.5 inches and is available in modular lengths ranging from 5′ up and 13. ‘.

The panels are neutral in color and therefore aren’t likely to fade in the same way in the same way as a brighter color could. Therefore, the weather-resistant vinyl will never require paint .

There’s some steel that’s exposed however it is coated with a layer of galvanising and paint which means it will last for quite a while. There might be a bit of corrosion around a few of the screws, but it appeared pretty sturdy to me. .

These are the positive things. Did the building meet your expectations? No, let’s look at the things that weren’t so great. .

Moving on to the negative points

There were a variety of ways I believed the style of this storage shed made of vinyl might be enhanced. The three most important included ;

  1. Sharp edges on the frame of steel
  2. A generally low degree of security.
  3. Duramax storage sheds aren’t really heavy duty.
  4. Too ‘value engineered’

The edges of the frame members of the steel were razor-sharp

The edges of the steel frame were wrapped with tape around the edges to shield them from damage as they were unwrapped for the first time.

But I didn’t notice the sharpness that were after having been cut in the manufacturing facility. It was only once and a significant stream of blood to ensure that I was extremely cautious when working in this area. I suggest wearing gloves that are light when building this shed. .

Doors were the weak spot security-wise.

Overall, I felt that it was quite adequate compared to a wooden shed. The ability to break into a timber shed is possible by cutting through the walls, if needed. it will require the same amount of effort to accomplish similar with this shed. .

The doors, and especially the hinges, were extremely light

But, why do we to break through the walls in the first place when doors are open to the elements? First of all, they’re built on simple lift-on, lift-off hinges that are made of light weight metal. The doors are secured by locking on the handles of the doors that are made of plastic!

The time it takes to open the doors for a burglar is 10 seconds. I wouldn’t recommend this shed to be placed in a public zone or in an area in which there is a high rate of theft from sheds. However, it is suitable for gardens that are enclosed in areas of residential living with low criminality .

While not weak, this storage shed isn’t ‘robust’ ‘

It’s well-made and manufactured, but it’s not robust. If it was hit by a ball from a cricket, it could break its plastic panel (and what would you do to repair the panels?). This is different from wood sheds that seem to withstand all kinds of impacts with ease. .

The panels’ light weight made it easy for my five year old daughter to assist me!

The frame’s internal metal is well-constructed, however it doesn’t appear to be an incredibly solid structure made of metal. Its primary purpose is to add durability to plastic panel, and it is, however, its thickness steel suggests that it could be vulnerable to damage while storage of heavier equipment in the shed. .

The last point was that somebody had been in the shed, cutting costs down to the bone.

I was impressed by the overall design of this storage facility and it is a beautiful design. I was of the opinion that the quality of the initial design was ruined by the cost department , saving some pennies here and there. .

I thought that if the steel frame was made of slightly thicker gauge steel with a stronger galvanising and paint system, it could have provided more assurance about the longevity of the shed. .

I also believed that the building’s height was driven by something different than the person who was using it. I was able to stand straight (I weigh 6’2″) however, if I attempted to move, I hit my head against the roof framing members and was forced to lower myself to get into the door. .

Finally, there were the inexplicably cheap doors and hinges. If there were an additional $10-10 invested into the construction of this shed, it could go from decent to exceptional. .

Duramax shed is a good place to start

Duramax sheds are constructed with precision tolerances and an excellent level of precision. I believe they are very low maintenance and durable when used, and I enjoyed the light-colored roof panel.

A shed made of apex vinyl like the duramax, with its decay-resistant walls and low maintenance can give an extra storage space for your gardening equipment for a minimal cost. .

On the other hand, you’ll have to be aware of the sharp edges on steel components. If you’re looking for a storage facility with a high level of security, this might not be the right choice for you. .

It’s not a very heavy-duty shed. I would place it in the weatherproof, lightweight storage category. It is ideal to store gardening tools. .

As I mentioned at the beginning , there is a lot of good and bad, but none that are truly ugly. If you are looking for a lightweight affordable storage for outdoor equipment to keep the elements out and your tools dry, then an one of these Duramax sheds might be the perfect solution for you. .

If you think that the Duramax sheds are too lightweight for you then you might want to consider the metal sheds made by Asgard and Biohort. The material they choose to use has more steel walls than other metal sheds, and offers safe outdoor storage, albeit with a higher price. .