Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews

Working in the garden as been said to be therapeutic, but if you don’t have the correct equipment for the job, it can become tedious and frustrating. A strimmer is an essential piece of equipment for anyone working in the garden, and cordless strimmers have grabbed the spotlight. When you use a strimmer, always be cautious and wear the right protective gear.

Strimmers come in all shapes and sizes. Here we are going to look at a few options and seeing which strimmer makes the cut and which is the best cordless strimmer for your needs in the garden. My favorite strimmer is the Terratek cordless strimmer.

Terrtek Cordless Strimmer

Best Overall

This strimmer is cordless and makes use of a lithium-ion battery to keep the blades spinning. You can charge the battery, and the strimmer can last for up to 40 minutes. This strimmer also has specific blades that are easily replaced, and the cutting head is adjustable so that you can use this strimmer for a variety of tasks. The cutting diameter for this strimmer is only 25 cm, making it one of the strimmers with the least cutting area.

It is last very lightweight and makes for a powerful grass strimmer. This strimmer works very well when you need to trim long grass. When buying this strimmer, it usually includes a lithium-ion battery and a battery charger, ensuring that you can start using your strimmer as soon as it has been assembled. The telescopic handle and adjustable pole make this strimmer flexible for all types of gardeners, specifically for those of us that are tall and don’t want to be trimming the grass on our knees.


  • Easily replaceable cutting blades
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • Adjustable height
  • It has a flower guard
  • Telescopic handle


  • Particular cutting blades and you can’t use regular cutting line
  • Relatively small cutting width

Ryobi Cordless Grass Trimmer

Best Budget Option

This strimmer is also cordless and contains an automatic spool cutting mechanism. With a wide 25 to 30 cm cutting diameter that can be changed according to your needs, this strimmer can quickly trim the grass. It also has an adjustable cutting head and can be used for edging or trimming.

The battery for this strimmer is interchangeable with many of the Ryobi products and eliminates the need for numerous batteries and chargers. Using a fast charger allows for fully charge in about 30 minutes, and you can use it for the next garden job. If you are dedicated to the Ryobi brand, and you feel they provide consistent results, then this strimmer is a contender.


  • One battery for many products (specific to Ryobi)
  • Adjustable cutting width
  • Adjustable cutting head angle
  • Adjustable length
  • Automatic line feed
  • Edging and trimming options
  • Fast charger option available


  • Buying the bare unit does not include a battery and a charger
  • No flower guard

Black Decker Cordless Grass Trimmer

Best Edge Trimmer

Yet another cordless strimmer, but the Black Decker has a power control option that can extend the battery life and allow you to do more work in your garden. The power control is adjusted based on the work you need to get done; a tough job may call for more power, but a simple trim calls for less power.

This strimmer is robust and works well when you have a large garden that needs some tending to. You are also able to switch from trimming to edging quickly, and the guide wheel helps you achieve even edges. My father always wanted the cleanest edges possible, and this would be a perfect option for those crisp edges. The battery for this unit is also interchangeable with other Black Decker products and helps to minimize excessive batteries laying around.


  • Power adjustment option
  • A wide cutting diameter of 28 cm
  • One battery for many products (specific to Black Decker products)


  • Buying the bare unit usually doesn’t include a battery
  • The cutting head is not adjustable for different angles
  • No flower guard

Greenworks Cordless Grass Trimmer

Best For Small Gardens

This strimmer has a 30cm cutting width, which is the largest cutting area of all the strimmers we have looked at. It also cordless, and the battery is interchangeable with other Greenworks products.

The power, however, can only last for about 20 minutes and limits the time you can spend in the garden. This cordless strimmer has an adjustable handle and can rotate to allow for an edging option.


  • 30cm cutting diameter
  • One battery that is interchangeable with many products (specific to Greenworks products)
  • Plant guard is included


  • Short battery life
  • Buying the base unit does not come with a battery and a charger.

What features should I look for?

The strimmers we’ve looked at each contain a variety of features that can suit the needs of different gardeners.

The battery life from one charge, whether it is cordless or cable, the line feed options, and the possible handle and cutting head adjustments are some of the features that may have you considering different strimmers.

Here is a quick breakdown of a few features you can consider when looking to buy a strimmer.

Battery life

For most heavy-duty tasks, such as running strimmers, batteries may last, on average, about 30 minutes. This allows for plenty of time to trim the grass and do the edging of your garden.

Multiple batteries and larger batteries solve the problem of having a larger garden but not enough battery life to complete all of the work.

Using a cable strimmer is also an alternative to exclude the worries of battery life. With a long extension cord, you are able to get all the work done, regardless of how long it may take.

Is the strimmer cordless or not?

Deciding to go cordless may seem daunting, and you may feel dubious, but cordless strimmers have many benefits and can make your work in the garden quick and easy.

Cordless strimmers allow you to work in any section of your garden without having to use an extension cord. The lithium-ion battery found in more units are reliable and can be charged numerous time to keep on giving the best performance time and time again. You may be concerned about the long charge time, but developments in technology allow for fast chargers to get the battery up and running in a fraction of the time.

All these strimmers’ cordless options are very convenient, but if you only need a strimmer for occasional use, then a cable strimmer could be a viable option. Cable strimmers are also a great contender if you have a very small garden, and you only need to do the basics.

Line Feed Options

Replacing the line of your strimmer can be a tedious process, but the automatic feed makes it much more comfortable, and you only have to refill the line once it’s all finished.

Always check the line size of the strimmer and buy the correct size. Strimmer line is freely available, and different thicknesses are available depending on your needs in the garden. Some strimmers may accommodate a variety of lines, but others may only support a very specific size.

Handle and Cutting Head Adjustments

A telescopic handle and adjustable cutting head allow for a large variety of configurations that can make using strimmers much easier and comfortable. The size and shape of the handle and pole can make a big difference in my experience.

An adjustable cutting head gives flexibility when you need to do edging or trim at an odd angle. The head can be adjusted and readjusted as the demand changes.

Bare unit or not?

A bare unit refers specifically to the unit that does not include the battery or a charger.

Bare units are the best option for a gardener that already has equipment from a specific brand and has batteries for the machine. A bare unit saves some money and eliminates the need to have a battery for each piece of equipment that you have in your tool shed. Bare units can commonly be found in kits that contain a variety of equipment and then minimize the number of batteries you may need and can also save some valuable space in your tool shed.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a preferred brand or it is the first one, you need to buy a battery and a charger to start with.

How long does a fully charged battery last?

Batteries come in different sizes, and the larger the battery, the longer it lasts when fully charged. Some brands, such as Ryobi, offer batteries that are different and can significantly extend the runtime of your strimmer.

Buying original batteries also influences the quality of the battery, and the reliability may also differ. Overcharging batteries are also a common mistake most people make. Overcharging a battery can shorten the life expectancy of a battery and would cause technical problems to occur.

Rechargeable batteries are not meant to last forever, and it is vital to realize that if your battery starts showing signs of malfunction, instead buy a new one then run the risk of the old one leaking or causing problems.

Which strimmer is the best one to buy?

Each of these strimmers serves a different purpose. The best approach would be to consider what your needs are and how you might be using the strimmer.

  • Do you need to do trimming and edging?
  • How large is your garden?
  • Do you prefer cordless or cable?
  • Are you using it regularly?
  • What is your budget?

Once you’ve considered these questions, you can look at the options and make the necessary decision. When buying a strimmer, make sure it suits your needs, and it can do the job that much easier.


Cordless strimmers have made a big difference, and you can use them everywhere in the garden. Whether you have a large lawn that urgently needs some attention or a small patch that you want to maintain, cordless strimmers make the job much more comfortable. The best cordless strimmer is the strimmer that meets your needs, and of all the cordless strimmers we’ve looked at, the Terratek meets mine.

This strimmer includes batteries and doesn’t require me to buy extra batteries or chargers. It has all the features that I may need and it is flexible enough if my needs change.

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