Best Lawn Mower for Stripes

Getting a perfectly striped lawn isn't quite as simple as putting the blade of the lawn mower at a high setting and moving it in a straight line. Having had a hard time trying to achieve a striped effect on my lawn, I know so many people are struggling too.

So many questions need answering: Which is the best lawn mower for stripes? How can I achieve a neat and perfectly striped lawn?

Best Lawn Mower For Stripes Top Picks

Best Overall
Best Lightweight
Best For Medium Lawns
Best For Tricky Lawns
Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear...
Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 900...
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn...
Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower...
Price not available
Best Overall
Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear...
Price not available
Best Lightweight
Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 900...
Best For Medium Lawns
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn...
Best For Tricky Lawns
Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower...

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Finding the best lawn mower for stripes is not an easy task, so this guide provides a checklist of must-haves for you to determine which lawn mower best suits your needs.

With the right mower, lawn stripes that are pleasing to the eye are relatively simple to create. In the following, the best lawn mowers for stripes are introduced.

Product Reviews for Best Stripe Lawn Mower

Mountfield Princess 42 Electric Lawnmower

Best Overall Lawn Mower For Stripes

With plenty of good reviews, this is the best mower that creates stripes on large lawns. This quality mower is well known for its large grass box and its effectiveness in cutting lower heights.

Has an anti-scalp comb that gives a good finish. A 50-litre grass clippings collector so frequent emptying is not needed.

A 50-litre grass clippings collector so frequent emptying is not needed. A cutting width of 42cm and a cutting height of 25-75 mm.

It is 3 in 1 meaning it can collect, discharge or mulch the grass clippings.


It is inexpensive.

Perfect for larger lawns.

It has a rear roller that gives the desired effect of stripes.

Easy to use and effective.

Used for cutting lower heights.

Has a long cable length of 15 metres.


The long cable makes it an impractical option for extremely large lawns.

Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower

Best lightweight option

This Flymo electric mower is best known because it is lightweight, easy to assemble and ideal for a medium sized to small lawn. It is effective, easy to use, and has the key features that give your lawn a perfect finish.

A cutting height of 20-60mm and a cutting width of 32cm. Reduces number of stops to empty the grass box since it collects and compacts the grass with a 29 litre grass collector.


It is lightweight and therefore it is easy to carry around.

Good for small to medium-sized lawns.

It is easy to use.


It gets slightly unbalanced when grass box is almost full.

Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Best for medium size gardens

It is affordable electric mower is best known for its dual lever handles that allows you to comfortably push with either hand and is an extremely flexible option.

With a 20-60 mm cutting height and 36cm cutting width, you get a perfect finish. Has 12m cables that make it easier to move around while mowing. Changing the cutting heights is simple and quick.


Has 1500W motor that allows for effective mowing.

Can be used on medium to larger lawns.

Lightweight and easy to carry around.

A large grass box of 40 litre.

Its handles are easy to fold.


It does not have additional features such as mulching or a rear roller.

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Best for getting into difficult spots

This compact mower cuts right to the edge and therefore there is no need to trim after mowing anymore. Its motor ensures an effective cutting, even in difficult places, for example in long grass.

Its steel blade and 1200W motor make it easy to cut tall grass, giving a neat finish. Has a grass comb that easily cuts along walls and flowerbeds.

Comes with a 2 year warranty.

Suitable for small to medium sized gardens.


It is easy to transport since it is only 6.8 kg.

A cable length of 10m.

Cutting heights of between 20-60 mm and a cutting width of 32cm.

A grass collector capacity of 31 Litres.


Folding and unfolding the handles can be a hard task.

Mountfield Princess 38 Electric Lawnmower

Good for power

This Mountfield Princess 38 is a substantial mower best used to create stripes for a medium sized garden. It is hand-propelled with a powerful 1600W motor, which is comparable to a petrol lawn mower. It has a rigid grass collection bag that has a window to allow easy viewing of grass clippings and mulching.

It has a 3 in 1 function that collects, discharges, and mulches grass clippings. Has an anti scalp comb that gives a good finish. Easy to fold handles.


A large 40 Litre grass box.

Has a cutting height of 25- 75 mm and a cutting width of 38 cm.

It has a rear roller for making desirable stripes.

It has a rear glass reflector that helps you to see when the grass collector is full.


It doesn't cut the grass to be extremely short.

Buyers Guide

There are main things you should consider before buying any of the lawn mowers:

  • Check the cost - Is it worth the price? Is it within your budget?
  • Power capacity - Do you need a high power petrol lawn mower or does a manual push one suffice?
  • Grass box - Is it large enough for your lawn?
  • Cutting height - Does the mower give you your preferred height?

In the following, each aspect is outlined in further detail.

Push or Self-propelled?

Self propelled (electric or petrol powered) models draw energy from the engine to give power to the wheels, thus making them extremely easy to control. Petrol mowers are extremely powerful and are recommended in cases where you have an extremely large lawn or on sloped areas. If you have a conservatively sized lawn, then you may choose to opt for a manual push cylinder mower. Push mowers tend to be more affordable than the self-propelled models.

This brings us to the size of your lawn. Consider the size of your garden in order to find the perfect mower. Besides the fact that self-propelled mowers are more suited for medium to large lawns, while push mowers are more appropriate for small lawns, the size of your lawn affects how practical your choice of mower is. For large lawn stripes, mowers that come with an attached cord are an impractical option as you would have to trudge along a cable! In this case, and you would rather go with a petrol driven or an electric cordless mower.

Cutting Height

Ensuring the cutting heights of your lawn are right is an important step and should not be ignored. Cutting the lawn at the right height helps avoid scalping and ensures easy collection of all the clippings as you go. It is recommended that with each cut, trimming should not go beyond 1/3 of the grass. Ensure you adjust your mower to the right settings.

Washout Port, Type of Handle, and Wheel Size

A lawn mower with a wash out port makes cleaning easy. Mowers that have a folding or collapsing handle require less space to store and are easy to transport. Some mowers have larger rear wheels although after doing extensive research and tests, mowers whose wheels are uniform are the easiest to move.

Which is the Best Lawnmower to Buy?

When deciding which best lawn mower to buy, it really comes down to your needs and preferences. The length of grass and to what height, the type of power needed, as well as the benefits that come with each individual model should all factor into your consideration. In the following, additional key considerations to achieve perfect stripes for your lawn are also outlined.

The best lawnmower for stripes is one that has a rear roller, as a roller makes work a lot easier. While mowing in parallel lines, the roller bends the grass after they are cut, which gives you that striped effect on your lawn. To get the best results, it is recommended that you place the roller and mow at right angles. Rear roller mowers are the best because they also allow you to cut neatly and without scalping in difficult places, such as corners, around flower beds, fences, walls etc.

In order to get a healthy lawn, it is recommended that you cut the lawn at least once in two weeks. For starters, you can look for a model that makes regular mowing a breeze. A lawn mower petrol or an electric mower which starts at the push of a button means that you won't have to push as you mow. The speeds of a self propelled mower can be adjusted to what best suits you. 

Lastly, avoid leaving the cut grass clippings on the lawn because it can cause yellowing of the grass underneath. Cleaning the lawn mowers after they are used ensures they maintain their optimum cutting performance for a long period of time. From the manual of your mower, learn how you can best clean your mower.

With those in mind, the following lawn mowers are rounded up based on their key features.

The Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Lawnmower is a powerful electric 4 wheel lawnmower that can give you stripes you are looking forward to, on any kind of grass. Its price is affordable too. This Mountfield Princess lawnmower can tackle large lawns because of its 42 cm cutting width, its 3 in 1 option for your grass clippings and its large 50 litre grass box. This saves you a lot of time. It also has a powerful motor. The rear roller on this mower is key to giving you that neatly striped lawn you want.

The affordable Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Lawnmower is a close runner up if you want to create stripes on a medium to large sized lawn. This lawnmower comes in second because of its smaller litter box of 40 litres and its cutting width of 38cm. This lawnmower helps you to get those perfect stripes because of its rear roller and an anti-scalp comb that gives you a perfect finish. It is designed to leave no turf marks when mowing. It's durable heavy duty design means that you can mow even on the toughest of lawns. If you are looking for a cheaper option to the Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel, then you should definitely consider this one.

The next lawn mower is the Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, which has a powerful motor of 1500W for small to medium sized gardens. It is a cheaper option compared to the first two and still gets the work done for a mid-sized lawn.

Next up is the Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Roller Lawnmower. This is perfect for creating stripes on a small to medium sized garden. Due to its rear roller, you get perfect stripes. Compared to the first three, this mower has a smaller grass box capacity of 31 litres and a smaller cutting width of 32cm. Unlike most lawn mowers, this Bosch Rotak lawn mower has a free 2 year warranty.

Lastly, we have the Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, which operates at a power of 900 W and has a 32 cm cutting width for small lawns. Although its motor is not powerful as the others, this lawnmower is a great bargain for its price if you have a small lawn. It is extremely lightweight, which means it is easy to transport or move around and requires little effort to push while mowing your lawn. In spite of its small litter box, it effectively compacts the grass and can reduce the number of stops.


The above mowers all achieve a classically striped lawn and give a beautiful finish. However, the right one to create stripes on your lawn still comes down to your individual needs. If you’re looking to buy a new mower, we definitely recommend looking at the options above to consider the best lawn mower which suits your needs.

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Utilises a powerful 1400W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease; Equipped with a large 35 litre grass box meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings
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