Best Gas/Petrol Mower Reviewed with Buyers Guide

Now I have my own home, I am on the hunt for the best petrol lawn mower for my garden. If you’re also wondering which is the best mower for your lawn, the following guide may help you in your decision.

There are very few things in this world that can evoke memories of summers in the garden like the smell of fresh-cut grass. Beautifully maintained lawns bordered by new blooms always added to the excitement of spring and promise of warmer weather.

I can vividly recall my Dad firing up the mower on weekends, it’s roar and petrol fumes mingled with the grass.

Best Gas Powered Lawn Mower Quick Result

Best Overall
Best Two
Best Three
Best Four
CRAFTSMAN M215 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled
Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch Push Gas Lawn Mower
PowerSmart DB8621CR 21 2-in-1 170cc Gas Push Lawn Mower
Snapper RP2185020 NINJA 190cc 3-in-1 RWD Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower
Best Overall
CRAFTSMAN M215 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled
Best Lightweight Mower
Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch Push Gas Lawn Mower
Best for Rough Terrain
PowerSmart DB8621CR 21 2-in-1 170cc Gas Push Lawn Mower
Best In Wet Condtions
Snapper RP2185020 NINJA 190cc 3-in-1 RWD Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

Best Gas Powered Lawn Mower Product Reviews

Craftsman M215 Petrol Lawn Mower

Best For Large Gardens

The Craftsman M215 is a 3-in-1 lawn mower designed with a powerful 159cc engine and offers rear and side discharge while providing a mulching feature. A fantastic quality about this lawn mower is that it's low maintenance and easy to start due to the presence of the recoil start and auto choke.

The lawn mower features variable speed that makes it easier to get the mowing done effectively and quickly. This makes it perfect for anyone who has a large garden or those who don't want to spend their entire day mowing. The petrol lawn mower is also equipped with a 21-inch cutting desk specifically for medium to large-sized yards.


The lawnmower is self-propelled, which helps make the labor involved in lawn mowing less intensive and aids in getting the job done faster.

Certain materials are included in the design of the Craftsman M215, which gives it the ability to start quickly.

The lawnmower is manufactured with a 3-in-1 feature that discharges grass through the deck's opening and mulches the lawn and bags it for disposal. All this has impacted the way I mow my grass and made the process more pleasant.

The six height adjustments make it easy for anyone to work with the optimal ergonomics comfortably. This feature reduces the risk of back pain that's commonly experienced when mowing the lawn for an extended period.


The lawn mower’s handle is said to be not the most comfortable handle and can lead to the user experiencing some discomfort.

Yard Machines Gas Push Lawn Mower

Best Value For Money

Most gas lawn mowers have a reputation for being loud. The Yard Machines are specially designed to ensure that lawn mowing is kept relatively quiet, yet still can effectively get the job done. This piece of equipment is made incredibly durable with cast-iron cylinder sleeves that are water-resistant.

Its 20-inch cutting desk is equipped to side discharge and a suitable for small to medium-sized gardens. This is a personal favorite of mine and works perfectly to sculpt my lawn into tip-top shape. Another great feature that I find to be very useful with my grass is that the lawn mower redistributes the grass cuttings which provide nutrients to the soil and freshly-cut lawn.


This affordable lawn mower offers excellent quality materials that are heavy-duty and sustainable.

Maneuvering the lawn mower is very easy with the help of its lightweight feature. I found that I didn't have to break my back to mow my lawn.

Adjusting the handle of your lawn mower to your optimum height is easy with its triple adjustment system.

The lawn mower is equipped to accommodate good ergonomics with the addition of big plastic wheels and a comfortable handle.


Steering the lawn mower accurately and effortlessly is hindered as a push-along rear-wheel-drive is absent in the design. Not having this can be unpleasant, but the lawn mower was still able to provide a lot of support when I made use of it to mow my garden.

PowerStart DB8621 CR Lawn Mower

Easiest To Carry

This PowerStart lawn mower is equipped with an efficient 170 cc engine, which creates a significant amount of power in a lightweight package. The compact-sized lawn mower is easy to use. The lightweight feature makes maneuvering around the garden effortless, while the pull start is simple and can be done in seconds.

The lawn mower is equipped with 2-in-1 capabilities of side discharging and mulching. The grass clippings are automatically spread throughout your garden. I love this feature as I'm able to return nutrients back into my lawn's soil. This has an incredible effect on my grass, and it tends to grow back thicker and healthier.


The eight-inch rear wheels provide the lawn mower's ability to move around your garden quickly.

Equipped with the five-position height adjustment, you can choose what length you'd like your grass to be cut. I found this feature to be very handy when I cleaned up my garden and mowed any weeds and overgrowth away. I was blown away by how quickly I was able to remove all of my garden's imperfections, and the adjustment was straightforward, too.


The engine's size makes the lawn mower unable to handle mowing more extensive gardens.

Starting the lawn mower and cutting your grass is very noisy. This is understandable as gas lawn mowers are known to be a lot louder. However, this may not go down well with your neighbors if you want to give your grass a little trim on a Sunday morning.

Snapper Ninja RP2185020 Lawn Mower

Best Extra Features

Briggs & Stratton 850 series engine is used to provide useful and reliable power to the lawn mower. It has an excellent starting system, which ensures that the mower is ready to start whenever you are.

The company promises that there is no choking or priming, and it's entirely true. My experience of using the Snapper Ninja lawn mower was a dream, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Your walk behind traction is improved thanks to rear-wheel-drive being included in the design. You can easily maneuver around your garden without damaging the lawn. The 3-in-1 feature allows you to collect your grass clippings and redistribute them back into the soil, which provides your ground with more nutrients to improve your lawn's health.


Moving the lawn mower around the grass is quickly done with the help of rear-wheel-drive.

You're guaranteed to have this lawn mower for many seasons with its stamped steel mower deck and solid steel axle that ensures long-lasting performance. These features aid in making the product more durable. The manufacturers of the Snapper Ninja lawn mower are so confident that a three-year warranty is provided if you experience any issues.

A variable speed feature is provided, giving you the ability to quickly get your mowing done without sacrificing the quality of the cutting. I adore this feature as mowing isn't my favorite thing to do, and the variable speed helps me motor threw it.


Warm starting the lawn mower my take a few minutes for it to start up again. Warm starting happens when you stop using the lawn mower for a little bit and then return to start it again, and the engine is still warm from your last session of mowing.

Must Know Petrol Lawn Mower Info

What Is A Petrol Lawn Mower And How Does It Work?

Petrol lawn mowers are one of the most recognisable home gardening hardware items. Gone are the days of painstakingly trimming your lawn with a push or ‘reel’ mower - which relied purely on manpower.

Modern lawn mowers are known as ‘rotary mowers’ consist of a small petrol motor which spins a horizontal blade at high speed to cut grass on contact. Most motors are four stroke and use minimal unleaded fuel.

The blade is safely contained in what’s known as a deck, which also stops the cut grass, stones and sticks from being flung about. The deck sits atop four wheels, and the petrol motor sits on top of the deck. Add a handle with throttle/brake control and you have your basic lawn mower.

Some will also have a ‘catcher’ for the grass clippings. Simply start up the engine, and push the mower around to achieve a consistently cut, even lawn.

Types Of Petrol Lawn Mowers

There are two main types of petrol lawn mowers:

Push Petrol Lawn Mower

Still requiring some physical exertion to push the mower around, a push mowers motor only spins the cutting blade. Better suited to level yards and smaller spaces, they tend to be less expensive than self-propelled mowers.

Self-Propelled Mower

As the name suggests, the motor in these mowers is also responsible for propelling the machine forward. Self-propelled mowers makes for a much less labour intensive experience for the user. They are best for larger yards or sloped lawns where you’ll be glad of the extra help.

How To Choose The Right Petrol Lawn Mower For Your Home

You may think that just wandering down to your local hardware store and picking any old mower will be fine. It may be, but given it represents a larger financial investment and one you want to last, it pays to do your research. There are some common errors many people make when choosing a lawn mower. To avoid these mistakes, you should be considering a few basic points.

Some of these points cross over with lawnmower types above. We will go further into additional features you may like further on.

Size And Type Of Lawn

Ensure the machine is big enough to manage the length of time required and the terrain you’re mowing. Check the cutting width and catcher bag size. As a guide choose 28-35cm cutting width for small lawns, for a medium lawn: 35-40cm and for medium/larger lawns 40cm upwards is ideal.

Push Or Self-Propelling

Are you willing and able to push the mower along, or would rather some help? If a push mower is fine for your needs, just be sure the weight of the machine is on the lower side.

Self Or Pull Start

All mowers will have the choice of self-start via an ignition button, or pull start. Pull start can be a little trickier to get the hang of and requires some strength and exertion to fire the motor to life. Pull start can be a challenge, so consider who will be using the lawn mower.


Similar to the above, who will be using the machine, can they safely maneuver it? Even a self propelling machine can be awkward to move when placing back into storage.


Of course you need to factor in what is a realistic price for your budget and work the other considerations around that and what is available. Expensive doesn't automatically mean great, cheap might have you buying twice.

What Are The Advantages To Petrol Lawn Mowers And What Features Should I Look For?

One of the best things about having your own mower is how quickly and easily you can freshen up your lawn. No need to pay for a gardener, waiting for them to be available or to fit into your schedule. By choosing a petrol lawn mower over a more modern electric lawn mower, you are making it easier than ever.

Safety wise, there are no cables to risk tripping over or accidentally cutting. Because there is no need to be tethered to a power source, you can mow wherever and whenever you need. Additionally, petrol powered motors are usually more powerful and effective than electric so your mower will be more likely to perform well time after time.

In addition to the base criteria above, there are some extra features you may like to consider:

  • Safety, does it have an automatic switch off if the blade becomes entangled?
  • Mulch catcher, do you want the grass clippings to be automatically collected in a grass box for disposal? Or are you okay with them remaining on the lawn?
  • Height Settings will allow you to control how closely you would like the lawn to be cut. It is also handy when mowing areas with an uneven surface as you can set it higher to skim any raised areas. Consider how adjustable the handles are for user height comfort also.
  • Warranty as with any machine, working parts means things can break or go awry. It’s a good idea to ensure your lawn mower has a warranty for at least 12 months.

So if you've decided on a petrol lawn mower for your yard and want to see what is available for your specific needs, read on to discover some reviews of our favourite products. Hopefully, we can help you make the right choice for your home.

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