How to Pick the Best Fence Panels

If building fences sounds like your worst nightmare, keep reading. Picking the best fence panels for your yard shouldn't be a stressful situation. With our buying guide, deciding which fence panels are the best for your space can be easy and hassle free.

Purchasing the best fence panels for your garden is an easy way to keep your space safe and intruder free. Building your own fences panels may seem like a challenge. With a little help from us, procuring the proper fencing for your yard couldn't be easier. Once you have your new fence panels installed, painting your new garden fence can help with getting the final design touch and getting extra protection against the elements.

Not only have we made finding the best fence panels easy, but we have also provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding fence installation and strong garden fencing options.

Now let's get into reviewing our top picks.

Forest Featheredge Fence Panel

Best Overall

The Forest Featheredge Fence Panel is made from sustainably sourced timber and has been treated to protect against rot. These fence panels come in packs of three and are each 4ft in length. Forest Featheredge Fence Panels are a great choice for those who want protection for their garden spaces.

This product was built to last and has been widely celebrated for its high quality strength and durability. You can't go wrong if you chose these fence panels. They are among the best fence panels available.


This panel is sustainably sourced

Built to last

Guaranteed to not rot for up to 10 years


Truly, these fence panels have no downside. If protection and privacy is what you are looking for, these could be the best fence panels for you.

Overlap Waney Fence Panel

Most Cost Efficient

If traditional fencing is what you are after, the Overlap Waney Fence Panel might be the best fence paneling for you. Made from dipped and treated timber wood, the Overlap Waney Fence Panels were designed to protect your garden all while staying strong.

These fence panels come in 6 x 6 framed panels, making it the perfect size to support the entire range of your garden. Additionally, they are known for being stronger than most, as well as cheaper than most, making them a solid choice if your budget is low.


This panel offers strong support

Treated to protect against rotting wood

Cost efficient

Designed for garden protection


There are stronger and higher quality panels on the market

Hit & Miss Fence Panel

Most Practical

If the looks of traditional fence posts appeals to you, these fence panels are sure to be a hit (rather than a miss). Made from high quality pine wood that has been treated to protect your posts from rotting, these panels are both structurally sound and an aesthetically pleasing complement to your garden. The panels are 180 cm x 180 cm and each post is 3.3 cm thick.


Aesthetically uniform

This panel is made from high quality wood


Difficult to assemble

Not as sturdy as some of its competitors

More on the pricy side

Forest Garden Europa Prague Screen

Most Contemporary

If you are looking for fence panels that are sure to turn heads and give you the privacy you need, the Forest Garden Europa Prague Screen panels might be the ones for you. Not only are these fencing panels built to last and ensure rot protection for up to 15 years, they are also very nice looking.

Made from sustainably sourced timber, these fencing panels are close to perfect. The panels come in packs of four, each 1.8 m high, which is sure to protect the entire range of your space.


Well designed

Sustainably sourced wood

Rot protection for longer than its competitors


Not as durable as some of the other options on the market

Forest Garden Forest Fence

Best For Rot Protection

From the brand Forest Garden comes yet another product that is sure to give your garden the proper privacy you are seeking. These fence panels are made from timber that has been treated to ensure protection against rotting for up to 15 years. More simplistic in design than its Europa Prague Screen counterpart, these panels mean business.

If you want fencing that is built to last and high quality, consider purchasing these posts. The Forest Garden Forest Fence comes in packs of 3, each 6 ft in length.



High quality wood

Long lasting protection against rotting


Lesser known product

Less aesthetically pleasing than some of its competitors

What is the Strongest Type of Fencing?

There is a lot of dispute over the strongest type of fencing available. There are several criteria that fencing must meet in order to be considered strong.

Good fencing needs to be durable, supportive, and long lasting in order to be strong enough to protect your space. In addition to being strong, these fences need to be able to withstand any weather conditions and wear and tear that might occur throughout the years.

Below, we have broken down the many different types of fencing available. All of these options make for great fences, it is up to you to decide which fence is right for your home.

Close Board Fencing

Close board fences are known for being both strong and durable, making it one of the best options for panel fencing. Close board fencing is made from vertical wood panels that have been placed overlapping one another to create a panel of protection around your space. Close board fencing is most typical for garden spaces because they are known for being taller, offering you both privacy and security.

The Overlap Waney fence panel and the Forest Featheredge fence panel are both terrific examples of this style. For garden spaces, close board panels are some of the best fence panels.


This type of fencing is great for garden spaces

They are tall and offer a good amount of privacy

They are neat and uniform in aesthetic


They can be on the more expensive side as far as fencing projects go

They need upkeep and also require occasional maintenance

Larch Lap Fencing

Larch lap fencing differs from close board fencing because it involves horizontal panels rather than vertical panels. Larch lap fencing is a great option for those of you who need a budget friendly fencing option. These panels tend to be less expensive.

The Forest Garden Forest fence from our product roundup is a great example of larch lap fencing. It is important to note that larch lap fencing is less durable than close board fencing and thus can not stand its own against certain weather conditions.


Larch Lap fencing is cheap

Great protection for garden spots


  • Not as durable as its alternatives
  • May need maintenance from time to time

Picket Fencing

The traditional picket fence is something many of you are probably quite familiar with. Due to the space between the boards of wood in this style of fencing, picket fencing, also known as timber palisades, can be a great option for protection against weather conditions such as wind.

The reason some people stay away from picket fencing is due to the lack of privacy this style of fence affords. Picket fencing can be made from wood or PVC panels.


Offers protection against wind

Traditional fence aesthetics


Lack of Privacy

They are not as tall as larch lap or close board so you do not get the same amount of protection

Upkeep is required

Hit and Miss Fencing

Hit and Miss style fencing is another great option for a garden fence. Though not as traditional in style as the picket fence, many people gravitate towards hit and miss fencing aesthetics. Hit and miss fencing is created by fastening horizontal boards to the front and back of the wood panels. The result is a secure fence that is sure to help protect the range of your garden.

An example of hit and miss fencing is the hit and miss fence panel from our garden fence roundup.


Contemporary fence aesthetic

The space between the boards allow for less wind resistance, making these fence panels less susceptible to the elements

Offers both the protection and the security you need


This style of garden fence tends to be more expensive

You need lots of maintenance if you want your hit and miss fencing to look good

Weeds can grow between the boards, this can get pretty annoying

Are there Alternatives to Wood Fencing?

Maybe wood fencing isn't your thing. Do not fear, there are also plenty of other options to protect your garden.

One alternative is to use concrete posts instead of timber posts. With a concrete post, there is less of a concern about wood rotting and therefore less maintenance is required. Also, concrete is much more durable and can handle any weather condition. While concrete tends to cost more, with less maintenance and more durability guaranteed, it could be worth the investment.

Vinyl fencing is another wood fence alternative. While it doesn't offer the wood fence aesthetic you may have hoped for, there are a lot of positives to choosing a vinyl fence.

Vinyl can hold its own against the most extreme weather conditions and can protect your garden. Vinyl fence panels do not rot and therefore require less maintenance. If you don't like the look of vinyl, it is extremely easy to paint over and you can end up with the garden fence of your dreams and twice the protection.

More sustainable than vinyl fence panels, a chain link fence is another available option for your yard. If your budget is low, a chain link fence may be the best way to go. The best parts about having a chain link fence are that the entire range of your yard is be protected and that chain link is truly built to last.

This type of fence can stand up to the harshest weather conditions and because of its material makeup, you need to do little to no upkeep. However, a chain link fence is not going to give you the same amount of privacy as a wood panel fence, so keep that in mind as you are making the decision that is best for your space.

If durability is really what you are searching for when it comes to buying the best fence, you may want to consider a wrought iron fence. While a wrought iron fence is not going to give you the same home and garden aesthetic of a traditional wood panel fence, there is simply no better option when it comes to strength and longevity.

Wrought iron might not be the best fence in terms of looks, but it is most certainly the best fence in terms of protecting your space. A wrought iron fence can withstand just about anything you or the weather decide to throw its way. No help is needed to maintain your wrought iron fence because maintenance is not required.


Now that you have learned about all the fence panel options that are available to you, its time to announce the winner of our fence panel product round up.

The winner of our product round up is...drumroll please...the Forest Featheredge fence panels! With absolutely no downsides to be found, the Forest Featheredge fence panels are a clear winner in our eyes. These are truly some of the best fence panels available. Not only are the wood boards sustainably sourced, these fence panels are all around built to last. If you decide to purchase these fences, low maintenance is a guarantee. These really are some of the best fence panels money can buy.

In second place we have...the Forest Garden Forest Fence. These fence panels are made from high quality wood and can last for up to 10 years before maintenance is required. If protection is what you need, you can't go wrong with choosing this fence panel.

Finally, in third place and just as strong of a fence panel contender as any...the Overlap Waney fence panel. Not only are these fence panels affordable, but they are well made and built to last. A proper fence panel needs to protect against rotting while supporting your yard.

With the Overlap Waney fence panel, it is easy to get the support you need, without having to fork over more money than you have to spend. A bonus for the Overlap Waney fence panels is that they were designed especially for garden use. If you are looking for the perfect fence panel and boards for your garden space, you may need to consider the Overlap Waney fence panel.

We hope you have learned a little bit more about fence panels and boards. Picking the correct fence panels and boards for your space does not have to be a scary task. With so many options for fence panel styles, there is no doubt in our mind that the perfect fence panel is out there waiting for you.

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