The 5 Best Garden Shears To Buy Online

There are dozens of options on the shelves for the best garden shears from clippers made out of carbon steel to those with aluminium handles. You can even get telescopic hedge shears now. With so many brands on the market, it’s hard to know where to spend your money.

After a lot of research and thought we drew up a list of the best gardening shears that are worth your money.

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Hand Garden Shears

Best Overall

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A super tough range the Razorsharp Steel collection has tubular steel handles for extra strength and durability designed to meet the most demanding needs. Telescopic tubular steel handles for maximum strength extending to 525mm for easier cutting of hard to reach or high growth.

C50 carbon steel blades for lasting sharpness

  • Polished and lacquered blades for rust resistance
  • Soft feel comfort grips
  • Blade notched for cutting thicker stems
  • 10-year guarantee

Gardena Comfort Hedge Clippers

Close Runner Up

GARDENA Comfort Hedge Clippers 570: Convenient garden shears for...

Gardena is one of the biggest and best manufacturers of garden tools in the world. But does this pair of shears live up to their expected quality? In our opinion yes. These are excellent hedge shears.

One thing we wanted to also mention is that there seems to be some confusion about these shears. People have emailed us to ask if they are telescopic? The answer is NO they are not telescopic hedge clippers


  • Warranty. Believe it or not, these hand shears actually come with a warranty, which is extremely rare with this kind of product. Not only that, this warranty lasts for an incredible 25 years, which is simply amazing. You’ll look a long time to find garden shears with this type of guarantee.
  • Comfort grip. These blades come with special ergonomic grips which also have built-in shock absorbers and gel padding. These are the best hedge shears for people with sensitive hands. They are especially recommended for older people who have trouble trimming their hedge or bushes.
  • Lightweight. Special mention needs to be made of the lightness of these hedge shears. Believe it or not, they weigh only 690g. This makes them unbelievably light compared to the other blades on this list.


  • Short blades. The blades on these garden shears are very short and actually quite tiny for some reason. This limits your ability to cut through thick branches. In our opinion, this product is really only for cutting your hedge and for thin stems.
  • Expensive. Due to the many features on these garden shears (And also the fact that Gardena is an internationally known brand name) they are extremely expensive when compared to other shears. They are actually more than twice as expensive than any of the other hedge shears on this list.
  • Stiff. When we first started using these shears they were extremely stiff. They were actually quite hard to open and close. To overcome this, we had to squirt a little oil where the two blades connected.

Lightweight Garden Shears

Best Budget Shears

Lightweight Garden Shears

Like the Spear Jackson clippers, which are covered below, these hedge shears are some of the strongest we’ve ever seen. They are made out of one continuous piece of aluminium alloy. Attached to these are two razor-sharp carbon steel blades, which seem like they can cut through anything.

These are also some of the lightest hand shears we’ve used so far. The handles have holes punched into them to reduce overall weight. This makes them perfect for people who are tired of lugging around heavy garden shears.


  • Long handles. The handles on these hedge shears are very long. These are excellent for reaching up into trees and deep into hedges. The longer handles also make cutting easier and allow you to snip off thicker branches.
  • Light weight. These are some of the lightest shears we have ever tried. These hedge shears weigh almost nothing and using them is a cinch. You could spend the entire day in your garden with these shears and it’s unlikely that your arms would get tired.
  • Value for money. Considering the low cost of these shears and their quality, this product is excellent value for money.


  • Uncomfortable handles. The aluminium handles are extremely hard and uncomfortable. After only cutting a few branches, we found our hands becoming sore and had trouble cutting. If you have only a few branches then this shouldn’t be a big deal, but with bigger jobs, it could become a problem.
  • No gear mechanism. Unlike the other cutting shears we’ve reviewed, these do not have gears that make trimming easier. You have to use brute strength to make them work, and this could be a turn off for some people.
  • Go blunt easily. For some reason, the steel blades on these hedge shears went blunt very quickly. After only a few hours of use, we found it difficult to cut branches and felt like we needed to get them sharpened. Upon inspecting the blades we also observed that the steel was not the best quality.

Davaon Pro Geared Garden Hedge Shears

Best For Easy Cuts

Davaon Pro Heavy-Duty Gardening Shears with Lightweight Anti-Slip...

If you specifically want shears for gardening, then do yourself a favour and buy a pair of Davaon shears. These shears feature carbon steel blades, which mean they are ultra-sharp and never go dull.

These blades can essentially cut through anything, even the most stubborn and toughest branches. Not only that, but they also have special gears that make them easier to use (Almost like gears on a bike). For people who have trouble cutting through tough branches and stems these shears feel like a godsend. They go through branches like a hot knife through butter!


  • Long lasting carbon steel blades. These blades don’t have to be sharpened – ever. Plus they are coated with a non-stick formula to make them go through branches easier!
  • Powerful gears that make cutting easier. This is a unique innovation that makes cutting easier. It saves you energy when cutting branches and also saves you time because you can cut quicker.
  • These pruning shears are lightweight. In fact, they weigh hardly anything and feel light as a feather. You can cut for hours without getting tired! This is a great feature, especially for older people who can’t use heavy tools.


  • Handles are far too short. As you may know the longer the handles the easier it is to cut. This is just physics and because the handles are so short it means that you need quite a lot of strength to cut through thicker branches. It means that you can’t reach up to prune tall trees.
  • These hedge shears are quite flimsy and are badly put together. It doesn’t seem as if they last very long. These are not the type of shears that you have for years.

Davaon Pro Garden Hedge Shears

Davaon Pro Garden Shears - Best Gardening Tool for Easy Cutting and...

Another product made by the Davaon garden shear company is this time. These shears are almost the same as the previous model. The only real difference is that they do not have the specialized gear mechanism that makes cutting easier.

That being said, this really isn’t that big of a deal. Your average garden hedge has thin branches that are easy to cut through, so gears are not really something that you need. Also, like the previous model, they have carbon steel blades, which are extremely sharp and durable.


  • Longer blades. These blades are longer, which means you can reach deeper into your hedges to cut off specific branches.
  • Wavy blade design. The second blade is wavy. This helps you grip the branch and stops it from sliding against the blade. This is often a problem with cheaper shears, and it can make cutting more difficult.
  • Rubberized grips. These garden shears have rubber handles. This is a big help when doing large cutting jobs. Anyone who gardens knows that after several hours of pruning, your hands can become quite sore. These special handles help to prevent that and make working for hours a breeze.


  • Extremely heavy. We found these garden hedge shears to be quite heavy compared to the Davaon pruning shears reviewed above. After several hours of cutting, we were exhausted.
  • Quite expensive. These shears are slightly more expensive than what you would find in other clippers. For what you’re getting, it’s hard to say if they are actually worth it.
  • Short handles. Although they have longer blades, this is offset by the fact that the handles are quite short. This can make it difficult to reach hard to get places with these garden shears.

Draper Heritage Range Garden Shears

Draper 36791 Straight Edges Heritage Garden Shear, 230mm

These are classic garden shears with wooden grips. Actually, everything about these shears is classy. The handles are made from solid ash, which is some of the hardest wood available. This wood doesn’t crack nor break and is tough enough for any type of job.

In addition to this, these shears have stainless steel blades, which are sharp enough to cut through the toughest stems, branches, and roots. All in all, these are high-quality hedge shears that last as long as you need them.


  • Non-stick coating. The blades are covered in a non-stick material. This is great when you’re cutting through green stems. As we’re sure you know green material is often filled with moisture or sap, and this can quickly gum up your blades making them stick together. This non-stick coating is great for preventing that.
  • Blade tension adjuster. There is a knob on the blades, which allows you to adjust the tension on them. This means that you can make the blades very easy or very difficult to open and close.
  • Attractive. Most of the products on this list are ugly and functional. These actually look nice!


  • Wooden handles. Although these wooden handles may seem classy and elegant the truth is that they can hurt like hell. If you have delicate hands and a big pruning job you more than likely have blisters afterwards. These are definitely the type of hedge shears where you have to wear gloves afterwards.
  • Poor construction. This is another problem with the wooden handles, which are badly constructed. Unlike a solid piece of metal where everything fits together nicely these handles had to be attached separately, and it shows. They are not solid and felt as if they would one day fall apart.
  • Very heavy. These shears are made from solid wood and have steel blades. This makes them a lot heavier than any of the other shears we have reviewed and this is something that you should think about before you purchase them.

Which of These are the Best Garden Shears?

If you need garden shears, hedge shears the Spear Jackson Razorsharp is your best option is. These shears are the best we’ve found so far and they are highly recommended.


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