Best Ratcheting Screwdriver For Your Home Toolbox

I often find myself in complex DIY projects, and one of the most important tools that I keep on my cabinet is - a very handy - ratcheting screwdriver. Traditional screwdrivers often feel tiring and annoying for your wrists since you always have to adjust the bit to the screw head to keep turning the screwdriver; by using a ratcheting screwdriver, you don't have to worry about any of that!

Best Ratcheting Screwdriver Top Picks

Stanley Bit-Set with Mini Ratchet
7 in 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set
AmazonBasics 42-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set
Draper 46479 Ratchet Screwdriver
Stanley Bit-Set with Mini Ratchet
7 in 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set
AmazonBasics 42-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set
Draper 46479 Ratchet Screwdriver

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What Is A Good Quality Ratcheting Screwdriver?

If you don't know what a ratcheting screwdriver is, I may be about to change your life! Ratcheting screwdrivers are like regular screwdrivers, with the difference that the ratcheting one has a mechanism that allows it to lock the bit onto the screw head. This means that you can turn your screwdriver without having to lose your grip or readjust the bit every single time you turn.

Ratcheting Screwdriver Product Reviews

Stanley Bit Set With Mini Ratchet

Best Overall

Maybe you don't want a large screwdriver set, but just a small tool that can help you with tight spots. If that's the case, this is one of the best ratcheting screwdrivers to get. It comes with a nice, comfortable ratchet head and a decent bit and socket set of 39 pieces. The ratcheting mechanism has two options: Tightening and loosening.

I like this screwdriver because it feels perfect in your hand, and it has a smooth but strong ratcheting mechanism. This one is perfect to use for small but demanding work.


It has a 39-piece bit and socket set, which makes it suitable for many types of work.

It has a magnetic bit holder.

Users have reported that the box is of very high quality.


The set, along with the ratchet, is very small.

It's more expensive than other portable options.

Draper Ratchet Screwdriver Set

Best Quality

I like this ratchet screwdriver a lot because it helps with working on small spaces; there are some tight spaces in my home where I cannot fit in a regular screwdriver, making it uncomfortable to unscrew some things. These ratcheting screwdrivers come in small sizes and also a compact bit storage box. This set comes with 20 chrome vanadium steel bits and 20 precision bits.

These handles are designed to be small, but comfortable to use, while also providing a smooth ratcheting experience. You can also find a small storage compartment at the end of the screwdriver's handle if you want easy access to some bits. Overall, this is the best ratchet screwdriver to get if you want a quality product that allows you to get to those small zones in your home comfortably.


It's compact.

The set includes an additional precision screwdriver, along with the ratcheting one.

It has a wide variety of bits that cover the basic screw heads


The plastic lid of the box is not very resistant.

Some users report that the ratcheting mechanism on the screwdriver wears-out fast if you use it for harder work.

It may not be comfortable to use for big-hand users.

Seven-In-One Ratcheting Screwdriver

Best Mini Pocket Set

Do you just need a spare screwdriver for some small jobs? Then this is the best ratchet screwdriver for you! These screwdrivers feature a little but soft rubber handle, which makes them fantastic for quick use. It also offers seven security bits, four Phillip bits, and three flatheads, which can be enough if you're looking to use it for simple stuff.

These ratcheting screwdrivers don't come with a bit storage unit, but it does come with a storage compartment on the end of the handle for easier access to the bits. One thing I love about these ratcheting screwdrivers is that they have a simple but effective ratcheting mechanism, providing you with three settings for the ratcheting action: Tightening, loosening, and locking. These are the best ratchet screwdrivers you can find if you're on a budget.


You can carry it anywhere easily.

The bit holder is magnetic, which means that the bits won't loosen up when using them.

It's affordable


It is not suitable for harder or more advanced work.

It may be uncomfortable to use for people with big hands.

Some users report that getting the bits out of the holder is too hard.

Sciencey Dual-Head Ratcheting Screwdriver

The thing I like the most about this one is its dual-head feature because it makes the work faster. You have a simultaneous bit and socket holder, located on the right end of the screwdriver, so you don't have to check your toolbox all the time, you got everything you need right there!

It is also conveniently small; the handle is only four inches long, making it perfect for close quarters. It's designed to be durable and easy to use; it is definitely one of the best ratchet screwdrivers for me!


Its dual-head feature makes the work faster and easier.

Its size makes it convenient for working in small spaces anywhere.


Not come with many bits.

Does not come with a case.

The storage compartment for the bits and sockets is too small.

MultiWare Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

Best For Durability

I want my ratchet screwdrivers efficient and durable, and this set is designed for that. The most remarkable feature about this set is that it's made the security bits and sockets are made from chrome vanadium, and they also are fully hardened and tempered, which makes them stronger.

One of the things that I like the most about this one is that it also comes with a variety of extensions (including a flexible one!), which makes any kind of task you may do at home more comfortable.


Efficient and durable.

Different kinds of extension bars.

Sturdy and durable case.


Not suited for big tasks such as taking out spark plugs.

AmazonBasics 42-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set

Best For Expanding Bit Collection

If you already own a ratcheting screwdriver and want to expand your bit collection, this set is the way to go! It comes with 42 screwdriver bits, which can cover most of your needs. The bits are compatible with almost any screwdriver or driving power tool.

The bits are also designed to handle high-torque impact drivers. This is perfect if you're looking to do some heavy or big tasks and don't want your bits to wear-out fast.


Wide variety of bits.

Engineered tips for better strength.

Portable and sturdy box.


Include a handle or ratchet head.

It's more expensive compared to other sets.

Ratcheting Screwdriver Information

Are Ratcheting Screwdrivers Good?

They are a significant upgrade from regular screwdrivers! The last updated sets of ratchet screwdrivers come with a wide variety of bits and extra features, which add up to a complete experience. Using a ratchet screwdriver definitely makes your work easier and faster since you don't have to continually worry about adjusting the security bit to the screw head. It's all about having a more comfortable and effective experience, and ratcheting screwdrivers offer just that.

How Do You Use A Ratcheting Screwdriver?

It's pretty straightforward; most ratchet screwdrivers come with two or three ratcheting mechanisms. To start using it, you have to place a bit on the holder, adjust the ratchet to tighten, loosen, or lock (depending on what you need), and you're done! Adjust the bit to the screw head once, and you can begin to screw or unscrew with ease.

Keep in mind that you don't have to adjust your wrist every time you turn, you just have to change the ratchet mechanism to whatever direction you want to turn, and you're done.

How To Choose The Best Ratcheting Screwdriver For You

Do you want your new screwdriver, just for household tasks, or are you looking for an all-purpose option? Your answer can dictate which set fits your necessities the best. Every set basically covers the same things, but some of them are designed to perform better on small spaces, others work the best on big, hard tasks.

You may find many other brands not mentioned here, such as a Dewalt ratchet screwdriver. While the brand can also be important, you need to keep an eye out for quality materials; do that, and you're good to go.

You have to also keep in mind the type of security bits included on the set that you're buying. Although most of them come with the basic bits, you need to check if the particular set that you want includes the bits that you need. If you want to keep it safe, I'd recommend going for the MultiWare Ratcheting Screwdriver Set, which provides for the most extensive set of bits from every other product in this article.

You can find a wide variety of ratcheting screwdrivers online in Amazon including the ones in this article. Be sure to look at the features and reviews before buying!


We looked at many ratcheting screwdrivers, and each one has its particular features, but the best set that I found is without a doubt, the Stanley Bit-Set with Mini Ratchet. It covers most of the light and heavy work you may have; it also comes with a broad set of bits, which can cover almost anything. It is a comfortable screwdriver that gets the job done fast and effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a ratcheting screwdriver?

    A ratchet screwdriver allows the operator to drive in or remove a screw without pulling the screwdriver out of the screw head. This works by a mechanism in the screwdriver applying force in one direction and moves freely in the opposite.

  • Why use a ratcheting screwdriver?

    Using a ratcheting screwdriver can make your work easier and faster as you don't have to readjust your position on the screw with every turn.

  • How do you use a ratcheting screwdriver?

    1. Insert the correct bit for screw into screwdriver hole firmly. Most screwdrivers hold the bit in place with a magnet, others require you to twist the bit into place.
    2. Adjust the ratchet tab to drive the screw in or remove. Push the tab down to drive in or pull the tab up to remove the screw.
    3. Insert the screwdriver into the screw head and turn without removing the screwdriver between turns.

  • Are ratcheting screwdrivers good?

    A ratcheting screwdriver has advantages as the tool makes the process quicker and smoother than using a regular screwdriver, which puts less strain on your wrist. The ratchet screwdriver is more practical in tight places.

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Draper Redline 67543 Ratcheting Screwdriver...
Ratcheting screwdriver with chrome plated blade and powerful 1/4" magnetic bit holder.; Each set is supplied with 12 hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel
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