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What is the Best Flashlight Available Today?

What's the best flashlight available on the market today? In this review, we cover a couple that we found, so that you know what's out there and worth spending money on. In case you're wondering, what makes a flashlight good is usually three things.

3 Key Points To Check When Buying a Flashlight:
1. Beam Distance
2. Maximum Output In Lumens
3. Brightness Levels

Everything else is usually an extra. These usually include things like adjustable settings or the actual housing of the flashlight, or the grip and size. None of these are really that important. Remember, the above three things are what really matter. So keep these in mind when trying to decide on the best flashlight for your purposes.

Flashlight Product Reviews

Novostella Rechargeable CREE LED Torch

Best Overall Choice

Now this is a tactical flashlight! Its one of the most powerful torches we've reviewed with a 300 lumens output one setting and a whopping 500 lumens on the other. With this many lumens, you could light up anything. It also has a wide range of features that put it well ahead of the pack. This includes things like a waterproof housing, USB charging and power indicators.


Multi-function. This flashlight is multifunctional and has a spotlight in front and a lantern on the side. It also has a red flashing mode, which can be used to draw attention if you get into trouble. In addition to this, both the lantern and spotlight have a high and low mode.

Rechargeable. This flashlight has a USB connection and can be recharged in a wide variety of places including anywhere that has a USB port such as your laptop.

Handle. Unlike most flashlights, this one has a handle. This means you can comfortably hold it while you're out and about. It also has a shoulder strap, which is great for when you're walking or need to use your hands somewhere.


Size. This is one of the biggest flashlights on the market and has many moving parts. It is big and bulky and isn't going to fit into a small bag. If you're looking for something small and convenient that you can use in a cinch, this isn't it.

Sealed unit. This flashlight is sealed and this is a big drawback. The reality is that eventually, the batteries won't recharge anymore. When this happens, there's basically nothing you can do about it because the flashlight is sealed.

Cheap. For all of its features, this flashlight seems cheaply made. In fact, it seems as if the many features are there to distract from its cheapness. It also seems like the type of flashlight that would stop working in about six months. Whether this is true or not who knows, but it certainly seems like it.

Streamlight 75980 Stinger LED HPL Rechargeable Flashlight

Best For Water Resistance

The Streamlight Stinger is one of your run of the mill LED flashlights and has a great output in lumens. The only difference between it and other flashlights is the fact that it uses a rechargeable battery. It also has three light settings, traditionally, which is for general usage. High lumens, which gives you maximum illumination and brightness.

Finally, you have high-performance high lumens, which gives you optimal beam distance. With these settings, you can adjust between lumens, which is great, depending on what you're doing, and also helps to save battery life.


Unbreakable lens. The lens is made from unbreakable polycarbonate plastic and is also coated with a special scratch-resistant coating. This flashlight has one of the best and strongest lenses of any we've tried.

Rechargeable. This flashlight has rechargeable batteries, which can be charged 1000 times. This is much more convenient than having to buy batteries the whole time.

Water resistant. This is a good feature in case you're out in the rain one day. It also means that this flashlight can be used underwater.


No charger. Believe it or not, this flashlight doesn't actually come with a charger. This is a massive drawback and really detracts from this product to be honest.

Battery. The fact is that even if it does have a rechargeable battery it might eventually wear out. This means that you have to find a replacement battery and this can be a pain. Whether the torch or the battery wears out first who can say.

Grip. In our experience the grip often becomes slippery and this flashlight can be difficult to hold onto.

DEWALT DCL040 20V MAX LED Flashlight

Best For Positioning

The first thing you may notice about this flashlight is its unique design. This powerful torch has a maximum output of 110 lumens and the adjustable head means its best for working in hard to reach places.

This flashlight can also be hung up, meaning its good for illuminating areas such as the undersides of motor vehicles or anywhere that you need to work hands-free. It provides enough lumens for lightening up even the darkest areas where there may be no other sources of light.


Rotating head. The head of this flashlight can move up and down through a full 120-degree range of motion.

Low heat. Many similar flashlights can become quite hot and this can be a problem if you need to work for extended periods of time. In contrast, the Dewalt stays cool no matter how long it's on.

Tough. This flashlight has a hard-wearing body and ultra-tough housing. It's not one of those flashlights that break after being dropped two or three times.


Battery life. According to the manufacturers, you can get about 11-25 hours of light with this battery, which isn't much when you think about it. This can be a problem if you need to work for extended periods of time. You might find yourself replacing the batteries quite frequently.

Settings. This flashlight has only one setting, which can be a problem for people who are used to torches with multiple adjustable settings.

Narrow beam. This light output is quite narrow and does not diffuse throughout the room. This is great if you need to see into dark areas, but its not the best if you need to light up the entire room.

LE Torch Adjustable Focus Tactical Flashlight

Currently Not Available To Purchase

Best Tough Torch

The LE torch is an adjustable tactical flashlight. It's also one of the best flashlights we've ever seen and packs a massive punch for its small size. The output in lumens is incredible and the beam distance is an amazing 150 metres. It's also waterproof in case you like jogging in the rain.


Tiny. Unlike many of the flashlights we've reviewed so far, this one is small but powerful. Its one of the brightest torches we've seen so far and has an incredible output of 1,000 lumens. It's bright enough and small enough for any type of activity including cycling, running, or climbing.

Adjustable. You can adjust the beam simply by turning the head of the flashlight. This flashlight has two modes. The first is a penetrating spotlight beam, and the second is a bright spotlight for illuminating large areas.

1Tough. This is the best flashlight if you want something that lasts. Its made from a tough aluminium alloy and this protects it from wear and tear as well as dropping. Despite this, the flashlight is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried.


Button. Even though this is one of the best flashlights on our list, it fails in the button department. For some reason, the manufacturers have decided to use a cheap button. It felt very fragile, and we almost didn't want to turn this flashlight on and off for fear of breaking the button.

Size. While this light is tiny that can also be a big drawback. It's so small that you may actually have trouble holding it depending on the size of your hands. Its small size means that it can also be easily lost.

Heavy. Despite its small size, this light is also quite heavy for some reason. This is probably because of the aluminium housing. Keep this in mind if you're thinking about purchasing it.

FASTPRO Mini LED Flashlight

Best Quick Light For Kids

These are the type of flashlights you buy for your kids or for using around the home. Although they have a great beam distance these flashlights do not have the lumens output needed to do heavy work or if you need to see outside. The light output means they are fine if you want a flashlight for getting from your car to the front door, or if you need a bedside light. Other than that there's not much use for them.


Rubber housing. The entire flashlight is covered in a tough rubber housing, which is thick, and the best we've seen on any flashlight so far. This flashlight can survive day to day wear and tear without breaking or getting scratched. It's also the type of flashlight that you can drop a dozen times without breaking. This flashlight is also comfortable to hold, which can be a big benefit if you're using it for extended periods of time.

Battery. This flashlight comes with batteries included, which is great. They also come in a pack of 10, which is useful if you need a lot of flashlights for some reason.

Durable. These are some of the toughest flashlights on the market. They are also very simply put together and have a compact design with no bells and whistles. This makes them hard-wearing, and provided you look after them, they should last for many years.


Low output. This flashlight has a maximum output of only 30 lumens and is not what you would describe as a bright torch. Its the type of flashlight that you might use to see around the house when the lights go out. Other than that, there's not much that you can do with it.

Battery life. According to the manufacturers, it can give you can three hours of light, which is hardly anything. This definitely isn't the type of light that you would use to do work with.

Childish. We're sorry to say, but these flashlights are quite childish and almost feel like toys if you know what we mean. They do not have a great output in lumens and the beam is not very bright, which means they are almost less than useless.

So Which of These is the Best Flashlight?

After much deliberation, we've decided that the best of these is the NOVOSTELLA Rechargeable CREE LED torch. There are several reasons for this.

The main reason its the best is because of its incredible output. This light has two modes; the first of which shines at 300 lumens, and the second 500 lumens. This makes it capable of providing light for any activity. You can use it for camping, hiking, search and rescue, or virtually anything else.

The next reason why we've chosen this light is simply because of its features. It has a spotlight in front and a lantern on one side. The other side of the light has an emergency flicker that can flash red in case of trouble.

Aside from this, it also has a USB charger. Some might not see this as an advantage but most people are used to charging with USB adaptors now. You're more likely to charge electrical equipment by plugging it into your laptop than anywhere else these days.

We also think this is the best light because the battery is rechargeable. Yes, these types of batteries do have their drawbacks, but the fact is that you're eventually going to get sick to death of buying AA batteries every five minutes.

What's more, your average battery isn't cheap and the costs eventually add up. For this reason, rechargeable is best. Not only that, but the battery also has an unusually long life and can last you an entire camping trip without needing to be recharged.

Finally, what we really liked about this light was its handle. This makes carrying it so much easier and more convenient. Flashlights with handles somehow seem better. It also comes with a strap that can be adjusted or even removed.

All in all, this is by far the best light on this list. If you're looking for a great all-purpose flashlight that doesn't cost too much then this is the one to get.

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