How To Make Bicycle Storage Shed

I utilize a bicycle to get myself throughout the town. It’s the quickest method of getting around the tiny, bustling town that I reside in.

It is essential to be able to have a secure, safe and comfortable space for my bicycles and the bikes of my family. This is also called the bike storage shed.

What size is a bicycle storage space? be?

As you can see in the picture below, the fundamental dimensions for a single bike’s plan include 1.8m long, 1.07m high, and 0.56m wide.

Dimensions of Bicycle Storage

The fun begins when you need to keep more than one bike. Five people in a family could have between six and seven bikes, based on the time of year. The goal should be to make it as easy and easy as is possible for everyone, which means it should be as easy as it can be.

It’s not enjoyable to have to transport five bikes to take a 10 minute ride. It is crucial to have a bicycle shed which is big enough to allow ease of access.

It is simplest to place the bikes side-by-side on a level surface. To give a bit more room you can leave a gap of 25mm between the ends of the handlebars and the bike to be in 610mm centers.

This is very convenient since it is easy to walk along your bike and take it off of the road.

What happens if you have small amount of space to free up?

This trick is clever and lets you accommodate twice as many bikes in the same space.

The handlebars’ width was the main factor that limited the initial arrangement. The pedals are the biggest component of a bike.

The handlebars will not clash when you lift the front wheel of every bicycle by using a small ramp. They can be stored with a space of 300mm.

You can keep your bicycles in more convenient places

This technique requires an incline that raises the front wheel by 25 centimeters. This will prevent brake cables and brake levers from becoming tangled. This also permits you to lower the handlebars on tour or race bikes.

Ramp for lifting the front wheel.

A bike storage shed shouldn’t be used just for bikes.

Make sure you have sufficient storage

  • Tools
  • Track pumps are so much more practical than a frame-mounted pump
  • Helmets
  • Locks
  • Clothing/luggage etc.

It’s simple to locate everything you require quickly, as you have everything in one place. It’s not necessary to search for lost keys gloves, keys, or any other lost items. Before leaving the home.

Consider whether you’ll need to provide a covered area to maintain your bike. You could also repair the brake pads on your bike, tyres, and other problems.

If the weather is good. It is possible to have a maintenance area inside the shed. It is also possible to create an area covered in the shed to allow for maintenance of bikes.

It is possible that you will need to share your space with lawnmowers and garden tools.

What is this storage arrangement translating into?

Let’s look at how these designs can be adapted to the size of shed you need.

Bike storage cabinets

These cabinets appear to be rather tiny. For four bikes the standard size of 2.2×1.0m is sufficient. This means that the four bikes have to be leaning against one another.

If the bike you have is on the highest point, or close to the door, that’s acceptable. It’s not the best option when there are three bikes to transport before leaving.

Bike storage cabinet

Double-ended shed

A large, narrow shed with doors at both ends is a design I like. Four bikes could be put away in a narrow space that runs along the side of our home.

The box’s middle is an elevated area that ensures that the front wheels of two bikes are more high than the other bikes. This prevents the handlebars from becoming tangled, cause them to collide.

It is accessible to all bikes, there’s plenty of space for bags and storage for helmets with hooks on the eaves. An additional shed is available for my tools as well as other bikes.

Shed with double doors
The shed is built with both rear wheels with each wheel elevated to make the most of space. Double doors let bikes be removed from the shed without having to move around the space between the doors.

Double door shed – storing 4 bikes

While it’s great to have possible options, the building must be placed in the correct spot.

Bike sheds are essential due to their location.

A bike shed must be situated near the front door, so that it’s easy to get your bike away. If you wish to bike to be as quick as your car.

A small cabinet to store bikes could be set up close to the front door in order to accommodate the frequent users. You could store less frequently used bikes in your “fleet” in an enclosed shed that is located in your backyard.

Security is the last thing to consider when you are looking for the bicycle storage shed.

Security for bicycles is subjective and personal. It is all dependent on your location and the worth of your bicycles. My Ridgeback hybrid Ridgeback bike isn’t taken away. My neighbor’s PS3000 Pinarello is much more fascinating than mine!

My personal favorite analogy for security of bike storage sheds is the onion.

First, ensure that the bikes are away from the view of pedestrians and put them in a safe location. This alone could be enough.

A secure bike storage shed is the next security layer. This page will discuss shed door locks. It covers the different methods to protect your shed, while keeping your convenience.

Attach your bike to an unmovable object inside the shed that is locked. Casting a ground anchor onto the concrete base or beneath a floor of a shed made of timber is the most effective way to ensure that your bike is secured.

The Shed Equipment Anchor lets you attach your bicycle to the frame of your shed by secure fixing a bracket constructed from steel.

Make use of the Shed Equipment Anchor and D locks to secure bikes to shed’s walls

The security measures mentioned above are sufficient to stop even the most determined thieves. If your bike is stolen, you’ll have enough proof to convince your insurance provider to compensate you for your loss. This won’t cover the total loss of a prized possession however, I’m sure it will.


  • A bike shed must be big enough to let you get your bikes in and out easily. The ‘bike stuff’ you have must be stored there as well.
  • To reduce the time spent searching for your bicycle, it must be near to your home as you can.
  • To reduce the time spent searching for your bicycle, it must be located as close to your home as you can.

To make it easier to get your bike in and out and storage area, it must be located in a location that is convenient. It is all about your location, and the worth of your bike. Keep in mind the model of the onion for bicycle safety.