How to Pick the Right Size Lawn Mower?

How to Pick the Right Size Lawn Mower? All lawn mowers are the same, they have similar purposes, and have comparable features.  Do you think so?  Nah! I don’t think so!  If every lawnmower is alike, then there is no need to make reviews and comparisons, right?  

Are you scouting for a lawnmower, but you don’t know which among the myriads of lawnmowers is suitable for you?  Every manufacturer says they have the most durable, the toughest, and the best lawn mower.  So, how then can you choose if all of them boast impressive features?  Let me help you narrow down your options.    

Mistakes When Choosing a Lawnmower

Choosing a lawn mower is like finding a gem in a desert.  It is truly hard to pick from the hundreds of brands.  You will likewise be torn between choosing a petrol lawn mower or an electric mower, a rotary or a cylinder, or self propelled lawn mower or push reel mower.  That’s how difficult it is to buy a lawnmower.

Making a mistake in buying a lawnmower is an expensive move.  As much as possible, do some research before making a purchase so you won’t have any regrets in the future.  

To help you land on a lofty lawnmower, here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid when buying a lawnmower.  

Wrong Size

Sizes of lawns vary and so are lawnmower sizes.  How to pick the right size of lawn mower will depend on the area of your lawn.  Always consider the size of your lawn.  This is what many people forget to take into consideration. 

If you have a lawn that has the size of a stadium, why buy a 28-cm cylinder lawnmower when there’s a 105-cm cutting width available?  Or, will you be comfortable mowing using a 105-cm cutting width on a lawn that’s only 100 square meters?  Get the logic?  

Measure the size of your lawn, if possible.  There is actually a recommended cutting width size for every size of lawn.  

  • If you have a small lawn, it is suggested that you get a 28cm to 35cm cutting width.  
  • If you have a medium lawn, opt for a 35cm to 40cm cutting width.  
  • For a medium to large lawn, the 40cm and up cutting width would be perfect.  
  • For a much larger lawn, you can choose a cutting width that is as wide as 105cm.  

Cheap Brand

Picking a cheap lawn mower brand over a superior brand is a huge mistake.  Some think that it’s a practical decision, but in reality, it’s not.  Why?  It’s because cheap brands can break down easily, and then you need to buy another one.  So, how’s that practical?

Just like when you’re buying gadgets or electrical devices, you should consider the quality.  Be mindful of the features, guarantees, built, etc.  If you want your lawnmower to last long, get a quality one.  

Buying a Push Lawn mower

If you have an inclined lawn, buying a push lawnmower is not a good idea.  I’m telling you, you will hate mowing for the rest of your life if you do so.  Self-propelled lawn mowers should be your number 1 option.  They are equipped with a wide variety of drives, there’s the 1-speed drive and the multiple gears with reverse.  

Cylinder vs. Rotary

Several factors need to be considered when buying a lawnmower, which include the grass type and terrain type.  

  • If you have a lump-filled yard, choose a rotary.
  • If you have different types of grass, get a rotary.
  • If you have an even lawn, a cylinder mower is what you need.  

Low Engine Power

This is again an issue of the wrong use of practicality.  Less expensive lawn mowers are very alluring, but would you sacrifice having a lawnmower with a powerful engine power over one with inferior engine power?  

Remember this, the appearance of your lawn is also reliant on your lawnmower’s horsepower.  If you’re aiming to have a clean and even lawn, it’s much better to settle for a brawny engine power.  

Petrol vs. Electric Lawn mower

Some people prefer to buy an electric lawnmower because it’s simple to use, lightweight, and requires low maintenance.  Yes, all of these are true, but not at all times.  You’ll find out why.

Importance of Picking the Right Size of Lawn Mower

Finding the appropriate size of lawnmower for your lawn is equally as important as buying the right size of bathtub for your bathroom.  Size really does matter on almost all occasions.  

So, why is there a need to pick the right size of lawn mower?

  • It will help you in reducing the time needed to mow your lawn.
  • It will be much easier to mow an inclined terrain if you have the right size of lawn mower.
  • It will allow you to run through challenging obstacles effortlessly.
  • You will have an evenly mowed lawn.
  • It is far less stressful.  

Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Size of Lawn Mower

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying a lawnmower.  Again, as said earlier, it’s like buying furniture for your home – size matters!  

Buying a lawnmower should not be based only on the size of your lawn.  There are deeper factors that have to be given importance.  Check them out below.

Size and Obstacles

The main factor to consider when picking the right size of lawnmower is the lawn size.  So, first and foremost, get the measurements of your lawn.  If you have less than 1 acre of lawn, a push lawn mower or a robotic lawnmower may already be sufficient.  But if you have almost an acre, 2 acres, 3 acres or more, it is recommended that you purchase a riding mower like a ZTR (Zero Turn Lawn Mower).

The type of lawn that you have will also be a determining factor in choosing a lawnmower.  For instance, if you have an inclined and bumpy lawn that measures 2,500 square meters, it is not safe to buy an inferior cylinder mower.  It would probably steal most of your time.  Lawn obstacles include:

  • floral beds
  • trees
  • slopes
  • foliage or hedges
  • furniture, play pens and other ornaments

But if you’re lucky enough to have a lawn that’s flat and free from obstacles, then a cylinder mower will already be enough.  Although this type of mower is inexpensive, it can still efficiently perform its job.  

Gas or Electric Lawn Mower

Using an electric lawnmower is the most environment-friendly way to mow your lawn.  So, if you are a type of person that is highly concerned with the natural world, then you might as well choose this one.  However, electric lawnmowers do not have that much power as compared to gas-powered lawn mowers.  


  • You don’t need fuel to make it work.
  • You don’t have to regularly change oil and change filters.


  • Compared to a gas mower, it doesn’t have that much power.  
  • Length of the electrical cord limits the coverage or area to be mowed.  
  • Has a constrained battery power if you opt to buy a cordless mower.  

As for a gas-powered lawn mower, expect to have a bigger budget because of its fuel and maintenance needs.  


If you will be mowing an inclined and rugged landscape, a ride-on or self-propelled lawn mower is a match for you.  Having a mower with large wheels and powerful engine will allow you to mow like a boss.  Maneuvering on slopes and steep terrains will be less complicated.     

So, by having a large mower, you don’t need to exert much effort, let the lawnmower do its job for you.  


Let’s be realistic.  Even if we say that one should opt for high-quality lawnmowers, we know that not everyone can afford a $5,000 zero-turn riding or a $2,000 ride-on mower.  

When buying a mower, set a budget that you can afford.  But this doesn’t mean that you will go for the cheapest and the most inferior brand.  If possible, choose the best where your budget fits. 

Do some research and be realistic.  This is the best way you can find a good lawnmower with the budget that you have.  However, don’t go too low on your budget because you will only get what your money’s worth.      

  1. Height and Type of Grass

Every lawnmower is not applicable to all types of grass.  A different mower is used for centipede grass and the same is true with St. Augustine grass. 

  • See to it that you are aware of the type of grass you have in your lawn.
  • Know the height as well as the thickness of the grass in your yard.  The thicker and the higher the grass is, the more powerful your mower should be.  

Your Health

You should also consider your physical health and capabilities when picking the right size of lawn mower.  So, let’s say, if you’re in your 70’s, would you risk yourself pushing a cylinder lawn on an inclined and rugged landscape?  I’m sure you won’t.  Unless you still have an extremely fit physique.  

If you don’t have the energy like you used to when you were younger, you probably should get a Zero Turn Mower, which is very powerful and can run through almost any type of lawn.  If you can afford this type of mower, then go for it!

Additional Lawn Mower Features

Well, if you have an extra budget for added features, that would be nice.  For a more comfortable mowing experience, you might want to get a footrest or shift to a padded seat.  Maybe you can also purchase a cover that will protect you from the rays of the sun.  

Guess what?  There’s also a cup holder for lawn mowers.  How cool is that?  There are still a lot of things that you can do with your lawnmower.  But the more you add features, the more money you’ll spend of course.   

How to Measure a Lawnmower?  

When you’re eyeing for a large cutting deck, then you must have a large lawn.  On the other hand, if you have a small lawn, then you should just settle for a mower with a small cutting deck.  Balance and logic – that’s how it is.  

If you go against this kind of rationality, you may not achieve good mowing results.  So, measure your lawn for you to determine the right size of lawn mower that you need.  

Once you have the measurement of your lawn, proceed to measuring the lawnmower that you’re eyeing at. 

1. Get hold of a tape measure and run it across the mower – from the front, to the top, and all the way to the back portion of the deck.

2. Now that you have the measurement, multiply it by 2.  

Now, measure the mowing blade.

1. First, put the mower in neutral while propping the mower against an elevated surface.  

2. Get a tape measure and place it across the blade diagonally – this will be the cutting edge.  For instance, if the blade measures 14”, then the mowing distance will be 14”.  

Guide in Choosing the Right Size of Lawn Mower

Let’s admit it, every person, whether young or old, is not the same in terms of physical capabilities.  People likewise have different momentum when handling a lawnmower.  Like when you are old but still very fit, you have all the right to buy a push lawnmower.  This will probably become your workout routine.  

But for an average person, who considers mowing as merely a chore, the following guidelines are going to be very helpful. 

Less than an Acre Lawn

For lawns that have an area less than an acre, you can either have a push or a cylinder lawnmower.  A cylinder  lawnmower makes use of your strength and body weight when moving and pushing around your lawn.  If you have a great amount of energy, then continuous pushing wouldn’t be a problem.  

Most cylinder mowers are equipped with 4 to 5 cutting blades that cut vertically.  If you have a small and flat lawn having little to no obstructions, this type of mower would be a perfect choice.  

Conversely, if you have a lawn that has obstructions all over, you should choose a push mower.  You can either have an electric or petrol mower.  With this type of lawnmower, you are not required to lift, it will do the pushing for you.  All you need to do is to guide it to where it should go.  

An 1-Acre Lawn

The recommended lawn mower for a 1-acre lawn is self-propelled.  The transmission of the mower has the task to push it.  However, for steeper landscapes, the best option you have is a rear-wheel drive rather than an all-wheel drive.  

The rear and all-wheel drive lawn mowers have several power settings, have speed control levers, and can be gas or electric-powered.  

Over 1-Acre Lawn

When the size of your lawn goes beyond 1-acre, you should already be focusing on ride-on mowers.  They come in 30”and 52”.  The latter may be larger, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s grander.  There are instances where smaller cutting decks have tougher engines and more superior blades.  

Other features of ride-on lawnmowers include the following:

  • They have hydrostatic, gear-driven and automatic models.
  • It’s blades feature various cutting heights.
  • It has remarkable horsepower that can run through any type of lawns easily.  
  • They have strengthened cutting decks.   
  • They have bagging and mulching features.  

Ride-on lawnmowers are really impressive, aren’t they?  When we’re talking about quality, they’re simply the best.  Just don’t be surprised with their prices though.  

A 3-Acre Lawn or Bigger

Now, if you have a 3-acre or even a bigger lawn, a zero-turn riding or ZTR lawn mower should be your target.  ZTRs are equipped with several speed settings, cruise control, powerful drive for inclined landscapes, and various attachments.  

If ride-on lawnmowers are already pricey, ZTRs are even more expensive.  They are usually valued at $2,000 and up.  So, before buying this kind of pricey mower, better make sure that all its features will be beneficial to your lawn. 

Bottom Line

By now, you should already have an idea what lawnmower is needed for your lawn.  You likewise should already know how to pick the right size of lawn mower, or the right mower for the type of lawn that you have.  

Just keep in mind the factors that you need to consider, and you’ll never go wrong.