Best Ladder Hooks for Safe & Secure Storage

As we all know, the ladder is one of the bulky things in the garage that is quite difficult to store as it usually demands a lot of storage. 

When organizing a garage, one of the most useful things that you need to have is ladder hooks for storage.  Ladder hooks are probably the best storage solution to help you organize your bulky items.

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    When using ladder hooks for storage, OSHA’s general industry requirements are worth checking out particularly if this is a commercial environment. This standard specifies the different types of ladders and their structural requirements.

    Ladder Storage Hooks Frequently Asked Questions

    What does OSHA have to say about ladder storage?

    OSHA recommends that ladder storage should not be mounted on areas near flammable sources or those that trigger sparks.  It is also important not to position your ladder storage next to your door or any exit points, or where there’s frequent foot traffic.  Also, see to it that it will not be an obstruction to any moving equipment.  

    How do I properly store and secure a ladder?

    If not secured and stored properly, a ladder may fall off.  To secure it, you need to install ladder brackets or a ladder rack into the wall, which is generally applicable when storing your ladder in a horizontal manner.  You can also place a lock to keep it steady and safe.  


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