The Modern Shepherds Hut – Millennials Love them!

The development of the steel secure shipping container led to the demise of Docklands located in the centre of London. In the early 1950s, the docks were a bustling place, but in the beginning of the 1970s, large areas of the docklands were in ruins.

The cargo that central docks were used to transport was being handled by the newly constructed deepwater ports at Felixstowe as well as Tilbury .

The basic idea of transporting goods in safe steel containers that were standard in size meant that the huge ships required to transport these new containers were not able to make it across the River Thames until the Port of London.

Steel containers shielded the products from weather damage, so warehouses weren’t needed neither.

Then why are shepherds’ huts getting popular again? ?

Before we look into the reasons for why shepherds huts are becoming increasingly popular, let’s examine the modern shepherds hut and discover what it is that sets it apart from its predecessors. .

From the outside, it appears exactly like the original

The particular wheeled hut is situated within rural Worcestershire and features the classic cast iron wheel as well as an undercarriage that was rescued from a decrepit shepherds hut that was found in an old farmyard.

The exterior cladding is traditional corrugated steel , with an angled roof. The draw bar in this particular model is removable and is kept in a separate area to ensure the safety of the hut. .

Traditional huts came with draw bars that could be removed. The provision of a draw bar made from Ash was an option.

From the outside, the modern structure resembles its initial predecessor. .

It’s only when you examine the skin that you begin to notice significant differences.

Inside is extremely well-fitted out

The frame of oak for the modern hut is equipped with the insulation of 100mm. Insulation wasn’t something that was ever utilized in the older type shepherds’ huts.

Based on the building standards and the types of insulation that were used in the past, it could be one of the main reasons for the long-lasting nature of numerous sheds.

Traditional insulation could have held moisture and encouraged rotting in the traditional style of construction. .

The traditional split stable door, however the hinges are of a excellent quality, and the doors are fitted with rubber seals that block out any draughts that could be a possibility.

The windows are double-glazed and double glazing was not been thought of in the early days of this kind of structure the first the first time around. .

The inside is gorgeously fitted out.

The stove is not just used to keep the cabin warm, but also incorporates an oven.

The floor is made of oak and cot bed. There are also chairs, and a table that folds down. It is heated by an open fire that has an oven to cook in case it is required. .

The entire set and the caboodle comes in around 3 Tonnes. Moving the hut is accomplished using a normal 4×4 once the weather has allowed the ground time to dry out.

The hut’s placement requires some care because unlike modern caravans, there isn’t a built-in capability to level the hut. If the hut needs to be moved , the new site must be selected so that it is level.

Okay, the modern shepherds wheeled hut offers increased the level of comfortable.

But is the increased quality of comfort the primary factor behind the increasing popularity of the shepherds hut?

Do you remember London Docklands?

There were a variety of factors that had to be in place before the abandoned industrial zone could be re-established. This included plans for the area, transportation infrastructure, and tax incentives.

The area today is a flourishing residential and commercial area. .

There are three primary reasons for the increasing popularity of the Shepherds Hut ;

  • Planning restrictions  
  • High property prices  
  • New technology

First let’s look at the the planning restrictions

Planning for a expansion or building in rural regions in the UK is a costly and time-consuming process.

A shepherd’s hut is equipped with wheels and is mobile, so it is protected by the planning regulations which are more flexible than the development rules that are permitted which govern the construction of outbuildings and sheds. .

There is also the high cost of property

Despite price cuts, and some inflation, home prices remain at an historic high.

Taxes on property transactions also mean that moving can be a costly option. If you require more space, a shepherds hut could be a fantastic addition to your garden if you have the proper dimensions of garden.

In addition unlike a caravan, for instance, where the rate of depreciation is minimal, second-hand huts seem to hold their value. .

A new technology can aid in the rebirth of the old drover’s hut

The advent of the internet and mobile computing has meant that homeworking is a growing trend.

With the introduction of wifi connections , the office doesn’t need to be located within the main residence, so working from a shepherds cabin is not just attractive but also practical. .

While we’re discussing technology, we should be talking about

The hut I visited had electricity, but was not connected to the mains power supply.

The increased efficiency of the light solar panels means that mains power cables are no longer required.

This home was powered by its own power source that was powered by the sun .

There is also a sense of nostalgia for an earlier time

It was always easier in the past, right?

It is possible to long for the simplicity of a shepherd’s hut, with his sheep to look after.

I would prefer it was the contemporary version of hut I needed returning to at close of the day, with its double glazing and insulation rather than the cold and chilly hut of the past. .