Our Team

George, Founder and Editor

George became a home DIY’er and home renovation hobbyist after buying his first house over 20 years ago, and unable to afford many of the improvements, decided to start tackling the jobs himself. As the founder of a House & Garden Care, the site has grown nicely over the years but still remains the editor of all articles on the site.

Koe, Assistant Editor

Koe is an assistant editor for House & Garden Care, and wife to George! First line proofreader ensuring all articles published maintain a high quality.

Rei, Topical Researcher Expert

Rei is a resident researcher on Hosue & Garden Care. Specializing in business development online. Well-versed in article research and expert in new content ideation and finding experts to co-author articles.


Norma, Resident Author

Norma is a homesteader and gardener. She offers the insights she has gained along the way on various blogs as a ghost writer. Since retirement and taking a break from writing, Norma occasionally likes to write for House & Garden Care under her own name. Topics include gardening, growing fruit & vegetables.