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Do you plan to renovate your home or garden? Well, you need to have the best gloss paint to transform your dream renovation into reality. However, there are lots of brands available in the market, making it hard for you to choose the best one for your needs. Don’t worry because we will give you a reliable list of the top gloss you can choose from today.

With the help of this review of gloss paints, we hope you can get the best product that suits your personal needs.

If you are in a hurry to know which gloss paint we recommend, it is the Rust-Oleum Universal.

Products up for review today:

Rust-Oleum 250ml Universal Paint


The Rust-Oleum 250 ml Universal Paint is our best overall. We consider it as the best overall since it can be applied for almost all surfaces. It comes with Canary Yellow colour. It is a flexible gloss paint that you can use to renovate your interior or exterior surfaces in the best possible way.

  • Durable formula for exterior and interior application.
  • You can directly apply it to metal, wood, ceramic, plastic and even rust.
  • For galvanized and non-ferrous metal, prime first using Universal Special Metals Primer.
  • For stain blocking, like tannin and nicotine bleed, prime first using Universal Stain Block Primer.
  • It is a flexible product which can serve as a primer and paint in one.

Johnstone’s One Coat Gloss Brilliant White


The Johnstone’s One Coat Gloss Brilliant White is our best value. Gives a nice opaque, high gloss finish; this is excellent value for this size. Thus, you can easily apply it on your indoor and outdoor surfaces. If you are conscious of budget and quality, this gloss paint can be your perfect option.

  • It is very easy to apply on different surfaces.
  • Comes with a high sheen finish.
  • Perfect for exterior and interior metal and wood.

Dulux Non-Drip Gloss


The Dulux Non-Drip Gloss Paint is our best budget option because it is long-lasting. If you look for affordable but great quality paint, the Dulux Non-Drip Gloss is the paint for you.

  • It is very easy to apply.
  • Long-lasting white with great durability.
  • One coat.
  • Exterior and interior application.
  • Undercoat not needed; it is a practical paint you can avail in the market.

Dulux Quick Dry Gloss


Dulux Quick Dry Gloss Paint is our best quick-drying option. It can quickly dry for a beautiful and smooth finish. If you want to see the best results of your painting project quickly, this paint is the top choice. Thus, it can dry quickly.

  • Less odour which is good for your health
  • It is very easy to apply
  • Undercoat not needed
  • Quick-drying
  • Long-lasting white

Bedec Gloss Multi-Surface


The Bedec Gloss Multi-Surface Paint is our pick for the best extra features. It is loaded with features that can satisfy your renovation needs. It can dry quickly. It is applicable to both your interior and exterior surfaces. Your budget invested in this product will not disappoint you because of its great features.

  • Quick-drying
  • Water-based low odour
  • Self-priming
  • Ideal for exterior and interior application
  • It is a flexible gloss paint that is suitable for different surfaces

How To Choose Gloss Paint?

Your home or garden renovation project is a huge and valuable investment for you. So, we will help you choose the right gloss for a successful interior or exterior to remodel. In this section, we will present you with a buying guide to get the best product for your project.

Sheen. High sheen products will give you higher shine, durability and produce a smooth finish. Paint finishes typically give a tough and stain resistant surface for the most part which is a good reason to use in bathrooms or children’s play areas.

Durability. You must also check the durability of your gloss paint. With that, you can expect to have a quality finish for your interior or exterior project.

Cost. Different gloss paints in the market are available in different pricing. So, before you decide on purchasing your paint, you must consider its cost. You could choose a quality gloss paint that perfectly suits to your hard-earned budget.

Some high-quality paint may be expensive. However, there are also premium paints that you can avail in just an affordable and practical cost. If you are a budget-conscious customer, you can pick quality but low-cost paint.

Colour. We all have our specific taste and standards when it comes to painting. So, choose the colour that matches style and taste.

Paint Formula One factor you must consider in buying the gloss paint for your project is the formula of the paint. You can choose from oil, latex, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds), or metal. To help you choose, let us describe each formula.

  • Oil can dry slowly and need to paint thinner for a cleaner finish. It is also called alkyd or solvent-based paint.
  • Latex formula is also known as water-based or acrylic paint, which can be easily clean using soap and water.
  • Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) are paint solvents, which can bring health hard due to its strong smell. This can also quickly dry and usually thicker type of paint.
  • Metal paints are formulated for metal and prevent rust.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Gloss Paints?

Choosing the right paint for your painting project can offer you many benefits. These advantages include:

High strength. One benefit of using gloss paint is due to its high strength. It can withstand scrubbing, so it is perfect for your interior and exterior surfaces. With this, you can have a long-lasting and beautiful interior or exterior surface.

Bright and bold. Gloss paint is bright and bold compared to other products in the market. With that, it can reflect light, making it bright and vivid. It can also provide additional elegance and beauty to your space.

Resistance to moisture. One unique feature of gloss paint is its high resistance against moisture. It can be ideal for bathrooms, ceilings, and walls. You don’t have to worry about discolouration when your paint gets wet.

Contemporary look. With its reflective appearance, gloss paint can give a contemporary look to your interior or exterior surface. It can give an elegant look to your home while providing excellent durability. It has a strong resistance to stains, moisture, and scrub. It can give you a relaxing ambience.

Easy maintenance. Another advantage of the gloss paint is its easy maintenance. It is durable, tough, and has high resistance against the stain. It is easy to maintain and clean so that you can use it in bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, doors, and other surfaces.


To sum it up, all the products mentioned in this review are all worth it for your money. However, the Rust-Oleum 250 ml Universal Paint is our winner when it comes to the best gloss paint. It comes with great quality and durability.

It also has a good formula so that you can apply it to metal, ceramic, wood, plastic, rust, and other surfaces. It is also long-lasting, which can help you get quality paint without spending much of your money. This product is a primer and paints in one which can satisfy your paint needs and standards.

It also has advanced features to help you achieve an attractive and gorgeous finish for your interior or exterior surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Best Gloss Paint That Stays White?

    Dulux Non-Drip Gloss. We pick this as the best option because it can provide you with a long-lasting white which can add value and design to your home or garden surfaces. If you have high standards for your white gloss paint, this product is perfect for you.

  2. Why Does Gloss Paint Go Yellow?

    The reason why gloss paint goes yellow is because of ageing. Yellowing is usually a side effect of the drying procedure and the ageing of oil paint. If you observe that your paint turns yellow, there is a chance that it is an oil-based paint.

    Yellowing is one of the drawbacks of using an oil-based product. Another reason is the lack of light. If exposed to light, it can prolong its beautiful colour. The yellow colour can be caused by moisture. It is among the environmental and natural causes of yellowing.

  3. How Long Does Gloss Take To Dry?

    Painting with gloss takes about 1 to 36 hours to dry. However, it can depend on the thickness of the coat and formula of the paint. Latex formulations can dry quickly for about 1 hour. Meanwhile, you must wait for about 4 hours before applying another coat.

    On the other hand, oil-based paint can take more time to dry. It can possibly take around 36 hours to dry. You can wait 24 hours before adding another coat. Take note that some factors can also affect how long the paint will dry. If you have a warm dry room, it can make the drying process fast. If you have a particularly cold area, you will need extra time for the drying process. Thinner coats can also dry fast.

  4. Is Gloss Paint Worth It For Your Money?

    Yes, it is worth it for your money. It can be a good investment that can offer you a satisfying return. It comes with high durability and resistance against moisture, scrubbing, and stains. It is very easy to maintain and clean so that you can keep its beautiful and elegant appearance.

  5. What Are The Drawbacks Of The Gloss Paint?

    The gloss paint also comes with some disadvantages. Among its drawbacks is that it can highlight the imperfection of any surface because of its highly reflective appearance.

Good luck with your paint project

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