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What is an HVLP Paint Sprayer?

High Volume Low Pressure

Which in this case means a high volume of paint distributed under low air pressure.
Simple to use and easy to clean. The cup and gun are the only things in contact with the paint. The finishing is usually smoother than what you can get from rollers or brushes. You can also easily get into corners and blend very intricate surfaces.

Air pressure is used to spray paint with HVLP paint sprayers. The spray gun is powered by a compressor that pushes air down the hose from the end. The paint is in a cup attached to the spray gun, and the airflow draws it in. A small opening (the nozzle or tip) allows paint, once in contact with air, to be blown out into the mist.

When Should an HVLP Paint Sprayer be used?

Ideal for the smaller paint jobs like kitchen cabinets, doors, window frames where some precision may be required. Furniture is another good example of an ideal project.

Mist coat painting plaster suits the HVLP spray gun perfectly. It really comes down to the size of the project, a bigger job like painting the house or fence, an Airless Sprayer will be better suited.

What are the advantages of an HVLP spray gun?

Reduced overspray compared to other paint sprayer types giving it a higher transfer efficiency. The benefit is reduced paint wastage by about 50% and therefore saving the user money.

HLVP shoots fewer paint particles into the air, improving health and safety concerns. Even so, it is always a good idea to wear a protective mask. An HVLP sprayer is perfect for spraying fine details on furniture, doors, window frames, and windows.

Best Indoor Overall

Work is made easier with the W 950 universal flexio paint sprayer, which has a 70 cm nozzle that makes it easy to spray paint on high ceilings, walls, and large surfaces. The paint is pulled straight from the container through the hose and dropped into the tip of the lance, from which it covers the wall perfectly. Applying paint is now faster and easier than ever.

  • Designed for indoor use with emulsion and latex paint
  • Use it for soluble and soluble varnishes, glazes, wood preservatives and oils
  • No more decanting and refilling, direct intake from the paint tin
  • The pump unit and the hose clean themselves in no time thanks to the Self-Cleaning Feature

Best All-Rounder

With the W 690 FLEXiO, you get two spray systems for the price of one: Two spray attachments enable the device to be used both indoors and outdoors. Even on difficult surfaces, the application of interior wall paints or wood & metal paints produces a brilliant result.

  • Designed for indoor use with emulsion and latex paint
  • Varnishes, glazes, wood preservatives, oils, varnishes and many more water-soluble and solvent-based
  • With a separate spray attachment, you can change the spray attachment in a snap and clean the gun at the same time
  • Optimal handling of materials with varying viscosities through regulation of the air volume

Best Budget HVLP Paint Sprayer

Provides equal particle size and atomization to paint all types of surfaces. An ergonomic design that’s lightweight reduces fatigue during operation. Reduces paint consumption and optimizes performance

An air cap with a conical shape prevents paint splashes. Paint is filtered through mesh to remove dirt, preventing defects

Best For Quick Charge

As a result of its powerful industrial motor and its fast charging time of an hour, the Fence Sprayer offers professional users everything they need. This paint can be used with many different types of paint, stains and coatings, including decking stain, fence stain, Latex, sealers, varnishes, wood preservatives, enamels, oils, etc. 

As well as working well with automotive paints, this product gets along well with smooth masonry paints.

It is worth mentioning that the 18V Cordless Fence Paint Sprayer, HVLP Spray Gun sold by this company comes with a 24 month warranty.


Sturdy Option From Black+Decker
Price not available | Buy now on Amazon
Black & Decker HVLP Hand Held Paint Sprayer

Definitely a must-have tool for anyone painting large surfaces, BLACK+DECKER’s hand held sprayer is the perfect tool to help you achieve success quickly.

Paint canisters are located on the side and feature large openings that make filling or emptying them easy. The ability to store 1200 ml of paint makes it unnecessary to frequently replenish.

For easy, repeatable performance, the paint flow indicator displays the flow setting. Spray patterns can be adjusted precisely and simply based on what you need.

Best For Automobile Work

The spray distance can be controlled by three adjustments: flow, atomization, and air pressure.

A 15-hole copper flow cap with a metal valve core that is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and finely atomized.

Featuring 3 size nozzles for better painting. Hole diameter: 1.4, 1.7, and 2.0mm.

This watering can is of high quality: it is easy to clean, has an elegant look to it, durable and very long lasting.

Applications include spraying walls and furniture, coating cars, outdoor spraying, and spraying walls and furniture. Suitable for varnishes, colour coatings, PU coatings, UV coatings, metal coatings, etc.

Other Types of Paint Sprayer’s

Compressed air sprayers

The most common type of spray gun is the compressed air paint sprayer. Sprayers of this type are classic tools used by most professionals. The air compressors they use to propel paint produce high pressure. The compressors are noisy. Paint is sprayed with compressed air when a trigger is pulled.

Small- to medium-sized jobs are best suited for compressed air sprayers. The process is much faster than brushes and rollers, but it has some disadvantages.

One of the cons of compressed air sprayers is their lack of control. In addition, the high pressure required to operate the device makes paint bounce back, causing waste and inconsistencies. It is not uncommon for up to 50% of paint to be wasted during the application process. People often avoid compressed air sprayers because of this inefficiency.

Airless paint sprayers

Many DIYers use airless paint sprayers. As they don’t use a compressor, they don’t make too much noise. When used correctly, they produce smooth, uniform results. Clogs can be easily removed thanks to reversible nozzles. Their versatility makes them a great choice for job sites large and small.

Due to its high-quality finish, airless paint sprayers are becoming more and more popular both at home and in the workplace. Suitable for large projects, they can cover large surfaces in a short amount of time.

A major benefit is also its ease of use. An airless paint sprayer can be easily adapted to a wide range of applications with adjustable nozzles and customizable sprays. The sprayers also waste less paint than traditional compressed air sprayers, helping you spend less time cleaning up!

HVLP Turbine Stages

Stages of HVLP turbine sprayers indicate the number of fans they have. Air is supplied to the turbine paint sprayer through the fans in order to increase its pressure and volume. A fan stage can have two or more stages or even take up to six stages.

An HVLP turbine can operate without overheating for a longer period of time when the stages are increased. This increases volume and pressure, which atomizes thicker paints more effectively.

What Stage HVLP Paint Sprayer Do I Need?

You should consider a three or four-stage turbine sprayer if you intend to use it regularly. A four-stage HVLP turbine sprayer would be the minimum number of turbines recommended for spraying latex.

If you can afford it, you should consider purchasing as many stages as possible for an HVLP turbine. The more stages, the easier it will be to apply thicker coatings, such as latex, rather than thinning the material excessively.

The more stages a turbine sprayer has, the more durable it will be. Longer spraying times and fewer stages can also cause performance issues or overheating.

What do you plan to spray?

Clear stains and finishes you will be ok with a 3 stage or below, thick finishes like latex paint would be 3-stage minimum. At stages 4+ you will find that your paint will not need to be diluted as much.

How often do you spray?

The quality of the product you need will be affected by how much you spray and under what circumstances. For example, a professional user may keep it in the back of a van and use it on a weekly basis. The Home DIY’er may only need to use the sprayer a few times a year.

Let’s see what makes a high-quality machine…

Portable cases come with the turbine. Plastic or metal can be used for such a case, with metal being clearly more durable. The size of the turbine case, changeable filters, and noise levels should be considered.

An air hose comes with every turbine, but not all air hoses are the same. A lower-level hose is usually more rigid and has a less robust connection. Turbines of high quality have thick rubber hose connections, reinforced supports, and in-line air regulators. Fuji, for example, sells add-ons like whip-hoses and heat-resistant hoses.

The entry-level products typically feature plastic guns, plastic screw-in cups, limited adjustment options and limited needle and cap sets. Higher-quality are mostly metal, have lots of spray configuration controls, fit comfortably in your hand, have metal cups, and feature numerous needle and cap set sizes.

It’s a good idea to go 3-stage if you want all your bases covered and you only spray latex occasionally. Use a 2-stage or 1-stage sprayer if your budget is tight, you spray occasionally, and you only do clear stains. A 4 stage unit or 5 stage unit would be more appropriate if you are doing this professionally or if planning on spraying a variety of latex paints.

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HVLP Paint Sprayer F.A.Q.

Is HVLP Better Than Airless?

An HVLP paint sprayer works best on small areas with a little detail, but an Airless Paint Sprayer works best on larger areas where a thicker paint is needed.

Are HVLP spray guns advisable to be used for automotive spray painting?

Automotive painting is a good example where the HVLP sprayer is a good choice. Best for cars for smaller areas and provides an excellent finish. Given the surface area and the higher efficiency with overspray, the HVLP can save the user a decent amount of money.

How Do HVLP Paint Sprayers Work?

HVLP paint sprayers spray paint using air pressure. Air is forced down the hose from the end of the compressor, which powers the spray gun. In the cup attached to the spray gun is the paint, and the airflow brings it to the gun. As the paint is in contact with air, it is blown out as mist with the help of a small opening (the nozzle or tip). This is called atomization.

What kind of paint for HVLP spray gun?

Water-based paints are ideal and should be diluted further before use. HVLP models vary in their water requirements and the thickness of the paint, so it may be necessary to mix between 30 and 50% water when thinning paint.

Do you have to thin paint for a HVLP sprayer?

Yes. The paint needs to be of the right consistency and will most likely need to be thinned.