6 Best Satinwood Paint Reviewed [2021]

Finding the best satinwood paint for your application is no easy feat. There are so many varieties available. In this review, we’re going to look at six satinwood paint options. You can learn more about what is great about each one as well as some general tips on this paint type.

In the product roundup, the best overall solution was Johnstone’s 303913 Quick Dry Satin paint.

Satinwood Paint Top 6 Picks

We have scoured the market in search of the best satinwood paint choices for a range of needs. Whether you are looking for an interior or the best exterior paint, the six choices below could be what you are looking for. Some of them can be used on numerous surfaces, while some are better off on particular ones.

We give you the pros and cons of each product. You might also be looking for information on whether you need an undercoat or primer or not,

if the paint is quick-drying, and if you can get away with just one coat. We’ve also included our ranking of the best satinwood for six different categories.


Best Overall
Johnstone's - Quick Dry Satin - Mid Sheen Finish - Water Based - Low...

We ranked Johnstone’s 303913 Quick Dry Satin paint the best overall out of the six products we reviewed. There’s so much to love about it, including its versatility for a range of internal surfaces. It is touch dry in a short amount of time than most other options and has a low odour.

When you use this satinwood finish from Johnstone’s, you don’t need to use an undercoat. So, if you want to spruce up your interior wood and metal surfaces quickly and at an affordable price, this is a great product.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it for external surfaces, so you can check out so of the other paint options we reviewed.

  • Appropriate for interior wood and metal, including skirting boards, radiators, doors and staircases
  • Quick drying time of 1- 2 hours
  • Non-yellowing
  • Low odour
  • Self-undercoating
  • Contains chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction
  • Preparing pre-1960s paint surfaces over wood and metal
  • Requires special precautions as these may contain harmful lead
  • Not suitable for exterior use

Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Water-Based Satin Brilliant White 2.5L with Avenue touch up brush

Best Budget
Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Water Based Satin Brilliant White 2.5L with...

As an interior and exterior paint finish, Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Brilliant White option is the best budget product. Besides being affordable, it can be used on a range of material surfaces and is particularly recommended for windows. You also get a touch-up brush to use with this paint.

  • Stays white for longer
  • Suitable for interior and exterior coverage of iron/steel, timber, softwood, planed timber, window frames, and wood
  • Stays white for longer
  • Suitable for interior and exterior coverage of iron/steel, timber, softwood, planed timber, window frames, and wood
  • Low odour
  • Requires an undercoat for better coverage

Ronseal 35072 Ivory OC Cupboard Paint Satin 750ml

Most Durable
Ronseal 35072 Ivory OC Cupboard Paint Satin 750ML

Finding the right paint coverage for your home interior is important. We have found the Ronseal 35072 Ivory OC Cupboard Paint Satin to be the most durable, providing a long-lasting coat on your cupboards.

  • One coat needed
  • No primer required
  • Tough and durable
  • No brush marks
  • Suitable for interior cupboard and melamine surfaces
  • Not suitable for external use

Bedec BEDE2KB2002/29 Soft Satin Multi-Surface Paint 750 ml, Ivory

Most Versatile
Bedec BEDE2KB2002/29 Soft Satin Multi Surface Paint 750 ml, Ivory

Picking a paint that can be used on a lot of different material surfaces is a plus. We ranked the Bedec BEDE2KB2002/29 Soft Satin Multi-Surface paint as the most versatile paint. It also comes in one of the largest colour selections and does not require a primer.

This makes a good time and money saver.

  • Self-priming
  • Quick drying
  • Suitable for interior and exterior coverage of multiple
  • surfaces, including wood, plaster, MDF, melamine, ceramic tiles, plastics,
  • UPVC, metals like aluminium, copper, lead, and zinc galvanizing
  • Resists flaking and peeling
  • Contains chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction

The One Paint Satin Finish Multi-Surface Paint 250 ml

The One Paint - Satin Finish - Multi Surface Paint 250ml (Black)

This paint is a great pick if you need an easy to use paint. It comes in a smaller container (250 ml) than the others, but the great part about it is that you only need a single coat of paint, with no need for an undercoat or primer.

The One Paint is very versatile and can be used in many different indoor and outdoor surfaces and materials. We ranked it the safest product because it is non-toxic and water-based, so if you want to be more environmentally conscious, this is one to consider.

  • One coat is enough for a paint job
  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use on wood, laminates, plastics, metals, brick, stone, glass, and more
  • No need for undercoats or primers
  • Two coats are usually needed if the paint is thinned with water
  • Only available in 250 ml container

Dulux Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml – Black

Most Protective
Dulux 5091519 Weather Shield Quick Dry Satin Paint, 750 ml - Black

This Dulux quick dry satinwood is a paint you should consider if you want to add a semi-glossy finish to an external surface.

This paint is the most protective, with long-lasting coverage, mold, and cracking resistance. For a high-quality Dulux satinwood product, Dulux trade paint is better.

  • Flexible paint film to resist cracking
  • Long-lasting coverage and protection including mould
  • A Dulux quick-dry option that is touch-dry in no time
  • Contains chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction
  • Harmful to aquatic life
  • Not for interior use

What Is Satinwood Paint?

There are so many types of paint finishes. The three main categories are matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. Satinwood is a popular paint type. It is a mid-sheen paint composed of 50% sheen, meaning it is not quite as shiny as gloss paint or as matte as an eggshell finish. Satinwood paint can also be referred to as satin paint—there is no difference. It is an attractive semi-gloss paint finish.

Satinwood paints are available as oil-based or water-based paints. Oil-based paint is used more often. With an oil-based formula, the paint has yellow-tinged oil in it, and that can leak out over time. The yellowing is more prevalent in the oilier gloss paints, but satin paints also have a good amount of sheen.

Without much natural light, yellowing is faster. Chemicals were often added to paint to reduce the rate that white paint yellows to make them almost non-yellowing. For safety reasons, the use of these chemicals is now are being restricted.

The benefits of oil-based satinwood paint are that it is highly durable and has a beautiful and rich result. We sometimes like to use oil-based paints because they are easy to apply.

You can also pick water-based satinwood paint. Water-based paint doesn’t have the same body and opacity, making it less easy to apply and less durable as well. While you might need to apply a second coat of water-based satinwood paint, there are some unique advantages. These paints have a superior drying formula, meaning that they dry faster. Their water-based formula makes them non-yellowing, which gives the best results if you like to use white paint.

Your surface stays white. When switching to solvent-free paint on a surface previously-painted with paint containing oil, extra care is required. Hybrid satinwood paint is neither water-based paint nor oil-based paint. Examples of this include Crown Quick Dry Satin paint, Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood paint, and Johnstone’s Trade Aqua option. These options are a compromise between other satinwood paints.

The paint has a water-based formula primarily, but there is also a small volume of oil carrier to improve the flow of the satinwood paint. Over time, this paint alternative s going to yellow slightly. If you are looking for completely non-yellowing paint, this might not be the best choice.

Crown Quick Dry Satin Versus Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Either of these two hybrid paint options makes a good compromise between the water and oil-based alternatives. They both have a mid-sheen finish. For the Dulux quick dry satin paint, you also have to consider whether the paint is from the retailer of from Dulux trade. This affects the quality of the paint.

What Are the Main Uses of Satinwood Paint?

Satinwood is highly popular as the paint finish on interior woodwork such as windowsills and skirting boards. It gives off a mid-sheen finish that retains the bright white colour better than gloss alternatives. In many instances, you can leave out the undercoat or primer altogether when using a satin finish.

What Should You Look for When Buying Satinwood Paint?

If you want to know what the best satinwood paint is, you must consider what you want to use it for. Satin finishes can have a whole range of properties, and some are more suitable for some applications than others.

Here are some of the questions you should ask to make sure you pick the best satinwood paints:

  • What kind of end result do I want? You can opt for a mid-sheen finish or something glossier or more matte.
  • Is it an interior or exterior surface?
  • Am I looking at exterior or interior wood and metal surfaces, or another material altogether such as stone, brick, or plastic?
  • How is the lighting in the area? This affects the yellowing in paints with some oil.
  • How much daily use does the area I am painting receive? This could affect whether you should choose a more hard-wearing option.

Satinwood paint choice can be a personal one. You have to think about the color and how it complements your existing décor. You should consider the lighting of the room and whether a mid-sheen finish is going to bring out the best in the room or not.

The best satinwood paints check the boxes for what you are looking for in the final look. They should be durable, easy enough to apply if you are doing the painting yourself, and providing value for money.

If you want a quick-drying product, then consider a quick-dry satinwood paint such as Crown Quick Dry Satin or Dulux Once Satinwood. For some paints, they can be touch-dry in just one hour. Dulux Once Satinwood is a good option.

How Do I Get a Good Finish with Satinwood?

The best way to make your painting successful is to gather as much information as you can ahead of time. You might need to consult an expert once you know what you want to paint and your ideal final finish. Following the satinwood paint instructions is the best way to guarantee a great finish. Every product and manufacturer is slightly different. The product materials usually recommended what kind of painted surfaces are appropriate for different satin paints.

It is also important to pay attention to what the surface was previously painted with. Painted surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned before a fresh or second coat is added. This removes any dirt. When switching between different paints, some chemical treatment may be required.

You have to know the drying formula or speed before adding another coat. The time could be anything from one hour to 16 hours. Non-drip paints are useful if you are conserved about the cleanup.

If you are dealing with brilliant white paints, then consider how the coverage of the white coat may change over time if there is oil in the paint. Paints offer different coverage depending on their formulation.

If you are working with interior wood and metal surfaces, consider easy to apply one coat options. Dulux trade offers Dulux Once Satinwood, or you could opt for Crown Quick Dry Satin with a fast drying time as well.

Does Satinwood Need an Undercoat?

You may or may not need an undercoat, depending on which product you use. In general, satinwood is self-undercoating. We have found that when working with surfaces such as primed bare wood, using an undercoat can give the best results. The coverage is noticeably better, and it dries faster.


We ranked Johnstone’s 303913 Quick Dry Satin, Black, 0.75 Liters as the best overall because of its great versatility for interior use. The runner up is The One Paint – Satin Finish – Multi-Surface Paint 250 ml (Black), which is also very versatile and is non-toxic.

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