Whether you own a hanging succulent or a hanging cactus, it can’t be denied that they add radiance to one’s home.  Hanging plants are classified as either an outdoor plant or an indoor plant.  Generally, succulents don’t require much effort, which makes it ideal for people with hectic schedules.    There are many types of trailing

Anthurium Superbum Plant Care

The Anthurium Superbum, otherwise known as the Bird’s Nest or Ironclad Bird’s Nest, is a very unique looking foliage plant. Originating from the jungles of Ecuador, it is accustomed to moist tropical conditions of lowland forests, which is one of the reasons it’s fairly specific about its environment. But, once you understand what to give

Monstera Dubia Ways to Care and Grow

Monstera Dubia grows abundantly in Central and Southern America.  It is one of the many Monstera varieties that exhibits a stunning impression because of it’s just innate beauty.   It is a climbing plant just like the other Monstera plants and it only needs a few elements for it to grow healthy.  If you are a
Ever since the pandemic started in 2020, almost every corner of every home has been filled with a houseplant, from the common types to rare plants. Plants have somehow been considered as an escape from our troubled world.   The attractiveness of plants, undoubtedly, creates a fascinating ambiance.  One plant that really stood out and has
The leaves are dotted with yellow or white freckled patterns, resembling the stars in the sky.  The Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation is the most expensive and the most photographed among all variegated varieties of Monstera Variegata.      When the leaves of Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation become mature, they undergo a process known as leaf fenestration.  In
Graptoveria plant is one of the most attractive varieties of succulent plants.  The most popular types of Graptoveria are Debbi, Fanfare, and Fred Ives.  Not only are they appealing to plant collectors, but also to new plant lovers and gardeners.   If you want to have Graptoveria plants in your home, you should find it important

Variegated String Of Pearls Plant

The Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata or Curio Rowleyanus, otherwise known as the variegated string of pearls, maybe the best plant for busy people as it is easy to take care of and can still survive even if you forget to water it. The variegated string of pearls plant is a rare trailing succulent with eye-catching green
Myrtillocactus geometrizans Blue Candle Cactus care guide
The Myrtillocactus geometrizans is a member of the family Cactaceae and is native to northern and central Mexico and to Oaxaca where it is abundant in xerophilous scrub and tropical deciduous forests. Myrtillocactus is from the Greek word myrtillus which means small myrtle, and cactus. Geometrizans, on the other hand, signifies the geometric marking on