The Top 5 Radiator Paints in the UK – Review and Comparison

It’s not easy to keep your radiator in pristine condition. It is essential to choose an excellent metal paint and one that is able to endure extreme temperatures. There are a variety of paints for wood and metal however, there’s no selection when it comes to paints for radiators.

There are a variety of other aspects to take into consideration if a narrow choice isn’t enough. The formulation of the paint and its the susceptibility to discolouration are only two of the factors.

It can be difficult to select the correct paint for your radiator. Our team of experts has evaluated and tested several of the best radiator paints. We are pleased to recommend each of the best choices listed below.

Hammerite Radiator PaintHammerite Radiator EnamelRonseal One Coat Radiator PaintJohnstone's Satin Paint for Radiators
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Hammerite Radiator Paint
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Best Radiator Paints Reviewed


Hammerite Radiator Paint

Hammerite Radiator Paint
Hammerite Radiator Paint   Hammerite Radiator Paint                 

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The Hammerite Radiator paint was extensively tested and refined through feedback. This paint is perfect for metal surfaces that are used in interior spaces. It's specially designed for radiators and hot-water pipes.

It is a solvent-based product, but has a slight odor that does not bother. The product's high content of volatile organic compounds has negative and positive effects.

The paint's non-yellowing properties are enhanced by the large amount of VOCs. It is not suggested to usage in enclosed areas.

It's a surprise that a solvent-based product is able to dry quickly. Radiator paint touches can be re-coated as fast as 6 hours under the ideal conditions. We were impressed by the adhesive.

If the paint has been applied to an already coated surface, primer is typically not necessary. It is necessary to prime the surface using a suitable primer.


  • If you are looking for a solvent-based paint it provides great coverage. Hammerite Radiator paint can cover up to 7m2/litre. It's available in 500ml Tins.
  • It's easy to apply the formula for self-levelling using a roller or brush and without making an unflattering stroke.
  • The bright white color remains vibrant for a long time because of its heat-resistant finish. This finish can be applied for any surface made of metal.
  • The paint of this high-quality is reasonably priced and is a huge benefit.
  • The product is a fantastic cover power that is ideal for surfaces with no protection. It can also handle large color changes with ease.


  • The paint is very watery and drips quite a bit which makes it difficult to work with. While we were not averse to the paint being runny, some people complained about it.
  • The product may change colour over time despite the fact that it is not a yellowing formula. It could take a few hours until you see any changes.
  • Paint for Hammerite Radiator is available in Gloss White only

Radiator enamel is of high-end quality and easy to apply at a reasonable cost.

Hammerite Radiator Enamel

Hammerite Radiator Enamel
Hammerite Radiator Enamel                    

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Hammerite Radiator enamel can be a substitute for Hammerite paint. It is produced by the same manufacturer and has many highly rated qualities such as the ease of use.

The radiator enamel, as many aerosol paints , is simple to apply. Simply shake the bottle and then press the top of the can to create an uniform layer. This product isn't for all people.

The waste can be a huge issue. Aerosol spray paint could cause a large amount of paint to disperse. The coverage is reduced to just 0.5m2/litre. It's enough to paint the radiator. However it isn't advised for large surfaces.

The enamel is strong and long-lasting, without negatives.


  • A 400ml aerosol bottle is extremely affordable and can go far. It is ideal for homeowners with a tight budget.
  • Rapid drying is the key to getting results quickly. It is re-coated within 15 minutes, while drys in less than two hours.
  • The product is low in smell, making it simple to make use of. However, the product could be harmful.
  • The satin finish gives an ethereal shimmer to the surface and looks stunning in an elegant home.


  • Aerosol paint is toxic and flammable. Make sure to use only radiators that are not heated. Allow the paint to completely dry before turning on the heating.
  • The coverage is not great. Three coats are required for complete coverage.
  • The aerosol sprays a fine mist of paint particles which settles on the walls, floors, and furniture. To avoid any harm, you'll have to cover the entire space.

Water-based paint that’s resistant to heat and can be applied on a variety of indoor surfaces.

Ronseal One Coat Radiator Paint

Ronseal One Coat Radiator Paint

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Ronseal One Coat, a specific radiator spray, has been created to cover and protect heated surfaces with water in just one step. The company states that it is ideal for surfaces that are not primed. However our tests have proven that priming is necessary for radiators that are not primed.

We also were skeptical of the assertion that "one coat" is all it requires. If the radiator was previously painted with white, the paint can only provide satisfactory results if applied in a single coat.

The slightest color change might require several coats however this isn't an issue.

We were very pleased with the coverage of the product. A litre of paint could be enough to cover 8m2, and occasionally, even more. It is extremely tough and is resistant to scratching and scuffing.


  • Solvent-based paint shields radiators from corrosion by providing a tough and strong film. It is also able to be applied to any metal surface inside.
  • Solvent-based paints require an immediate drying time. A single coat can be repainted in only 16 hours. It is able to dry in just 6 hours.
  • The brilliant white paint can be dried to an elegant finish. It's easy to clean the surface with an aqueous cloth.
  • Consistency. It's easy to apply the paint without creating an mess.


  • It isn't easy to apply paint without creating poor strokes. It is possible to achieve somewhat better results by applying it in smaller sections at the same period of time.
  • Even with similar colors Very poor coverage. It is recommended to apply at least two coats.

Non-yellowing formula ensures long-lasting results.

Johnstone’s Satin Paint for Radiators

Johnstone's Satin Paint for Radiators

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Johnstone's exclusive radiator paint is water-based and is suitable for use for hot water pipes as well as radiators. There are two different finishes: traditional gloss or contemporary satin.

The paint can cover up to 12m2/litre and is environmentally friendly. It is also able to be utilized in enclosed spaces. Acrylic paint also dry quicker than solvent-based paints, and can be re-coated as quickly as 4 hours.

The paint of this speciality isn't as long-lasting as other water-based paints. Two coats are recommended however, larger changes in colour may require more.

The formula that is not yellowing is a plus, since it remains white due to the absence of oils. It's resistant to scratches and scratches. It's affordable however it isn't able to remove and lasts for a long period of time.


  • Johnstone's Paint for Radiators comes in 750ml and 250ml tins. It's affordable.
  • Due to its low amount of volatile organic chemicals, it is safe to be used in closed areas.
  • Acrylic paint is easily cleaned using soapy water. Dry film can be cleaned with soapy water, and needs little maintenance.


  • The thick consistency makes it difficult to use and leaves marks on the brush. But, it is not dripping.
  • This product is available in one color, like most radiator paints.

Rustins Quick Dry Radiator Paint

Rustins Quick Dry Radiator Paint
Rustins Quick Dry Radiator Paint   Rustins Quick Dry Radiator Paint   Rustins Quick Dry Radiator Paint              

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Rustins Quick Dry is a line of water-based paints that are suitable for metal or wood interiors. Radiator Enamel is an acrylic formulation that can dry quickly to the gloss or satin finish in less than one hour.

It comes in Brilliant White, and will not yellow as time passes. The paint's properties to resist heat makes it suitable for boilers and hot-water pipes.

The Quick Dry radiator enamel can be applied to heated surfaces, as well for a topcoat or paint to touch up a range of surfaces, including white equipment.

The paint can be repainted within as little as four hours, based on the humidity and temperature. We suggest it to anyone who is looking for an environmentally-friendly and long-lasting alternative to solvent-based paints.


  • Water-based paints are simple to apply with the use of a roller or brush. They are also easy to clean by washing them with soapy water.
  • The Quick Dry radiator enamel is perfect for spaces that are enclosed due to its low odour, minimal VOCs, and outstanding performance.
  • The product offers a wide coverage that can reach 14.m2/litre. It is available in 250ml , 500ml and 1L containers.
  • White pigments of high-quality provide an amazing finish and doesn't turn yellow when heated.


  • The paint is very thin and has a very low coverage power. To increase the effectiveness make sure you apply at least two coats.

High-quality Radiator paint that is suitable for a variety of applications in the residential sector.

Radiators are typically coated in white. The majority of special paints aren’t available in different shades. If you’re looking to make your radiator stand out, you could think about painting them in a different shade.

A neutral color is ideal for those looking to replace white but do not wanting to be bolder. If you don’t want to fade the walls, then cream is a great alternative. But beige is another alternative. For a refined finish pick a shade that is in harmony with the hue of your wall.

Grey is a well-known color which is available in a variety of shades. Dove grey is a great choice for traditional homes, and slate grey is better suited for modern renovations. Both shades look fantastic on woodwork and are able to be painted on windows and radiators with the same color.

You can pick bolder shades like dark red. These hues can be difficult to paint, but it’s feasible. Another stunning alternative is dark green that is a great match with cream and ivory walls.

If you are looking to decorate your home with a coastal theme with a brightly colored radiator with white walls is an excellent option. It is also possible to use white walls and blue walls. It doesn’t matter if you’re nonconformist. You can utilize lime green, pink and electric blue in the bedroom of your child or in a contemporary nonconformist house.

Black is often a no-go, but it is a great choice for radiators. It is stylish and striking. It is great combined with neutral walls or brick walls in a industrial setting.

How do I paint a Radiator?

Materials for painting radiators

  • Paint for radiators
  • Primer
  • Drop the cloths
  • Tape for Painters
  • Paint stripper
  • Sandpaper

Tools for Radiator Painting

  • Paintbrushes
  • Putty knife

Guidelines for decorating

Step 1. Prepare and clean the surface

While painting a radiator can be simple and fast but it’s not too difficult. But it is only possible to ensure an excellent result by making the surface.

Then, shut off the radiator and let the radiator to cool. Radiators that do not have bare walls must be cleaned with little effort. The majority of radiators are cleaned using a an aqueous cloth.

Examine the condition of any prior paint that was applied to the radiator. Sand the radiator to get rid of any flaking or peeling paint. Then, clean any dust using dry cloth. To get rid of stains, wash the area with mild soap and then dry it.

If you are planning to switch from solvent-based paint to water-based it might be necessary to take off the previous paint.

To get rid of the coating entirely, you can make use of a chemical paint stripper using a putty knife. After that, you can clean it like you normally.

After cleaning the radiator, put an apron under the area of work and cover any areas that were not covered with painter’s tape.

Step 2. Make sure the surface is primed

Paints that bond to radiators are a good choice for the majority of surfaces. Priming is not required for newly-created or unfinished surfaces.

To achieve this, you should use an engine primer that is resistant to heat. A lot of paint companies offer specific guidelines for which products to apply for an undercoat. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for applying the primer, and let it dry at least for 24 hours prior to moving on to the next stage.

Step 3. Paint the radiator.

Select a radiator paint that is appropriate for the application you are using and a high-quality paintbrush. Acrylic and solvent-based paints are able to be utilized in the same way.

Paint a thin coat of paint on the surface using the paintbrush. Apply the paint with a steady small section at one time. Before you move on to the next area, you must fix any drips.

Apply aerosol paints according to the instructions on the container.

Let the first coat completely dry before applying the second coat. Even if coverage is adequate, a second coat of paint is suggested to improve the protection.

The second coat is used in the same manner. Let it dry completely before taking off the drop cloth and the painter’s tape. Let the paint dry at least for 24 hours prior to you can touch it. Make sure to turn the heat off when the paint is completely dry.


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