Shed Door Locks can be your Primary Defense

The kind of door lock for your shed that you choose to use is determined by the door type that you have in your shed. A fully-framed door could be secured with a mortice lock the same manner as you would have on your home.

But most doorways for sheds are of the ledged or braced type and don’t have an underlying timber frame that is solid around the perimeter.

Locks for braced and ledged doors are usually fixed on the ledger that is central, which is at mid-height. There are sheds with locks that are fixed to the lower and upper ledgers, too.

However, having three locks to change can cause opening doors to be somewhat of an effort. .There’s a balance to be found between security and ease of access into your garden .

Pad bolts

As well as staple and hasp fixings are available in a variety of grades. The most affordable are made of mild steel that can be cut using hacksaws .

More expensive and higher quality brand-name hardware, like the ones made by ABUS typically include parts that are made of hardened steel.

The steel that is hardened has been treated, which means that an effort to slice it using hacksaws will be harder .

Security of staple and staple can be increased by selecting one with an integrated padlock protector. Padlock protectors are a steel shroud built into the hasp and protects the top that is the top of the padlock. The extra layer of metal makes it harder for thieves to gain entry.

Shed door bars

Shed door bars provide an additional level of security that is added to the security provided by locks. The most basic design is a steel bar that can be removed that is secured at the mid-height of the door.

The bar serves to safeguard the lock on the door by stopping the door from being moved to the side. .

Modern door bar designs are like a massive staple and hasp with one end of the bar hinged, rather than loose.

For both types the bar fixings must be secured to the frame of the shed (rather than the cladding) to maximize the effect.

Finally, If the intruder manages to get past your secure lock, is it game over?

No There is a piece of hardware referred to as a Shed Equipment Anchor allows you to lock securely devices to your shed’s frame. This is another obstacle that an intruder could over.

It is the Shed Equipment Anchor is used in conjunction with the D lock to anchor a bicycle to the wall of the shed