Shed Ramps: Should You Purchase or build?

Shed ramps make it easy to move your car, tractor, or push mower in the shed.

No matter if you constructed your own garden shed or bought one already built There is a chance that the door to it isn’t at the ground level.

While sitting above the ground may be the ideal location to build your garden shed, it could make getting the ATV, mower or bikes into and out of the shed difficult.

A shed ramp can simplify your life when you find yourself in this type of situation. Ramps can make it easier to move things into and out of your shed.

We will tackle the most important issue: “Should i buy a set or construct my own ramps for my shed?”

Ramps: The Case for Building Ramps

You may have built your own garden shed.

The construction of a ramp for your shed or one that you already have, is an excellent option to be happy.

Ramps can be constructed fairly quickly, depending on the materials you choose to use. A ramp set can be constructed by a typical handyman in just a few hours on a weekend.

While it might seem like a dream to construct your own ramps for mowers There are many issues.

First, you must have the capacity to perform your job effectively. The next step is to assess if you possess the necessary skills and equipment to complete the task.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you are working with wood. You’ll need the appropriate tools and know-how to build ramps made of metal for your mower, or ramps made of cement. Even if you complete the work yourself, the cost of metal and cement can be very expensive.

The Argument for Buying Shed Ramps

There are ramps that can be purchased ready-to-use for when you’re in a hurry or lack the expertise required to construct ramps for sheds.

You may also employ a contractor to construct a ramp for you at your house. We’re most interested in ramps you can buy online or at your local hardware store that sells discount warehouse hardware.

The ramps are simple to plug and play with. The ramp might require securing on the ground or to the shed.

These mower ramps that are ready to go are typically well-constructed and ready to use. It is important to select ramps that are sturdy and last for a long time in accordance with your budget.

A set of aluminum ramps for instance, won’t be rotten or rust. The pre-built shed ramps aren’t an ideal option.

You can build your own sheds that could be more appealing to the eyes.

The verdict The verdict is: Buy or Build

Building and buying ramps for sheds have their positive and negative aspects. The majority of people make their choice based on the time and cost, not the purpose.

The ramps can be used regardless of direction, which means no matter how you use them they’ll remain operational. While it’s cheaper to construct your own ramp rather than purchasing an already-built ramp however, they take longer to construct.

The ramps that are ready-to-go may not be as flexible as you’d prefer and may not work for your backyard.

You can construct your own shed ramp if are able to build it with the right time and the tools. If not, purchasing ramps or ramps is a better option.

How do you construct your own mower ramps

There are a variety of options available in the construction of ramps for your shed. Certain materials are easier to use, like lumber. Cement however is harder to use. It does however provide an extra durable and long-lasting ramp. We review of some of the more well-known alternatives.

1. Wood

– Lumber

For the frame to be constructed for the frame, you’ll need to build it using 2 4 x 6. The ramps will be exposed to the elements for a lengthy period of time, so be sure to purchase the pressure treated lumber.

Be aware that pressure treated lumber requires an appropriate saw blade in order to be cut. It may be beneficial to build the posts for support from 4x4s based on the height of the ramp.

It is possible to cement the posts in place and then sink them in the ground to provide stability.


Plywood is an excellent flooring material to build an easy ramp. To prevent it from rotting it is recommended to make use of pressure-treated wood.

For the best results, choose 3/4-inch plywood or a thicker version. To keep the ramp from getting slippery during weather conditions that are snowy or rainy Add furring strips or anti-slip material.

Regular plywood is a good choice as a surface. If you choose to use regular plywood, you should seal it prior to painting in order to match the shed.

It is also possible to include sand or add an anti-slip coating to decrease the risk of becoming slippery.

2. Metal

– Steel

Steel is a great material to construct your ramp, or you could purchase ramps. The steel frame is durable and will last for a long time. To stop it from rusting it must be painted frequently.

A shed ramp that is rusty is not just ugly however, it could also be brittle and ineffective to hold the weight of your mower in the long run. While a checkerplate or diamond surface may give years of use but they are prone to becoming slippery when they are wet.

Steel is also expensive, no matter if you decide to construct it yourself or purchase it.

Metal ramps are able to withstand extreme treatment and are extremely durable.


Aluminum is a good option if you’re looking for a ramp that is able to withstand any kind of abuse and last for a long time.

Aluminum is invulnerable to corrosion, and can be able to withstand pest attacks and doesn’t require any maintenance. However, it can be slippery when cold or wet.

Aluminum ramp prices range from very affordable to astronomically expensive based on the location they are bought.

3. Rubber

Vulcanized rubber is a great choice in heavy-duty applications however it is often employed in warehouse and factory applications. The toughness of hardened rubber is very strong and able to withstand extremely massive loads. It’s usually wedge-shaped, which means that the height of the ramp cannot be altered.

The ramps made of rubber are typically placed inside, therefore we don’t know how long they’ll last outdoors.

4. Concrete

Another durable and long-lasting option. It is a great alternative if your shed is built on the slab.

A ramp for a concrete shed can be dangerous due to the fact that it can take a long time to set and cannot be removed.

FAQs about Shed Ramps

Here are a few of the most frequently-asked questions regarding shed ramps, and our opinions on them.

How do I find out the dimensions of my ramp to my shed?

The following aspects will help you determine the dimensions of your ramp. The ramp must be able to cover the full width of the door. The angle of the ramp. The more long the ramp is, the harder it is for you to maneuver your ATV, bike or mower in and out of the shed.

How do I know whether the ramp to the shed is sturdy enough?

The ramp for your shed should be sturdy enough to support the weight of any objects that will be coming into and leaving your shed. It is possible to build ramps to hold your mower as well as you, but ensure that you have enough bracing. The weight of the ramps that you purchase is measured. Make sure you consider the capacity of your ATV or lawn mower and your personal weight.

What should I be looking out for?

The ramps for your shed should be secure and meet your requirements, regardless whether you build ramps yourself or purchasing ramps. Be sure the ramp isn’t bowing when you or your mower or ATV are moving it up and down. It is recommended to coat or seal your wood or steel ramp regularly. Be aware of any screws or nails that might become loose or backing off on the wooden ramp. They could result in the tires to be damaged.

Is there a great location to buy shed ramps for sale at a reasonable cost?

If you’ve made the decision to buy the ramp for your shed You’ll need to locate an area to keep the ramps. It is crucial to locate an establishment that will not just charge you an affordable cost for the ramps, but also offer quality ramps. Here are our top three choices for ramps.

Ebay – Auctions on the Internet Style Buy

Ebay is an excellent site to shop, including ramps for sheds. There are many companies selling brand new ramps for sale at affordable costs.

There are many sellers selling used ramps. It is important to confirm the authenticity of the seller and inquire about shipping charges. It might be more affordable to purchase locally if you take into account the cost of shipping and the chance of not getting what you spend. is a great place to shop. is the world’s biggest online retailer

Amazon is similar to Ebay in that you can buy almost everything, from aluminum and steel ramps for sheds, ATVS and lawnmowers, as well as bikes. Amazon has a variety of ramps. You may also find used ramps for auction.

While you might find prices that are more expensive than those on eBay, Amazon guarantees the sale and will deliver your item to you.

Wal*Mart has discounts in-store and online

Wal*Mart has stores in a multitude of locations in the US and numerous others around the globe.

There is a broad assortment of items, including aluminum ramps for sheds. They are available for purchase at Supercenters or purchased online. You can place an order on the internet and then have the ramps delivered for free to the nearest Wal*Mart. You can also purchase them and have them delivered directly to your residence.

It is important to be aware of the fact that you are buying at a discount retailer. Check prices and look at brands to get the best bargain.

What can you do to build an access ramp to your shed to your home?

It is essential to establish a strategy prior to making your ramp for your mower.

A set of plans or drawings that show the layout, dimensions, materials, and possibly an outline of the design is required.

They can be combined or in a series to construct ramps for sheds that will last for a long duration.

Moving forward and upwards

The most important aspect to consider when choosing the best shed ramps is whether or not you possess the knowledge as well as the time to build your own or prefer buying pre-made ramps. Both are able to do the job.

The ultimate choice, at least for the majority of men, boils down to time and money. It can be more costly to construct your own shed ramp. It is sometimes more sensible to purchase ramps on the internet and then have them delivered straight to your residence.

No matter how you arrive, it will make life easier to move your ATV, mower or bicycle around your garden shed.