Shed Windows for more natural light in the shed

Shed windows are crucial to let light in your shed, so you can observe your tools, lawn equipment or whatever else you want to use the shed in your backyard for .

Everyday we gaze through the house, garden shed or office window, but we do not give much thought to the way in which the frames are constructed and how they are incorporated into the structure of the building , or even the choices that are offered for the glass .

A nice small window for a shed on the gable wall

If you’re building an entirely new shed, there are many possibilities to consider. Do you want it to be double glazed or single or glazed? What is the distinction between toughened glass and glass for horticulture? Are they both fantastic? Or should you stick to traditional glass kinds? ?

Let’s look at different window styles and the various choices of materials and styles that are available to you. .

The four major areas we will be looking at include :

  1. Essential design elements

  2. Window frame for the garden shed. This includes plastic, timber and steel

  3. Glazing material. Is it plastic or glass? more effective?

  4. Window treatments Shutters and blinds, insect screens, and more .

Before we get to the different window frame materials and glazing types, make certain you know what you would like your windows to function and the reason you’d like windows in your shed. .

Essential design elements for your shed windows

Since you don’t require the same performance from a shed window like windows for houses, it offers a variety of options you may not have thought of. Windows aren’t limited to a specific proportion of the wall and don’t have to meet the same standards in terms of thermal efficiency or the ability to block out drafts. This freedom allows you to have an incredibly wide range of materials to choose from and gives the homeowner more flexibility to design the style of windows that you like. .

There are three practical aspects that will guide your crucial decision about the style of your shed window Lighting, Ventilation and Security


It is essential to allow plenty of sunlight into your shed to ensure that you are able to easily locate the items you need. The dimensions and location of windows determine how much light you get .

Windows that are higher up are more luminous, and windows facing toward areas that are less shaded. Be cautious about windows that face straight South (in the Northern hemisphere)as it is possible that the inside of the shed is heated excessively. .

The window’s location could be determined by a mandatory view from the shed to your garden or by the need for ample sunlight to help warm the seedlings and stimulate them to develop. .


The need for a good air circulation is often an important factor when it comes to new windows for garden sheds. The windows that open allow you to let the shed air out quickly, allowing plenty of fresh air to enter.>

This is useful for making sure the container remains dry, or to control the temperature during hot days. .

By opening the windows, you to regulate your fresh air flow. The window that is opposite to the door allows you to have a cross-flow of air .

It is a given windows must be opened. Windows can be top-hung or side-hung, as well as sliding. If you plan to install an openable shed window, make sure that it is easy to access for you to be able to open it. !

The stained glass window allows light in and creates an aesthetic appeal.


Windows in sheds are a risky area in your shed, there are many ways you can take to tackle security concerns :

Shed Security Windows

The narrow windows that are positioned high on the wall are an excellent way to let sunlight to enter while limiting the view of internal elements, and they can also maximize the usage of wall space as well. .

The windows should be installed at the eaves level is a option, as shown in the image below. .

The non-opening windows in the shed provide extra security for your possessions. However, they look somewhat intimidating.

Transom windows for doors are another window design that is effective to provide security. The windows are situated high above the door, and thus are a good place to put the light that is available .

Window film shed

The application of a transparent plastic film on top of an opaque window lets to let in lots of light, however it makes it difficult for anyone to view the contents of the shed. .

Window bars that are sheathed

The installation of window bars or strong wire mesh inside the window can make it more difficult for anyone to gain entry even if they manage to break the glass of the window. .

Window frame for the garden shed Materials .

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make regarding your windows is what kind of material you would like the frames of your windows to be constructed of.

The three primary materials you can choose from for window frame construction include PVC, wood and steel.

Each one of these materials has distinct characteristics :

Wooden window frames

Window frame for a timber shed before installation in the log cabin shed

Wooden shed windows provide an array of options from basic DIY shed windows to more sophisticated window frames that are made by a shop. Window frames made of wood look stunning when they are properly painted or treated. If they’re not, they are properly treated, they could be damaged by weather over time. .

To assist you in your journey with wooden shed windows, I have created this page to help you how to use them.

Vinyl windows or PVC

Window frames made of PVC are commonly used to replace window frames in the UK. They are mostly chosen due to their the durability and ease of maintenance. They last for a long time and are very good, but they are also environmentally friendly. They are however better than they were in the sense that PVC window frames can be reused. .

PVC windows are usually used up, so search for windows within skips (dumpsters) or projects for renovation, ebay and gumtree, as well as craigslist. .

Double-glazed vinyl windows that have been pre-owned.

PVC window frames are usually available in brown or white and do not require painting. The issue of PVC is that, over time, it may become hard fade, and not as green towards the end of its lifespan. .

Small shed made of pre-loved PVC window frames

Metal – aluminum or steel shed windows

Metal window frames from the past were used to create this unique shed

Metal shed windows can be found with powder coated aluminum or steel window frames. They are cheap and simple design, but adequate for a storage shed. Be aware that they’re not a ‘thermally damaged’ design , which means you could end up with some water condensation in the frame of your window, especially if you heat the shed during winter. .

Aluminum is durable and will not rust easily. Windows made of aluminum are strong and come in a range of long lasting anodized finishes that provide excellent corrosion resistance and require little maintenance. Aluminum windows can be costly, but it’s worth it! This is your shed that you are making here, so it might be worth it. .

The suppliers in the US offer a variety of shapes and sizes from regular shapes to transoms and arched windows. .

Each of these frames come with their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s an option you decide based on your budget as well as the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. .

Shed Window Glazing

The next thing to consider is the kind of glass you’ll use. The majority of your choice is determined by the purpose of usage of your shed. Two options are windows made of plastic or glass .

Types of Glazing

The variety of glass available to let light in your shed is greater than what you would find for windows used in homes. The types of glazing are:

Glass windows

Glass for the garden – This is the tiniest and most basic type of glass. It’s typically 3mm thick. It is possible to cut it into smaller pieces by scoring it using diamond cutters and cutting it down the lines.

This advantage is partially offset by the weakness inherent in glass used for horticulture. When struck by a ball or another object , it breaks and glass breaks into long dagger-like fragments .

Glass that is toughened or tempered – More durable than the glass used for horticulture. It is also thicker, with around 4mm thick.

The glass that is tempered has been cut to its final size, then treated and polished edges to decrease the chance of cracking. If the glass is struck with enough force that it shatters, the glass breaks into many tiny pieces.

They pose little risk than the larger shards of glass used for horticulture. But it must be purchased in normal size panes .

Opening shed window made of tempered glass

Double-glazed windows for sheds

Double-glazed windows are typically made of toughened glass.

The two panes are joined to each other using either a small pressure or with an inert gas, such as the gas argon. It is possible to order windows for your shed in the same manner as you would normal house windows.

Double-glazed unit set to be inserted into a wooden window frames. A way to build your shed window frame is to accommodate a double-glazed unit

It is also possible to use recycled windows (frame and glass) that you salvaged from a renovation project. If you prefer to use recycled glass, it’s quite simple to take the double-glazed unit from the windows and create your own wooden window frames to fit your needs.

Plastic windows for sheds

There are other options to the rigidity of glass. These are polycarbonate and acrylic sheets. Both are plastics and offer the benefit of being they are both of the thicknesses commonly used for window frames for sheds (2-6mm) They can be cut easily using routers and circular saws.

Both have excellent transparency with 92 vs. 88% (glass approximately. 90%). One of the minor disadvantages in both materials is they’re less scratch-resistant than glass, and may become less transparent as they age.

To minimize scratching, they must be both cleaned using soapy water rather than abrasive cleaners and avoid cleaning with solvents at all costs as they can scratch on the surfaces .The main difference between the two kinds of plastic is their price.

Cut price sheds make use of the thinnest plastic available, which at 2mm is too thin and pliable .Acrylic (Perspex/Plexiglas) Acrylic shed windows are more scratch resistant and rigid than polycarbonate. Available in thicknesses of 2-30mm Acrylic is cheaper than polycarbonate and is often supplied with low-end, mass-produced sheds.Sheets of polycarbonate.

Highly impact-resistant So much that it is often used in bus shelters as well as police riot shields. Polycarbonate is more durable and more resistant to cracks than acrylic.

The most common thicknesses for windows in sheds would be 3- 4mm .In the end, polycarbonate is more expensive than acrylic, possibly around 40-70 percent more than acrylic for the thicknesses required for windows.

Window treatments

Another thing you should think about when you are making the windows you want to consider is whether or not you’ll decide to install blinds, shutters or curtains.

They are utilized to control the view into (and outside of your house) they also aid in reducing heat gain and increase security. Blinds, curtains or window shades that are sheathed

The main purpose of these is to block from the sun and make the night more cozy. They also aid in limiting the contents’ view from the eyes of others. .

They shield against the sun and offer security by hiding what is inside the building from external view. .

What are your options to keep windows light out and blocking the view out of your shed?

  • Curtains -net curtains
  • Blinds – venetian or roller blinds
  • Frosting glass with a dark tint
  • Shutters are a great security feature because they can be shut and secured. They also offer shading from sun .
  • Shutters for sheds that can be removed and secured to the outside
  • The installation of a trellis on the outside of the window in this allotment increased the security
  • Steel bars that are vertically positioned in the frame of the shed window improve security, but do not significantly alter external appearance

How do you decide which shed window is right for your needs? ?

I hope that the discussion above will help you make a an informed decision about the most suitable kind of window for your shed. .

My experience has taught me that most important decisions you have to take fall into the following categories: .

Windows for sheds can be among the more significant features of the shed’s design in addition to the design of the roof. It is often the case that when people begin to construct their shed, they pay a lot of attention to all things except the windows.

Consider the fact that windows have an impact on the appearance, feel and design of the shed.

Choose the building’s use heated in comparison to. unheated the most popular window frame material opening vs. non opening pre-made, DIY or recycled windows.

If you’re seeking is a source of light, the ability to see out , and ventilation isn’t an issue, the fixed window could be just what you are looking for.

If you want a window that is attractive but is also functional gorgeous, you could think about a side-hung or top-hung window .

A nice small side-opening shed window

If you’re looking for an attractive window for your garden office shed , then you could consider installing double-hung sliding sash windows or horizontal sliding sash windows. .