Stihl Robotic Mower iMOW Review with Prices

If you’ve ever wanted to get a lawn mower without the hassle and cost of mowing it, the Stihl robot lawn mower may be the perfect solution for you.

Stihl Robot Mower review

Stihl Robotic Mower iMOW Review with Prices

These machines are easy to operate, and they include a user-friendly LCD control panel and iMow app for easy maintenance.

GPS technology and built-in sensors help them determine how much grass to mow. These devices work with a perimeter wire boundary and have preset mowing hours.

Stihl iMOW Review

These robot lawn mowers are capable of handling up to 300 square meters of lawn, with the Stihl iMOW, you can select the area that you want to mow and the size of the blades.

The intelligent performance feature helps the mower adjust its cutting times according to your preferences and weather conditions. With its automatic setting and connectivity, you can control how much grass it cuts and how long it does it.

Cutting Width & Route Efficiency

When it comes to the cutting width, the Stihl iMOW uses a sophisticated algorithm to select the most effective route for mowing your lawn. This way, the robot can cut as much grass as possible while minimizing the amount of time it takes to mow.

Moreover, the Stihl iMOW is capable of operating even in difficult conditions and has the capability to work on a 300 square metre lawn.

The Stihl iMOW uses a complex algorithm to determine the most efficient route to mow your lawn. Its algorithm-based mowing pattern allows it to work efficiently, while it also avoids cutting your grass in rain or windy weather.

Lawn Terrain

In addition to these features, STIHL robotic lawn mowers are also highly compatible with other types of power equipment. They can be programmed to mow your lawn without human assistance and can be used on a wide variety of terrains.

The iMOW robotic mower is a real workhorse. Its lineup covers up to five thousand square meters. Some models are customized for different shapes of lawns, while others are able to mow even the most challenging of grounds.

No Grass Collections

Unlike traditional lawn mowers, iMOW robotic lawn mowers don’t require a grass collector. Instead, they return valuable nutrients to the soil, resulting in a healthier and more beautiful landscape.

The Stihl iMOW has the biggest mowing area of any robotic lawn mower on the market. Its mowing area is the largest on the market. You may be wondering what makes it so special.

Stihl iMOW Installation

STIHL iMow Installation is a breeze. After purchasing your new robotic mower, simply follow the instructions provided by your dealer or purchase the kit. If you’re unsure about how to install your new lawnmower, you can watch a video on STIHL’s YouTube channel.

Afterward, check your time settings and double-check your installation to make sure it’s working properly.

You will need to set up the system and adjust the controls for cutting height. Next, it’s time to choose the charging station. The best location is flat or in the middle of your yard. Select a location away from sprinklers and near a power outlet.

Your STIHL iMOW Dealer will offer personal advice and professional installation. They will also provide you with a free manual for use in your yard. The manual will provide detailed installation instructions.

Stihl iMOW 422p robotic mower

The iMOW comes with an on-board control panel and accompanying app, which sends alerts to your smartphone. It has an impressive cut and is low-maintenance. Boasts a patented self-cleaning treaded wheel system that allows you to keep it clean without mowing.

High-performance robot lawn mower with a cutting area of up to 1500m2, but it struggles with thicker types of grass.

The single-axis, dual blade configuration of this machine makes it difficult to cut tougher species of grass. It also has a battery life of about 75 minutes, which is decent considering it requires 90 minutes to recharge.

The iMOW 422p uses GPS to determine the slope and mowing speed. It can even handle 40% slopes. It features a movable hood that flexes when it comes in contact with a foreign object. When it encounters an obstacle, it sends a signal to change direction.

You can monitor performance data on the Stihl iMOW 412p and its companion app.

The iMOW 422p can also be programmed to use an algorithm-based mowing pattern.

Stihl iMOW 632 review

This machine is a big one from the Stihl iMOW series, so the rounded hood and the large display are a good look. The screen is easy to see in daylight, too. I did not experience any stuttering.

The Stihl iMOW uses a complex mathematical pattern to determine the best route for cutting the grass. This way, it is able to maximize efficiency while mowing the lawn. In addition, it has a timer, allowing you to schedule when you want to mow the lawn.

The Stihl iMOW is also very quiet, which is another reason why many people opt for nighttime mowing.

The iMOW’s blades and wheels can be secured with a locking system. It is also protected against bumps and can be sent back to the base in the event of theft. If the machine is lost, the owner will be able to access the pin code to start it again.

While most other robotic lawn mowers are noisy, the Stihl iMOW 633 offers plenty of safety features.

If a child attempts to lift or tilt the machine, it will turn off.

The Stihl iMOW RMI 632 PC-L app is easy to use. It allows you to program different schedules for different days. You can also enter multiple schedules on the same day.

Stihl iMOW 632 price

STIHL iMOW 632 the average price is around $2,000. The price for installation is about $700, and STIHL offers professional installation services. If you’d rather hire a professional, you can contact STIHL customer service for assistance. You can also visit a local dealer to have your lawnmower installed.

Stihl iMOW vs Husqvarna

A Stihl iMOW versus a Husqvarna iRotator lawn mower is the same, save for the price. The former uses lithium-ion batteries, while the latter relies on a docking station.

While both models have the same basic features, their most notable differences are their price tags.

Both cost more than $1,000, but both can be purchased at a local lumberyard. Whether you’re looking to cut your lawn or just maintain your yard, both brands have different price points and features.

One major difference between the two automowers is their cutting capacities. The Stihl iMOW has a maximum working area of 1/4 acre, while the Husqvarna iR450 can cover a full acre.

Regardless of the price, you can be sure that each mower is sufficient for your yard. To determine how much mowing space you’ll need, calculate the total area of your lawn and deduct the footprint of any flower beds or driveway.

The most significant difference between the two automowers is the cutting area. Both models can handle a minimum of 1/4 acre and up to 1 acre.

For a more accurate estimate of the size of your lawn, you’ll need to subtract the footprint of your house, driveway, and flower beds. This will give you an accurate idea of the size of your lawn.

Stihl Robotic Mower price

Some models have WiFi connectivity, while others don’t. These are not cheap, so you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared to pay a high price for your lawn mowing.

The Stihl robot lawn mowers can be connected to the internet. They can be controlled remotely with the Stihl app. They are able to save battery life by monitoring the weather and the amount of grass it’s cutting. Some of them can even make the mowing process easier for you – simply set them up on your lawn and wait for the robot to do its job.

Lawn Coverage of Stihl Mower

Stihl’s iMOW robot lawn mowers are designed to be efficient. They are capable of mowing a lawn that’s over half an acre. They can even mow irregular shapes of grass and adapt to any environment.

This feature makes them an ideal choice for people who have unique or irregular lawns.

The Negatives of Stihl Robotic Mowers

Depending on how big your lawn is, a Stihl iMOW may be your best option. A downside to the iMOW is that it doesn’t mow well on steep slopes.

Wrapping up

Whether you need a robotic lawn mower for your home, you can rest assured that your lawn will look perfect.

Stihl Robotic Mower iMOW FAQ

How does the Stihl Robotic iMow Mower work?

This device has a robust double-sided blade that ensures precise cutting. Each stop changes the direction of the blade’s rotation, which causes it to wear evenly and last longer. By cutting grass finely and letting it fall to the ground, grass clippings return essential nutrients to the soil.

How much does the Stihl iMow cost?

A barebones model costs approximately $600 to over $5,000, while a mower with all the bells and whistles can cost more than $10,000. If you order from a dealer, you may be charged hundreds of dollars more for professional installation.

How good is the iMow?

The iMow has a single, steel rotary blade and is nimble and quiet. This mower is great for mulching and cutting the lawn efficiently. Despite getting stuck occasionally on damp ground, the iMOW produces a great finish. The mower automatically adjusts the speed based on the conditions, grass length, and terrain, taking on slopes up to 40%.