how to install an attic ladder

How To Install An Attic Ladder

Attics refer to an area in between the ceiling of the topmost floor of a house and the roof.  Such spaces are often ignored since we think about them as just an open and dark areas.  Not an appealing part … Read more

How to Transport a Ladder

How to Transport a Ladder

A ladder may come as a huge investment, therefore it is important to ensure that it is properly secured before transporting it. In this way, you’ll prevent damaging the ladder and your car. To help you protect the ladder, your … Read more

ladder 4 to 1 angle rule

Ladder Angle Rule 4 to 1 & Ladder Safety Tips

Setting Up a Ladder Before leaning your ladder against the wall, you should pay attention to ladder safety.  When we’re talking about ladder safety, it’s actually about having the right ladder angle.   So, what’s the perfect ladder angle?  Well, check … Read more

How To Use A Ladder On Stairs (1)

How To Use A Ladder On Stairs

Ever wondered how other people accomplished a project that is several meters above the ground?  Or, what tools or equipment they’ve used to reach something elevated?   There are also some projects where you are required to work on staircases, but … Read more

best roof ladder hooks

Best Roof Ladder Hooks

In simple terms, a roof ladder is a kind of ladder that is designed for slanted or steep roofs.  However, there’s one component that makes it special – these are the roof ladder hooks.  Without this element, it will just … Read more

Best Tallest A-Frame Ladders

Best Tallest A-Frame Ladders

A-frame ladders serve an essential role in getting projects done, especially in heights out of average reach. When choosing ladders, you need to consider the maximum size and ladder safety aspects. Thus you should select the best tallest A-frame ladders.  … Read more

spanish caves Mesolithic rock painting

Who Invented The Ladder?

Do you know who invented the ladder? If there’s one household tool that is very functional in our daily lives but often neglected, it’s got to be the ladder.  Have you ever thought about who invented the ladder?  Most of … Read more

What Size Ladder For 2 Story House

What Size Ladder For 2 Story House?

Finding the Best Extension Ladder The first thing that you should be asking yourself is the size of the ladder that you’ll be needing.  This is a prerequisite before you go shopping for a good ladder.  Choosing a ladder for … Read more

How Tall Is A 2-Story Building Featured Image

How Tall Is A 2 Story House?

Determining the height of a 2-story house is quite difficult as you first need to know how high a 1-story structure is.  The standard height of a ceiling of a single story is usually measured at 8 ft. to 10 … Read more

Best Telescopic Ladder Review

The telescopic ladder is an innovative and space-saving straight design that has become increasingly popular among DIY home enthusiasts and commercial users alike. Unlike traditional ladders that are bulky and awkward to transport, even when collapsed, telescopic ladders have rungs … Read more