The Best Paint Brushes in 2021 For Your Painting Needs

We’ve all found ourselves standing in the hardware store with a can of paint in one hand and staring at the endless variety of paint brushes.

Choosing only a single brand can be quite daunting. You might be asking yourself:

  • Do I go for the most brushes?
  • Do I go for the cheapest option?
  • Should I choose two brands, just in case the one doesn’t work?
  • Do I use a roller instead?
  • Which is the best paint brush to choose from?

These are all questions that may have gone through my mind while standing in the aisle. 

Whether you’ve decided to start painting your entire house or just a single room, the last thing you want to worry about is which paintbrushes you need to buy.

Now, let’s have a look at a few brushes that I’ve found to be great contenders for the best painter’s brushes and which brand offers the best options.

Our Top Picks for Best Paint Brushes

What are the Best Paint Brushes

Top list of the best Paint Brushes.

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    Natural Bristle Or Not?

    If you’ve bought paintbrushes, you probably have read about natural or synthetic bristles. For the longest time, I did not know what the actual difference was until I decided to look into it; brushes can contain natural bristles, synthetic bristles, or a mixture of the two.

    Natural Bristles

    The bristles are made from some form of a natural material and most commonly use animal hair. A paintbrush with a natural bristle works best with oil-based paint, and the brushes also last longer.

    Synthetic Bristles

    Paintbrushes with synthetic bristles can also be referred to as polyester bristles and are typically made from nylon, polyester, or a nylon polyester blend. These brushes can handle water-based paint much better.

    What Paintbrushes Do Professionals Use?

    This question doesn’t have a simple answer. There is no one-size-fits-all type of brush. The first thing you should do is to think about what paint your project needs and then choose brushes that create the best quality.

    By choosing the right brushes, we also make sure that the paintbrush lasts longer and continues to give you the best results.

    Which Is The Best Paint Brush Or Roller?

    From my experience, I’ve seen how long it can take to paint an entire wall with a few small brushes, but I’ve also gone through the hassle of trying to paint a tiny section and getting paint all over myself.

    paintbrush and a roller each have a specific purpose. If you want to cover a large area quickly, then paint it with a roller. If you’re going to paint a small section or be very precise, then I would suggest using a paintbrush.

    Having a variety of options to paint with makes the job much simpler and quicker, so make sure you have the right tool, or in this case paintbrush, for the job.

    Paint Brush Singles Or Sets

    Brush sets are widespread, and most of us have bought one at some point in our lives. Paintbrush sets give you the option of many brush sizes, but I’ve found that we tend to use one brush for most of the work. I don’t mind having a few extra brushes to spare, but there are many times when I want a single brush for a specific purpose.

    As a regular painter myself, I prefer to have a reliable brush that can keep on delivery time after time. I usually buy a good paintbrush set to get a feeling for what the brushes can offer, and then I supplement my kit with specific brushes that I feel can fulfill my needs.


    We’ve looked at a few brushes and what makes each one an option when you find yourself stuck in the paintbrushes aisle in the hardware store.

    In the quest for the best paintbrushes, I found that the ProDec Woodworker was the paintbrush best suited for those of us that want paintbrushes that can handle exactly what we need to get done.

    Next time you need to choose a paintbrush, always think about what the brush is going to be used for and the paint you are going to use before making your final choice.


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