5 Top UK Wood Windows Paints – Review and Comparison

Exterior wood windows are a an attractive touch to the exterior of a house. To keep their appearance in time, you’ll have to paint the windows with a long-lasting coat. There are a variety of products available that are available however only the top ones can meet your requirements.

The paint may be damaged or broken by rain, sun or wind. It can also be damaged by other elements of the environment.

Our team of experts evaluated and rated the top-rated products throughout the UK to help you select the right exterior wood paint that is able to endure the British weather. Here are our top choices.

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Best UK Wood Windows Paints


Dulux 5213548 Weather Shield Exterior High Gloss Paint, 750

Dulux 5213548 Weather Shield Exterior High Gloss Paint, 750 ml - Gallant Grey
Dulux 5213548 Weather Shield Exterior High Gloss Paint, 750 ml - Gallant Grey   Dulux 5213548 Weather Shield Exterior High Gloss Paint, 750 ml - Gallant Grey   Dulux 5213548 Weather Shield Exterior High Gloss Paint, 750 ml - Gallant Grey              
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  • Dulux 750 ml Weather Shield Exterior High Gloss Paint - Gallant Grey
  • Dulux
  • Paint Guns & Accessories
  • Flexible paint film
  • Long lasting protection
  • High gloss finish

Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood

Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood
Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood   Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood   Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood   Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood   Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood   Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Finish Wood     

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Natural wood is an alternative to painted surfaces, but windows should be shielded from weather and other elements. This is where Everbuild's Fast Drying Wood Stain can be useful.

The wood stain is translucent and is available in eight natural shades. It's designed to offer long-lasting protection for both interior and exterior woodwork. The wood stain is suitable for smooth-planed wood , and can be applied to a variety of substrates.

Quick Drying Woodstain provides exterior protection for up to 5 years. It is waterproof and is resistant to cracking and peeling.

The formulation that is water-based has an additional benefit. It does not just reduce drying time, but also makes it suitable for use in all environments. The stain-touch paint is able to dry under ideal conditions and then become showerproof within a matter of hours.

After about four hours, another coat is applied. We suggest that you apply at minimum two coats for sufficient protection.


  • The durability of the film is enhanced by its lasting protection against UV light degradation.
  • Quick Drying comes in 8 neutral shades, and also an unobtrusive maintenance coating which protects wood exterior from darkening or colouring.
  • The formula's low-solvency allows it to be used in areas that have poor ventilation. After drying, it is safe for animals as well as children.
  • The wood stain comes in 250ml, 750ml and 2.5L Tins. It covers up to 20m2/litre. To ensure maximum protection we suggest at least two coats.


  • If you don't stir the product often when using the product the stain may dry unevenly. The issue was reported by customers as being annoying.
  • Translucent colors are only indicative. The shade of the final product will depend on the wood color.
  • The wood stain Quick Drying is slick and drips lots. It is however, simple to apply.

Non-Drip stain for woods used on exteriors with decking excluded.

Sadolin Quick Dry Woodstain

Sadolin Quick Dry Woodstain

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Sadolin provides a unique stain that is suitable for planked softwood. It's created to offer years of protection to any wood surface outside, excluding decking. It is made to improve the natural aesthetics and beauty of wood. It is available in seven contemporary and natural shades.

Sadolin Non-Drip is a fantastic makeup application and is simple to apply. While synthetic brushes are among the most effective of the bunch, the most well-known characteristic of Sadolin Non-Drip is the ability to apply directly from the bottle.

While it might seem insignificant it isn't necessary to stir the paint each time you apply it decreases the time spent on your project and makes it easier.

We were not happy with the fact that the colors shown are only indicative and may not be exact match. The final colour is determined by the wood's original color condition, as well as the amount of coats.


  • The paint that is water-based will dry in about two hours. It is possible to recoat in just six hours. It is suggested to apply at minimum two coats.
  • Satin finish is long-lasting and stylish. It is easily cleaned using a damp cloth.
  • Sadolin Non-Drip paint is a product which is able to protect softwood with up to 18m2/litre. Paint comes in 2.5L Tins.


  • Due to the thick consistency that brushes are made of, they can be prone to strokes. The results you get will be better if you work in smaller portions at the same period of time.

In less than 30 minutes in just half an hour, a fast drying stain for wood can be waterproofed.

Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain

Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain
Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain                    

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Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain is another excellent product for wooden exterior windows. It is made to stand up to all conditions of weather and is able to dry in less than 30 minutes.

You can pick from 10 colors of colored stain for wood. They are long-lasting and last for a long time. The product is ready for use and doesn't require any primering or undercoating.

It is water-resistant and UV-resistant. If you use the product according to instructed peeling, cracking and discoloration won't bother you.

We have been able to get excellent outcomes on outdoor surfaces, as well as high-condensation spaces like bathrooms walls. This allows for flexibility and allows you to use this product in a range of locations.


  • You can pick between two finishes and a range of colors for wood stain that is weatherproof. You can pick between satin and gloss.
  • The more dense consistency allows it to be applied easily. It is possible to recoat the product in just 4 hours.
  • The formula based on water is non-toxic and safe, even in enclosed areas.


  • The power of coverage is not high. It is recommended to apply at minimum three coats. A one litre of paint will cover up to 7m2.

Weatherproof primer as well as a weatherproof undercoats for wood surfaces on exteriors

Ronseal Super Flexible Wood Primer and Undercoat

Ronseal Super Flexible Wood Primer and Undercoat

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We chose to include this product since the majority of exterior wood paints need to be applied on an uncoated or primed surface. Ronseal's primer and the undercoat are made to dry to form an elastic, non-porous layer that will not peel or crack. The flexible resin used in the composition of this product has additional advantages. It does not just prevent cracks but also improves the durability and strength of the topcoat.

The product can be used combination with various wood-based paints. If the Weatherproof wood paint is made by the same manufacturer it can last for 10 years.

We love the selection of color. It is available in white and grey colors and is compatible with lighter and darker colours. Although it is not often thought of choosing the right basecoat colour can help you get the best outcomes faster.


  • Flexible resins are used to make a primer and an undercoat which can be combined to form one. It conceals dark spots and bright colors and improves the performance of exterior topcoats.
  • One litre of the product can cover up to 10 square metres. The undercoat is adsorbent to all surfaces, including wood that is bare.
  • Innovative stain locking technology safeguards your paintwork from tannins caused by wood.
  • It's easy to apply the product using the help of a brush. It is dry in 2 hours, and requires only two coats.
  • The product is safe and is safe to use in any setting. It can also be used as an interior wood primer. surfaces.


  • There are only 750ml of tins available to use for the Weatherproof primer and the underneathcoat. We would have liked an option that was more flexible.
  • Water-based formulas can't be used with topcoats made of oil, however certain water-based products are manufactured under various brand names. Prior to placing the entire surface to it make sure that the product has is compatible with a small portion of the.


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