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Who Invented The Ladder?

Do you know who invented the ladder? If there’s one household tool that is very functional in our daily lives but often neglected, it’s got to be the ladder.  Have you ever thought about who invented the ladder?  Most of us have been going up and down the ladder without even knowing who the genius … Read more

What Size Ladder For 2 Story House

What Size Ladder For 2 Story House?

Finding the Best Extension Ladder The first thing that you should be asking yourself is the size of the ladder that you’ll be needing.  This is a prerequisite before you go shopping for a good ladder.  Choosing a ladder for 1-story houses is not that difficult because they commonly have a standard height.  But looking … Read more

Myrtillocactus geometrizans Blue Candle Cactus care guide

Myrtillocactus geometrizans (Blue Myrtle Cactus) Plant Care Guide

The Myrtillocactus is a member of the family Cactaceae and is native to northern and central Mexico and to Oaxaca where it is abundant in xerophilous scrub and tropical deciduous forests. Myrtillocactus is from the Greek word myrtillus which means small myrtle, and cactus. Geometrizans, on the other hand, signifies the geometric marking on the … Read more

best wood for desk

Best Wood For Desk

Which Wood Types are Recommended For a Desktop? There are many types of wood available for desktop manufacturing, but the primary ones are oak, birch, beech, maple, and mahogany. Each real wood has its own unique characteristics, so it’s important to understand which types of wood will best suit your needs for your DIY desk … Read more

How To Fill Nail Holes In Drywall Without Painting

How To Fill Nail Holes In Drywall Without Painting

To fill in nail holes in drywall without the use of paint, try applying putty or drywall spackle, which is easy to use and can quickly disappear right into these small holes.  Add a sufficient amount of spackle on a putty knife, fill in the hole, and then use a damp cloth to smoothen it … Read more

Best Above Ground Pool For Small Backyards

Best Above Ground Pool For Small Backyards

Living in a place with warm weather is sometimes unbearable especially during summertime.  But would you allow yourself to experience this forever?  I guess not! Because there are ways to fight the heat, and having an above-ground pool right beside your home is one of the best. We are all aware that building an inground … Read more

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Do Grasshoppers Bite? & How-To Get Rid Of The Unwanted Pests

Grasshoppers are capable of biting, although they are unlikely to bite you. In order to consume their meal, they obviously have to bite at something, yet they do not normally bite people. For a better understanding let’s look at Grasshoppers more closely… What Are Grasshoppers Insects? As a result of their length and articulated structure, … Read more

How Tall Is A 2-Story Building Featured Image

How Tall Is A 2 Story House?

Determining the height of a 2-story house is quite difficult as you first need to know how high a 1-story structure is.  The standard height of a ceiling of a single story is usually measured at 8 ft. to 10 ft. high, but for commercial establishments, they are typically higher.   The floor depth as well … Read more

how to cut grass that is too long

How To Cut Tall Grass In 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve been busy or away for a long time and returned to an overgrown lawn that looks more like a tall grass field land, then we think it’s time for a little trim. The five easy steps in this article will help keep your lawn in tip-top shape. We’ve also added some tips for … Read more

Best Electric Dethatcher

Best Electric Dethatchers For Better Lawn Care

Our Top 3 Best Electric Lawn Dethatchers Greenworks 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher [ Best For Quick Setup & Usability ] – OUR TOP PICK Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher [ Best For Small To Medium-Sized Yards ] Earthwise DT71613 16-Inch Corded Electric Dethatcher [ Best Value ] What is Thatch? Thatch is composed of living … Read more

how much does an anvil weigh

How Much Does A Blacksmith Anvil Weigh?

A blacksmith anvil weighs between 75 to 500 pounds or 34 to 226 kilograms. However, there are also anvils that are as light as 8 ounces or 220 grams and as heavy as 1,000 pounds or 453 kilograms and more. Typically, the heavier an anvil the higher quality work it can produce, this is because … Read more

Getting Rid Of Mushrooms Article Image

Get Rid of Mushrooms in Garden Lawns the Easy Way

How Mushrooms Grow The small umbrella-like living things that you see coming out in your yard are mushrooms. They are often associated in movies as abodes of fairies and toads. What you see on the sides of dead trees and staircases that are seldom reached by sunlight are also mushrooms. Well, I assume you already … Read more

two dogs peering under door with oversized bottom gap

How Big Is Standard Gap Between Door And Floor

How much gap should there be at the bottom of the door? In general, there should be a 2 inches gap from an unfinished floor and there should be ½ inches or ¾ inches gap from a finished floor, depending on the type of floor you have. Gaps from the bottom of exterior doors should … Read more

Blacksmith Using An Anvil

How Much Does A Blacksmith Anvil Cost?

Blacksmithing is the art of turning metal into other materials using instruments like a hammer and anvil. The anvil is the most important tool for a blacksmith since it is essential for efficient work. Anvils are made to fulfill a particular function, which varies according to the preferences of each blacksmith. Allow me to assist … Read more

11 Best Weed And Feed For Lawns – How & When To Use Them

Lawn care is a meticulous business. It’s like farming on a domestic scale, the patient, diligent application of intelligence, hard work, and chemistry to nurture the grass you want and remove the weeds you don’t. But it’s also like farming in that your lawn will need different feeding and treatment at different times in the … Read more

11 Best Rose Fertilizers And When To Apply Rose Food

11 Best Rose Fertilizers And When To Apply Rose Food

Everybody wants to grow the most beautiful roses possible. When your roses are going through their flowering phase, they will need a little extra help from you so that they can bloom to their full potential. Factors such as the weather, their positioning, and the soil they have been planted in will all play a … Read more

How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Beginners

Thinking about growing your own vegetables at home? It’s a rewarding experience, watching your plants grow all the way to harvest and the dinner table. Putting time and effort into any project or hobby is an achievement by itself. Just my opinion, but anything that gets us out of the house and mixing with nature … Read more

Hammock The Art Of Relaxation

With their natural swaying motion, hammocks help you relax, lower your blood pressure, and reduce stress levels. In the great outdoors, there is nothing more relaxing than hanging in your hammock, gazing up at the sky. Hammocks can be set up in just two minutes. You don’t even need a big plot of land to … Read more


How to Fix a Petrol/Gas Lawnmower That Won’t Start

Below are some quick fixes for common problems with petrol lawnmowers that won’t start. If your mower still isn’t working after trying these tips, consider taking it in for service. In most cases, the issue can be traced to one of a few things: 1. Check Your Fuel Check is whether or not there is … Read more


Best Paint For Upcycling Wood Furniture

If you want to make sure that your furniture looks as good as possible, then you need to find the best paint for furniture and wooden desks. At the same time, there are a lot of options for furniture paint. How can you choose the best one? There are a few key points to keep … Read more


How to Clean a Lawn Mower Air Filter

Should You Clean Your Lawnmowers Air Filter or Replace It? This guide takes you step by step to checking and cleaning your lawn mowers air filter. Having an optimally functioning lawn mower air filter means that the machine can do its job excellently. Moreover, it will serve you for long before you have to think … Read more

best riding lawwn mower for uneven ground

Best Riding Mower For Uneven Ground

It can be challenging for you to keep your uneven ground from looking magnificent. Even if you have the healthiest grass, it can appear a mess if you do not care and trim it properly. That means you will require a lawnmower to help you effectively mow uneven terrain. In some cases, reshaping the ground … Read more